Five Reasons Why Wee Jimmy Will Win The 2018 Reckless Rumble Match

Following on from this morning’s five picks post, there’s another entrant in the 2018 Reckless Rumble Match that we need to talk about. That man is Wee Jimmy. He is furious at not being included as one of my five possible winners, and has demanded his own list of five reasons as to why he’ll be coming out victorious on Saturday night. Of course I wouldn’t be saying no to him!


He’s Small

It’s in his name. He’s a smaller man so therefore, it’ll take longer to eliminate him. It won’t just be a case of tossing him over the top rope because his feet won’t touch the ground. Logistics!

He Can Sneak Around

A classic Rumble tactic, sneaking around your other competitors. Since he’s smaller, he has a better advantage of succeeding with this.

He Can Hide

If sneaking around doesn’t help, he can just hide somewhere. In a corner, under the ring, in the crowd, wherever.

Everyone Will Love It

Just imagine the reaction if Wee Jimmy walked out of the Murieston Scout Hall with a Reckless Rumble victory to his name and the Reckless Intent Heavyweight Championship strapped around his waist. The audience would lose their minds. Groundbreaking,

He’s Wee Jimmy

What other reasons do you need?!

The other announced competitors are as follows; Grado (c), Jarek Nowak, Jonathan Richards, Dr Effen, Falcon, Conscience, Eric Canyon, Brandon Adams, Justin Deed, Delsin Dayre, Rob Mills, Jackie Grady, Scott McManus, Theo Doros, Michael Chase, Jack Morris, Dickie Divers, Chris Renfrew, Craig Anthony, Alexander Darwin MacAllan, Robbie Solar, David Devlin, and Ian Skinner

Also announced for the night;

  • Reckless Intent UK Championship: Chris Renfrew (c) vs King Robert Wishart
  • Empty Arena Match for the Reckless Intent Hardcore Championship: Justin Deed (c) vs Jam O’Malley
  • The Age of Orion (Michael Chase & Theo Doros) vs The Goss Dynasty (Jack Morris & Dickie Divers)
  • Craig Anthony vs Delsin Dayre
  • Eric Canyon vs Falcon
  • VIP Ticket Holders Bonus Match: Robbie Solar vs Brandon Adams

Tickets are still available from, priced £10 for adults, £5 for children, and £25 for a family ticket. Doors open at 6:15, with the first bell at 7pm. Who will win this year’s Reckless Rumble Match?

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