Adam’s Top 10…Wrestlers of the Month – July 2018


July was quite possibly the biggest month in Scottish wrestling so far this year. Source Wrestling and United Pro Wrestling crowned their inaugural champions, Reckless Intent Wrestling crowned their first Tag Team Champions, Pro Wrestling Elite celebrated their seventh anniversary, and a house party took over the O2 Academy in Glasgow. A very hard month to narrow down to ten, and a few debuts on the list as a result. Let’s get in to it!

Honourable mentions go out to Aspen Faith, Chris Renfrew, Craig Anthony, Grado, Grant McIvor, Jack Jester, The Jackal, Jackie Polo, Joe Coffey, Kid Fite, Kieran Kelly, Krobar, Lad Chapman, Lewis Girvan, Michael Chase, Michael Chase, and Viper.


10. Jack Morris

Jack Morris is undoubtedly one of the brightest prospects on the Scottish scene today. He has the look, the charisma, and the skills to back it up in the ring. His July kicked off with a bang, pinning “Future Shock” Tom Fulton at Reckless Intent’s Cruel Summer, followed up by defeating The Headbanders’ Rob Mills a week later in Fishcross. To round off a hugely successful month, Morris pinned British wrestling icon Doug Williams at United Pro Wrestling’s event in Peterhead. It wasn’t all good for him that night however, after being eliminated from a Battle Royal to crown the very first UPW Champion. Judging by how good he’s becoming, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Jack be the man to take the gold from Theo Doros.


9. Stevie Boy

Quite a quiet month for Stevie Boy, with his first two matches not coming until his Defiant debut in the Ringmaster Tournament in the middle of the month. Night one saw him eliminated in the opening round after losing to BT Gunn, followed by another loss the next night with himself and Kay Lee Ray failing to take the Tag Team Championships from The Aussie Open. His only other match came at night two of ICW Shug’s Hoose Party 5, where he lost the World Heavyweight Championship to DCT. As a result, The King of Insanity is now forced to leave the UK. With World of Sport recently kicking off and Stevie set to be part of it, how will this affect his career?


8. Alexander Darwin MacAllan

A mighty month for Violence Institute’s Alexander Darwin MacAllan, as you can probably tell by his picture. A favourite coming in to the Source Championship Tournament weekender, he main evented night one by defeating NXT UK’s Joe Coffey in quite possibly the biggest upset of the weekend and a victory over Grant McIvor on the second evening. The final night saw an easy victory over Kieran Kelly thanks to ADM’s attack on Shotgun at the end of the second night. This propelled him to a finals victory over Wales’ Mike Bird to be crowned the inaugural Source Champion. A gala show ended his month, with himself and fellow Violence Institute member Rowan Frey losing to Soldato and Darren Costello at Respect Pro Wrestling’s outdoors event at Glasgow’s Alexandra Park. Considering the way he’s been going recently, MacAllan is definitely someone to keep your eyes on!


7. Andy Wild

Andy Wild continued his career resurgence in July, beginning right at the start of the month with an unfortunate loss to the winner of this year’s WWE United Kingdom Championship Tournament Zack Gibson at Discovery Wrestling. Despite the loss, it was a huge moment for the leader of The Wild Boys considering the amount of exposure Zack had at the time following his tournament victory. More losses sadly followed the next week, first to Kid Fite at BCW and then to Dickie Divers in a #1 Contenders Match for the Reckless Intent Heavyweight Championship. His first win came the weekend after, besting Rowan Frey on the final night of the Source Championship Tournament. Another two huge matches ended Andy’s month, with a loss to NXT UK standout Jordan Devlin at PWE’s 7th anniversary spectacular and then a victory over British wrestling legend Jody Fleisch at ICW Shug’s Hoose Party 5. Although most of his July matches were losses, the bouts themselves were huge enough to gain attraction for Wild. It’s not always about the wins and losses.


6. BT Gunn

Following a bit of a downfall after losing the ICW World Heavyweight Championship, BT Gunn appears to be back on track as he showed us in July. Kicking thing off was a victory alongside Kasey over independent wrestling sensations Mike Bailey and Veda Scott at Discovery Wrestling followed by retaining the BCW Heavyweight Championship against Bad Bones a week later. A loss in the 2018 Toon Tussle at Main Event Wrestling came next, before The Oddity returned to Defiant Wrestling for the first time since March as he entered the Ringmaster Tournament. He eliminated Stevie Boy in the first round, only to lose to eventual winner Bad Bones in the semifinals. The weekend then saw him lose to Paxxo during PBW’s debut in Milton, and then defeating former New Age Kliq brethren Chris Renfrew at PWE. Finally, he competed on both nights of ICW Shug’s Hoose Party 5, firstly defeating the massive Austrian that is WALTER and then losing to former protégé Kez Evans on night two. It’s safe to say that Gunn is back in the running to be the potential Wrestler of the Year!


5. Theo Doros

Here’s a guy slowly rising up the ranks of Scottish wrestling, “The Superior Cypriot” Theo Doros. A rather interesting match kicked off July for him as he and fellow House of Saynt representatives Christopher Saynt and Grant McIvor lost to the Pure Dead Brilliant trio of Kid Fite, Lou King Sharp, and Krieger at Discovery but it was all serious from this point forward. He and Michael Chase were crowned the first Reckless Intent Tag Team Champions after besting High Society’s Luke Aldridge and David Devlin at Cruel Summer, but were sadly then forced to vacate the titles due to Chase’s knee surgery that will keep him out until October I believe it is. There was more championship to gold to follow though. At UPW’s show during Peterhead Scottish Week, he and Euan G. Mackie were the last two left standing in a Battle Royal which qualified them to face off to determine a UPW Champion which Theo would go on to win. While he waits for Michael to return from injury, it looks as if Theo will be venturing out in to the hunt for some singles gold to add to his collection!


4. Joe Hendry

Joe Hendry didn’t do that much throughout July, but he certainly left his mark. Beginning things was a last-minute return to Discovery Wrestling to best Kenny Williams, before a rematch between the pair at PWE’s 7th anniversary saw The Prestigious One lose the Heavyweight Championship. Having not been booked for Defiant’s Ringmaster Tournament, Joe decided to join James R. Kennedy and Dave Bradshaw to commentary but night two brought him in to the ring for a hell of a promo with Martin Kirby (seriously, it’s so good – watch here). After competing at more Impact Wrestling tapings in Canada (look out for them to air over the coming weeks), Hendry finally ended his rivalry with Chris Renfrew be defeating him in a Glasgow Street Fight. The first episode of the new World of Sport Wrestling series also aired at the end of the month, which featured he and Martin Kirby being eliminated in the quarterfinals of the Tag Team Championships Tournament at the hands of Kip Sabian and Iestyn Rees, now known collectively as AlphaBad, which came after Kirby walked out on Hendry. Aside from the loss of the PWE Heavyweight Championship and the Martin Kirby situation, it was quite a prestigious month!


3. Lionheart

Lionheart is someone I expected to be on the list a lot earlier in the year but alas, here we are in July and he’s making his first appearance. Nothing personal against him and it’s certainly nothing to do with his work, it’s simply because of the other terrific workers we’ve had so far. His first match came at one of the £5 Wrestling shows from Wrestling Experience Scotland where he picked up the win against a man everyone had been waiting to return – Liam Thomson. As he celebrated seven years of running Pro Wrestling Elite events, Lionheart made a rare in-ring appearance in a surprising loss to Red Lightning’s newest client Khifie West. To end the month for him was the third match between himself and “Just Justice” Jackie Polo. I’m planning to watch this match over the weekend, but I’ve heard there was a special moment where Lionheart kicked out of a Styles Clash, a little nod to his past. It’s the little things that make the match!


2. Kenny Williams

Kenny Williams calls himself The Lucky Yin, and if you’ve followed his career then you would probably agree that it’s an appropriate moniker. Granted, it was an unlucky start to the month with a Discovery Wrestling return ending in a loss to Joe Hendry but Kenny got his revenge three weeks later at PWE by taking the Heavyweight Championship from around The Prestigious One’s waist. Sadly he was unable to appear at ICW Shug’s Hoose Party 5 due to tapings of NXT UK (which should begin airing on the WWE Network at some point), but I’m sure we’ll be seeing him back very soon alongside his RUDO Sports & Entertainment Brand colleagues!


1. DCT

“DCT’s not ready for this, DCT’s a midcarder at best”. That’s a quote from a recent promo on ICW’s YouTube channel, and it’s one I’ve agreed with for as long as I can remember. DCT proved me and everyone else wrong over the course of July with several impressive performances. First up was Reckless Intent’s Cruel Summer event, where his reign as Heavyweight Champion came to a crashing end at the hands of Grado despite DCT having Simon Cassidy in his corner. He then lost the Reckless Intent Hardcore Championship to Jarek Nowak a week later in Fishcross (didn’t even know he was the champion in the first place if I’m being honest), but finally things were looking up for The International Sex Hero. After Charlie Sterling was unable to appear at PWE’s 7th anniversary, DCT was brought in as his replacement making his PWE debut in a Fatal Four Way victory over Wolfgang, Joe Coffey, and Iestyn Rees. As we came to the end of the month, we witnessed the biggest moment of DCT’s career thus far as he captured the ICW World Heavyweight Championship from Stevie Boy and ousted him from the UK. DCT was more than ready for this moment by the looks of things!

So that was July. A very busy and month up and down the entirety of the UK, with World of Sport and NXT UK both getting properly underway. August seems like it’ll be a bit of a quieter month for Scotland but we’ll just have to wait and see. The top of the points system is still being dominated by Joe Hendry and Viper, who are both set for the Ring of Honor show later in the month so expect to see them remain there for the foreseeable future!

Point Standings as of August 3rd 2018
1. Joe Hendry (48 points)
2. Kenny Williams and Viper (38 points)
3. Sammii Jayne (29 points)
4. Stevie Boy (28 points)
5. Andy Wild (27 points)
6. DCT (22 points)
7. Joe Coffey (18 points)
8. Mark Coffey (15 points)
9. Damien (14 points)
10. BT Gunn (13 points)
11. Aspen Faith (12 points)
12. Lewis Girvan (11 points)
13. Shawn Johnson and Wolfgang (9 points)
14. Lionheart (8 points)
15. Mikey Whiplash and Theo Doros (6 points)
16. Crusher Craib and Kay Lee Ray (5 points)
17. Eric Arkham and Isla Dawn (4 points)
18. Aaron Echo, Alexander Darwin MacAllan and Jack Morris (3 points)
19. Glen Dunbar, Irving Garrett, JD Wilde and Kieran Kelly (2 points)
20. Blondie Barratt (1 point)