Preview: Reckless Intent Wrestling ‘The Reckless Rumble 2018’

by Charlie Banks

Justin Deed vs Jam O’Malley in an empty arena match for the RI Hardcore Championship

The Hardcore title will be on the line on Saturday, in an empty arena match. This is the first time this type of match has been seen in Reckless Intent and it promises to be a cracker. Knowing Jam and Justin, there will be some weapons and sheer brutality seen. What makes this match different is the stipulation of it – an empty arena. No fans will be in attendance, so the wrestlers have free roam of the entire Murieston Scout Hall. This match will be broadcasted live on the Reckless Intent Facebook page at 4pm on Saturday, be sure to check it out. I’m not exactly sure who I think will win this match, as there is a 24/7 rule in place – so anyone could win it. It will definitely be a fun match though!

Robbie Solar vs Brandon Adams

The next match on the card, exclusive to advanced ticket holders, sees Brandon Adams take on Robbie Solar. Brandon Adams, in recent shows has adopted a new attitude, saying that he aims to ‘corrupt’. What that exactly means, will surely be revealed over the coming shows. Brandon takes on the returning Robbie Solar, who always brings a breathtaking highflying style to his arsenal. Both of these guys will put on a great bout and it’s one I’m intrigued to see which way it goes. I have Brandon Adams taking the win here.

Craig Anthony vs Delsin Dayre

This match has great potential and is one that I am looking forward to watching. Craig Anthony is a relative newcomer in the wrestling business and is most well known for competing The Drew Galloway Invitational Tournament in July. This will be the first time I will have seen Craig, so I am excited to see him. Craig is up against a mainstay in RI, Delsin Dayre. The self proclaimed ‘cure’ of the company. Delsin has had a funny year, which is a shame in comparison to how hot last year was for him – winning the UK title and also the BOWL (Battle of West Lothian). Delsin will be looking towards the main event, but has to take care of business in this match first. I have Craig Anthony taking the win here.

Eric Canyon vs Falcon

The fourth match on the card is Falcon versus Eric Canyon. A match that sees two veterans of the Scottish scene go one on one. I am a big fan of both competitors, so this match will be one I look forward to. What you see is what you get with both wrestlers. On one hand, you get the high flying style of Falcon and on the other you get the ground and pound of Eric Canyon. Two polar opposite styles, but two styles of wrestling that people can enjoy. Both competitors haven’t been in Reckless for a little while, so they will both be looking to remind the fans in attendance what they can do here. I think that Falcon takes the win here.

Chris Renfrew vs King Robert Wishart

Next is a match that most fans will have already picked a winner in. Chris Renfrew versus Robert Wishart. The match isn’t for Renfrew’s UK Title, but one would assume that if Wishart were to pick up a victory here, he would be next in line for an opportunity. Robert Wishart is a competitor, like Craig Anthony, that I have never seen before – so I look forward to seeing what he can do. Unfortunately for Robert, I can’t see anything other than a Chris Renfrew victory.

Age of Orion vs The Goss Dynasty

Now for the match I am looking forward to most outside of the main event. The Goss Dynasty versus Age of Orion. These two teams have the potential to knock it out the park and I fully expect them to. Michael Chase and Theo Doros, the first ever RI Tag Team Champs, will be looking to get back on the winning path after losing their rematch at the last Livingston show at the expense of Jack Morris and Dickie Divers. Jack Morris and Dickie Divers are tagging for, what might be, the first time together as part of The Goss Dynasty faction and I look forward to seeing the pairs tag team chemistry here. I think that Age of Orion take the win here.

The Reckless Rumble match for the RI Heavyweight Championship

Now for the match that I am most excited for. Grado defending his RI Heavyweight title in the biggest ever Reckless Rumble. The other names confirmed for the rumble as of writing are: Wee Jimmy, Jarek Nowak, Jonathan Richards, Dr Effen, Falcon, Conscience, Eric Canyon, Brandon Adams, Justin Deed, Delsin Dayre, Rob Mills, Jackie Grady, Scott McManus, Craig Anthony, Alexander Darwin MacAllan, Robbie Solar, David Devlin, Theo Doros and Ian Skinner. I always enjoy the Reckless Rumble and this one will be no different. I think that we will see some surprise returns and surprise entrants, like every other rumble we watch – which is why a rumble match is my favourite match type! In terms of who wins the Rumble, I really think we will see a new Heavyweight Champion. I think the person who leaves the rumble as new champion will be Rob Mills or Theo Doros.

I am so excited for Saturday’s show at the Murieston Scout Hall. There are very limited tickets left – so if you want to go, snap your tickets up asap!

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