Review: Discovery Wrestling ‘On Fite – Episode 5’


Back at it again with another Discovery Wrestling On Fite episode, and it was a match I was patiently waiting to see. The inaugural Disco Derby Match from the start of 2018. A lot went down, so let’s not waste any more time!

The Disco Derby (January 19th 2018)
The Disco Derby Match
Andy Wild last eliminated Bram to win

Typical Rumble-style rules here, a new entry every 90 seconds I think it was and eliminations by going over the top rope until the final two where it becomes pinfall or submission. An easy start, with competitors flowing in and alliances being formed. Jason Reed played it smart here by wearing more baby oil than usual so that no-one can grab hold of him to toss him over the ropes. The tone of the match changed as Kuma arrived, a behemoth of a man. Everyone, and I mean everyone, was eliminated by the 500 pounder, leaving just Rob Mills who was luckily saved by Headbanders partner Jackie Grady. Both Mills and Grady got dumped out and Kuma dragged them backstage, all three never to be seen again. Shady Nattrass was apparently never eliminated, somehow escaping the melee. Back to normal now. Michael Chase made his presence felt despite not being an entrant as he interfered to get rid of DCT and Ravie Davie, blaming them for his loss the previous month. Scotty Swift and Crusher Craib continued their rivalry from WrestleZone which was a nice touch, plus we seen a number of interactions that would make for some mouthwatering contests. Damien Daniels/Kieran Kelly, Aaron Echo/Crusher Craib, Andy Wild/HT Drake. Bram eliminated a number of people aswell, leaving the final four as him, Craib, Echo, and Wild. Echo went flying out after missing a boot, and Crusher was dumped out by both Bram and Andy. The final two went at it for a number of minutes, both in and outside the ring until Wild countered a Brighter Side of Suffering in to a Wildest Driver for the victory.

I’m really hoping this becomes an annual tradition of Discovery. It’s a perfect way to showcase names that might not be that well known, and obviously gives a contract to the winner. There’s some people from the list of entrants that I’d like to see return to Disco down the line, guys like Kieran, Drake, Aaron, and of course the WrestleZone names. Even if it’s just a one-off appearance, they all have the potential to get across with the Discovery fans.

Order of Entry
1. Shady Nattrass
2. Robbie Solar
3. Shawn Johnson
4. Soldato
5. Jonathan Richards
6. Rob Mills
7. Jason Reed
8. Kuma
9. Jackie Grady
10. Ravie Davie
11. DCT
12. Crusher Craib
13. Scotty Swift
14. Damien Daniels
15. Andy Wild
16. Aaron Echo
17. HT Drake
18. Kieran Kelly
19. Bram
20. Dickie Divers

Order of Elimination
1. Shawn Johnson by Kuma
2. Jonathan Richards by Kuma
3. Jason Reed by Kuma
4. Soldato by Kuma
5. Robbie Solar by Kuma
6. Rob Mills by Kuma
7. Jackie Grady by Kuma
8. DCT by Michael Chase
9. Ravie Davie by Michael Chase
10. Shady Nattrass by Damien Daniels
11. Scotty Swift by Bram
12. Damien Daniels by Bram
13. Kieran Kelly by Dickie Divers
14. HT Drake by Bram
15. Dickie Divers by Bram
16. Aaron Echo by Crusher Craib
17. Crusher Craib by Bram and Andy Wild
18. Bram by Andy Wild

The next episode will see us again return to The Disco Derby with Sammii Jayne defending the Women’s Championship against Little Miss Roxxy, and another match I’ve been eagerly anticipating in the form of Joe Hendry vs David Starr from December last year!