WrestleZone Aberdeen Anarchy: Every Match Ranked


I’m finding it hard to believe we’re only hours away from Aberdeen Anarchy X. It felt like just yesterday Chris McDonald was in the ring to reveal the date but nonetheless, we are indeed just hours away from celebrating ten years of WrestleZone. The previous five Aberdeen Anarchy events have rocked The Beach Ballroom to it’s core, leaving countless memorable moments. Today, it’s the focus of the matches. I’ve decided to give myself the challenge of counting down every bout to take place in the historic building since 2013 (excluding the pre-shows) in my personal order of preference.

Every. Single. One.


35. Handicap Match
Mr P, Grado & Chris Masters vs Lord Alan’s Court (Lord Alan Sterling, Sir Andrew Wilde, Mr Malice & Jeeves Winchester) (2015)

One side had Lord Alan Sterling, Mr Malice and Jeeves Winchester. It wasn’t exactly going to be one of the better matches. Even with the addition of Sir Andrew Wilde, I still couldn’t get behind this match. Triple Masterlock to send fans home happy.


34. Submissions Match
Alan Sterling w/Mr Malice vs Ross McTavish w/Zach Dynamite (2014)

The second of Alan Sterling’s ‘you tapped out’ moments came in a loss to Ross McTavish in a Submissions Match in 2014. Mr Malice found himself in a triangle choke for trying to interfere while Alan tapped to some sort of crossface variation…


33. Scotty Swift & Ross McTavish vs The Sterling Brothers (Alan Sterling & William Sterling) (2013)

Ross’ other match was the year prior, teaming with Scotty Swift against The Sterling Brothers. Again, Mr Malice found himself locked in a choke for trying to help out his boys, and it would be an armbar that ended Alan’s night on this occasion.


32. Lou King Sharp & The Rejected (Chris Archer & Mikkey Vago) vs Bull James, Carlito & The Hurricane (2016)

The greatest streak in professional wrestling history came to a crashing halt in 2016 when Lou King Sharp and The Rejected were defeated by a trio of former WWE superstars in the form of Bull James, Carlito, and The Hurricane. LKS suffered the brunt of their pain, being pinned following a sitdown splash from the top. Still better than Undertaker’s streak of course!


31.ย Jim Duggan & The Granite City Hotshots (Bryan Tucker & Shawn Johnson) vs Scott Maverick & Team SMASH (Aspen Faith & James Midas) (2013)

The first guest announced for the inaugural Beach Ballroom show was ‘Hacksaw’ Jim Duggan, who teamed with The Granite City Hotshots to face Scott Maverick and the team I loved until The Kings of Catch came about, Team SMASH. Judging by some podcasts I’ve listened to, Aspen loved being in the ring with Duggan and was pinned after a massive clothesline. It’s amazing to see the progression of some of the guys in this match!


30. Andy Wild, Kid Fite & Sha Samuels vs Mr P, Grado & Rikishi (2017)

2017’s Beach Ballroom witnessed the WrestleZone debut of Sha Samuels, teaming with Andy Wild and Kid Fite to face Mr P, Grado, and Rikishi. The trio of large men were never going to be leaving the show without at least one of them taking a Stink Face, with Wild being the one to do so. An Axe Kick from P put an end to this one.


29. Titles vs Hair Match for the WrestleZone Tag Team Championships
The Rejected (Chris Archer & Mikkey Vago) (c) vs The Sterling Brothers (Alan Sterling & William Sterling) w/Richard R. Russell (2017)

Another first for the 2017 show was a Titles vs Hair Match with The Rejected managing to retain their Tag Team Championships against The Sterling Brothers following Archer’s diving flatliner. This meant that Richard R. Russell would be shaved bald, which only happened after he was chained to the barber’s chair. The next time we saw him, he had a full head of luscious locks. It wasn’t a wig!


28. D-Von Dudley & The Thunder Buddies (Blue Thunder & William Sterling) vs Lou King Sharp & The Dogs of War (Chris Archer & Mikkey Vago) (2015)

I was amazed when D-Von Dudley was announced for Aberdeen Anarchy 2015. It also guaranteed one thing; someone was going through a table. Lou King Sharp and The Dogs of War as they were then known get manage to get the victory but it wouldn’t be all fine for them when Chris Archer was chokeslammed through the wood. Poor guy.


27. Revolution (Damien, Johnny Lions & Chris Archer) vs Mr P, Scotty Swift & X-Pac (2014)

Another six man tag team match saw the full trio of Revolution (it’s difficult to remember Chris Archer was a member at one stage) taking on Mr P, Scotty Swift, and X-Pac. Revolution entered to one of my favourite themes in WrestleZone (so thanks to Damien for keeping it going). A finisher showcase ended the match, with Archer taking an X-Factor for the three count.


26. Battle of the Big Men
Lou King Sharp vs Hornswoggle (2017)

The Battle of the Big Men rocked the Beach Ballroom to its core last year when Lou King Sharp took on Hornswoggle. The ring was somehow big enough for both giants. Shocking. A Tadpole Splash allowed The King of Small Style to head back to the States with a point in the win column.


25. Len Ironside & Hardcore Holly vs Aspen Faith & Johnny Lions w/Sammii Jayne (2015)

The tense rivalry between Aspen Faith and Len Ironside was re-lit when Aspen was eliminated from the 2015 Regal Rumble and attacked Len in a fit of rage. Johnny Lions and Hardcore Holly were brought in on each side respectively for a tag match that saw Aspen and Johnny’s chests lit open thanks to Holly’s chops. A crossbody from Len allowed him to pin Aspen and retire on a happy note.


24. Zach Dynamite vs Damien (2013)

How much has changed between these two? The first Beach Ballroom event featured a match between Zach Dynamite and Damien, a pair who absolutely despised each other at this point. Some big moves in this one that came to an end when Damien sat down with a hold of the ropes for the win. Big matches for these guys tonight.


23. Tables Match
Sammii Jayne vs Viper w/Melina (2017)

The first women’s Tables Match in WrestleZone history was last year with Sammii Jayne taking on Viper, who had former WWE Women’s and Divas Champion Melina in her corner who couldn’t compete thanks to a knee injury I believe it was. Sammii missed a top rope dive and went through a table but the referee insisted she had to be drilled through the table and it continued until Sammii gave Viper a top rope Frankensteiner through a second table. I remember being there and not knowing what was going on when Sammii went through the first table as everyone looked a bit confused but yeah, good match overall. I would say it’d be good to have Melina back soon to face Sammii but apparently she’s retired.


22. Tatanka vs Big Damo (2016)

I was never a big Tatanka fan but maybe that’s because I only saw his stuff by watching it back, I didn’t grow up watching him. Big Damo being his opponent certainly helped make the match more bearable in my opinion, he’s someone I can just watch and not hate. Somehow Damo was lifted off his feet for an End of the Trail to give a victory to The Native American. If you enjoy this sort of wrestling, then this is a match to watch.


21. Bingo Ballance vs Stevie Xavier (2016)

The second match between Bingo Ballance and Stevie Xavier was in 2016 and it had a lot to live up to. I personally didn’t enjoy it as much as their 2013 encounter but it was still a hell of a match. An impressive dive over the top rope and a huge twisting suplex off the ropes-type move got Bingo the second win, making it 2-0. Once Stevie’s back from his injury, we’ll hopefully get more contests between the pair.


20. Undisputed WrestleZone Championship
Special Guest Ringside Enforcer: Len Ironside
Johnny Lions (c) vs Crusher Craib (2013)

The main event of the first Beach Ballroom show was Johnny Lions with Richard R. Russell in his corner putting the Undisputed Championship on the line against Crusher Craib with British wrestling legend Len Ironside as the enforcer. Sterling Oil were removed from ringside at the start of the match and the referee was taken out so of course they came back out. Despite taking a superkick from Damien, Crusher would eventually his first championship after a Big Boot. They’ll be on opposite sides of the ring once again later tonight!


19. Johnny Lions w/Sean Wallace vs Damien (2017)

Last year’s opening match saw former Revolution partners go at it once again when Johnny Lions, accompanied by Evening Express writer Sean Wallace, faced Damien. Judging by their previous outings, I knew it would be a fantastic match and I wasn’t wrong. They traded each other’s finishers which I always enjoy (sidenote, Damien has a fantastic Lion Cutter) but the win went to Lions following a diving Lion Cutter because elevated versions are always better. From the opener to the main event; bloody love watching Damien, and so should you!


18. Scotty 2 Hotty vs Grado (2014)

Judging by previous articles, it looks like Billy was quite a fan of Scotty 2 Hotty vs Grado. I’m not sure if it was different being there in-person and by watching it on DVD, but I wasn’t the biggest supporter of it. It wasn’t bad by any means but I didn’t get as much enjoyment out of it as Billy did. A win for the former Too Cool member and a dance off featuring a child from the crowd to put everyone out of the first half on a high.


17. Lumberjill Match: Kay Lee Ray vs Carmel Jacob (2013)

The first Aberdeen Anarchy saw a Lumberjill Match as Kay Lee Ray faced Carmel Jacob, with the Granite City Roller Girls surrounding the ring and I think this might’ve been the last time we saw either of these in WrestleZone since the night. It was a lovely bout but what else would you expect from these two? A Swanton Bomb put The Pipebomb Princess away, leaving KLR to soak in the appreciation from the audience.


16. Bingo Ballance vs Noam Dar Andy Wild (2014)

After having a brilliant opener in the previous year’s Anarchy, Bingo Ballance was again tasked with getting the crowd against Andy Wild (originally set to be Noam Dar, think he pulled out due to an injury). This was very different from the 2013 match as Bingo was against a powerhouse as opposed to a fellow high flyer. Despite an onslaught from Wild, a frog splash got the second win in two years for The Zenith of Zero-G.


15. Undisputed WrestleZone Championship
Crusher Craib vs Scotty Swift (2016)

It was the match that started it all, the Aberdeen Anarchy 2016 main event as Scotty Swift defended the Undisputed Championship against Regal Rumble winner Crusher Craib. A match that saw ring announcer Martyn Clunes get wiped out by The Creator of Carnage, it ended in an unfortunate injury for Craib as he missed a diving splash that allowed Swift to get the win. It was of course revealed later on that Crusher had broken his hip socket, an injury that kept him out for a year until returning at the following year’s Aberdeen Anarchy.


14. Rob Cage vs Billy Gunn (2013)

The second guest announced for the first Beach Ballroom show was Billy Gunn, who faced Rob Cage in his WrestleZone debut. A rather comedy-based match as you’d imagine from these guys that saw the man who would become Uncle Bobby fail to put away The Bad Ass, eventually being pinned following a Famouser. Back to the Buffet Club for Cage.


13. Jack Jester vs Bryan Tucker (2015)

Bryan Tucker shocked everyone when he eliminated Jack Jester from the 2015 Regal Rumble Match within a matter of minutes. That didn’t sit well with Big King and so a match was made for the Beach Ballroom. Jester dominated the then-Tag Team Champion, spiking him in to the mat with a brutal tombstone piledriver. The devious Glaswegian showed some respect to Tucker after the match however after seeing Tucker get back to his feet.


12. Bryan Tucker vs Shawn Johnson (2016)

Bryan Tucker left his wrestling career behind after Shawn Johnson turned on him at the end of 2015, returning a few months later to cost the new Sterling Oil member his chance at winning the 2016 Regal Rumble Match. The first match in rivalry between the ex-partners saw them go to town, with the referee being very lenient as they brawled up to the stage. A rollup got the victory for the new vengeful Bryan Tucker, but the fued between the two was far from over.


11. Intergender Match
Aspen Faith & Sammii Jayne vs Lewis Girvan & Viper (2016)

The last chapter in the Aspen Faith/Lewis Girvan saga (until this past March anyway) saw them on opposite sides of the ring alongside Sammii Jayne and the debuting Viper respectively. With Sean Batty serving as the guest ring announcer, all four combatants laid in to each other with flips, forearms, and fists. An avalanche powerbomb from Viper to Sammii picked up the win for her and Lewis. How times have changed since this evening!


10. Triple Threat Match
Kenny Williams vs Bingo Ballance vs Shawn Johnson (2015)

This was the first match I saw inside the Beach Ballroom, a fast-paced Triple Threat Match between Bingo Ballance, Shawn Johnson, and the debuting Kenny Williams. Every man put it all on the line here, with a particularly nice spot seeing Shawn counter a monkey flip by landing on his feet. A frog splash from Bingo to Shawn later on actually allowed a sneaky Kenny Williams to win in his first WrestleZone match. An exciting way to kick off the third Beach Ballroom supershow!


9. Undisputed WrestleZone Championship
Joe Coffey (c) vs Scotty Swift (2015)

Heading in to Aberdeen Anarchy 2015, the main story was that of Scotty Swift never being able to capture the Undisputed Championship. That fact had the possibility to change after he won that year’s Regal Rumble Match, cementing his spot in the Anarchy main event. Despite Joe Coffey feigning a knee injury during the match, Swift eventually came out on top with a huge Granite City Driver as the Beach Ballroom came unglued. The celebration was of course cut off by the reformation of Sterling Oil, but a fantastic match overall.


8. Undisputed WrestleZone Championship
Shawn Johnson vs Scotty Swift (c) (2017)

The main event of last year’s Aberdeen Anarchy is severely underrated in my opinion. Scotty Swift and Shawn Johnson have unreal chemistry together and it brought out the best in both men, Swift even using a few submissions that would make Zack Sabre Jr. proud. Of course the ending was a big one, with Crusher Craib rejoining Sterling Oil to cost The Red Haired Warrior the gold. Had it not been for that part, I think more people would’ve remembered it for the actual match itself.


7. Undisputed WrestleZone Championship
Crusher Craib (c) vs Jack Jester (2014)

The story that Crusher Craib and Jack Jester was superb. We got to see a softer side of Crusher as he tried to protect staff member Thea from the wrath of Big Kink, which ended in his demise as Jester used a steel chair and a Tombstone to end Crusher’s reign on top of WrestleZone. If you like two big guys battling it out with a good story to be told, this is the one to go for!


6. Ladder Match
Mr P, Kaden Garrick & Johnny Lions vs Sterling Oil (Damien & The Sterling Brothers (Alan Sterling & William Sterling)) (2016)

The 2016 Aberdeen Anarchy was opened with a six man Ladder Match that was all over the place. Some key spots for me were Alan Sterling being backdropped on a ladder and Richard R. Russell attempting to retrieve the contract himself, taking a Lion Cutter for his troubles. After a poke to the eyes of Kaden Garrick, Alan took down the contract and secured guaranteed championship opportunities for himself, William, and Damien at the following August’s Battle of the Nations.


5. World of Sport Rules Match
Aspen Faith w/Team SMASH (James Midas & KT Kane) vs Len Ironside w/Marty Jones (2014)

The rivalry between Aspen Faith and British wrestling icon Len Ironside reached its boiling point following Aspen’s assault at the 2014 Regal Rumble, and so a World of Sport Rules Match was scheduled. It was the little details that made the match even better for me, such as Aspen downing energy drinks while Len sipped away on some water and referee Dennis Law donning the bow tie in traditional World of Sport style. A 2-1 victory came for Aspen as he had his feet on the ropes and so, a King of Catch was created.


4. Revolution Rules Match
Damien vs Crusher Craib (2015)

I love a good weapons-based match, and this was just that. Damien and Crusher Craib possibly the two best brawlers on the active WrestleZone roster, so this was right up their street. They both used anything they within arm’s reach to inflict severe punishment. A nasty point came when Damien powerbombed Crusher through a set of chairs, nasty stuff! A Big Boot secured a win for The Creator of Carnage, but it was Damien who walked away looking better as Crusher was helped out having suffered a concussion.


3. Fatal Four Way Ladder Match to crown the inaugural WrestleZone Tri-Counties Champion
Bryan Tucker vs Aspen Faith vs Bingo Ballance vs Zach Dynamite (2017)

The Tri-Counties Championship Tournament provided some fantastic matches, Damien vs Jason Reed and Shawn Johnson vs Zach Dynamite immediately springing to mind. But the finals, a Ladder Match nonetheless, were outstanding. You had Aspen Faith’s strategy of taking everyone out to avoid climbing the ladder too much (darn you fear of heights!), Bingo Ballance putting his body on the line time and time again, Zach Dynamite utilising some impressive strikes to wear down his opponents, Bryan Tucker going back to his daredevil days with a Twist of Fate from a ladder. In the end, a King reigned supreme as everyone at SWN lost their minds.


2. Ladder Match for the WrestleZone Tag Team Championships
The Granite City Hotshots (Bryan Tucker & Shawn Johnson) vs The Thunder Buddies (Blue Thunder & William Sterling) (c) (2014)

The second Beach Ballroom show played host to WrestleZone’s first ever Ladder Match with The Thunder Buddies defending the Tag Team Championships against The Granite City Hotshots. As expected, plenty of damage was dished out from both parties including a nasty powerbomb in to ladder propped in the corner. A death-defying leap from atop a ladder down to ringside from Shawn Johnson allowed The Hotshots to walk out with the straps around their waists. How times have changed for the four men involved in the match…


1. Stevie Xavier vs Bingo Ballance (2013)

Of course this is number one. It was the first match WrestleZone held in the Beach Ballroom, and it still gets touted as one of the company’s greatest bouts of all time. The high-flying abilities of both men were shown in full effect throughout the match, giving referee Mikey Innes a difficult time in keeping up with their pace. A G-17 secured the win for The Zenith of Zero-G, and a handshake between the two followed as the WrestleZone faithful showed their appreciation for both men were willing to do.

Don’t take my word for it though, WrestleZone uploaded the match to their YouTube channel a few years ago. Check it out:

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