Preview: Discovery Wrestling ’48 Months Later’

This is an emergency warning from your broadcast system – a zombie apocalypse has taken over Edinburgh’s Jam House. All non-wrestling fans are asked to leave the area immediately to allow celebrations for Discovery Wrestling’s fourth anniversary show. 48 months. It’s incredible to see what Discovery have been able to achieve in such a short space of time. No wonder fans keep flocking back to see what else management have up their sleeves which, in this case, is the Discovery debuts of Timothy Thatcher, Kris Wolf, and Sugar Dunkerton. There’s a huge card in store for the Jam House on Sunday afternoon, so why should I waste any more of your time? On with the matches!


Discovery Women’s Championship
Kris Wolf vs Sammii Jayne (c)

Sammii Jayne has had a tough time in Discovery since becoming the inaugural Women’s Champion last November, and not just because she spent some time on the shelf with a broken ankle. Since capturing the title in the tournament finals, The Championship Huntress has seen off challenges from the likes of Kay Lee Ray, Kasey, and Little Miss Roxxy. Her challenger this time around is a woman making her Discovery debut in the form of Kris Wolf. Personally, I’m not too familiar with Kris’ work but I am aware of the success she’s been having on the independent scene for promotions like England’s Pro Wrestling: EVE and Germany’s westside Xtreme wrestling. Seeing as Sammii has been champion for the past 12 months, time could be catching up with her and it may very well be time for her to drop one of her many championships.


Survival Match
Gene Munny vs Sugar Dunkerton

Strange. Unique. Scary. Just some of the words you could use to describe this new match concept. Gene Munny and the debuting Sugar Dunkerton are set to be the two participants in Discovery’s first ever Survival Match which, as you can see on the match graphic, is a Lumberjack Match but with zombies surrounding the ring instead. The Sexual Gammon wants the chance to prove himself to Discovery management with the hopes of earning himself a Y Division Championship opportunity. After all, he and Uncle Bobby did come out on top in last year’s Uncivil War tournament. A match against Suge could very well put him in the running for a championship match. Speaking of Suge, he embarks on another UK tour this month, with Scottish appearances also including a return to Reckless Intent Wrestling and a debut at Insane Championship Wrestling. His last UK tour was a major success, with his three days at Source Wrestling going down as a massive treat. Let’s hope he has the same sort of success this time too!


(Nightmare on Elm) Street Fight
The Kings of Catch (Aspen Faith & Lewis Girvan) vs The Kings of the North (Bonesaw & Damien Corvin)

Hail to the kings. Whichever side that may be. A special (Nightmare on Elm) Street Fight will rock the Jam House as The Kings of Catch and Ireland’s Kings of the North will do battle once more. These two teams faced off at the July show, with Aspen and Lewis coming out on top. Seething at this loss, Bonesaw and Damien Corvin ambushed the Kings Road creators post-match, followed with The KoC saving The Coffey Brothers from a beatdown at the most recent show in September. Thus, a rematch between the two teams of kings has been set with no rules in place. For those who were in attendance at WrestleZone Halloween Hijinx, you’ll be able to see how inventive Faith and Girvan are in weapon-based environments. They threw a pumpkin off a man’s groin for heaven’s sake! That was a fun match seeing as it was a Halloween show, but don’t expect any sort of fun when The Kings of the North return to Edinburgh. They’ll do anything it takes to put down this site’s favourite tag team…


Loser Leaves The House of Saynt
Special Guest Referee – Christopher Saynt

Theo Doros vs Grant McIvor

Following some bickering amongst its members, The House of Saynt will become a man short following Sunday as Theo Doros faces Grant McIvor with the loser being forced to leave for good. To make sure the action is called down the middle, their leader will be the guest referee as Christopher Saynt dons the stripes. When Doros was eliminated in the first round of this year’s Hotter Than Hell Edinburgh Invitational Tournament, Christopher Saynt said it himself that he should’ve been in the tournament as opposed to The Superior Cypriot. In terms of this match, it looks like it’ll be Theo being ousted from the group. He’s making a name for himself as a singles competitor in other promotions, being the current UPW Champion. Plus, Grant McIvor is a newcomer to the Discovery roster and could be better off associated with a regular roster member to let the Discovery fans get used to him instead of coming in by himself.


BT Gunn vs El Ligero

While a number of the matches on the card have stories behind, this is simply a match that has the potential to steal the show as BT Gunn goes one on one with El Ligero. Both these men have become known to much wider audiences thanks to their participation in ITV’s World of Sport and WWE’s NXT UK, respectively. Throughout BT Gunn’s Discovery tenure so far, he’s competed in some pretty huge matches, including being part of Team Discovery against The Elite. Meanwhile, El Ligero has competed on only two shows, defeating Lewis Girvan last November and also pinning Josh Terry in August. Although there’s no real story between them, perhaps the winner can move on to challenging for the Y Division Championship.


Team Deadly Serious (Michael Chase, Dave Conrad & Bad Bones) vs Pure Dead Brilliant (Kid Fite, Lou King Sharp & Krieger)

Pure Dead Brilliant issued an open challenge for this show, while Michael Chase was fuming at being left off the fourth anniversary show. So obviously, Chase put together a team to face the trio of PBW stars, and what a team it is – Dave Conrad and Bad Bones. I mean, how do you stop a trio like that? Chase has been furious with Discovery management for some time now, often taking it out on other stars as seen when he dumped DCT and Ravie Davie out of January’s Disco Derby. It’s possible that he could be in line for a shot at the Y Division Championship, seeing as he’s put in impressive performances each time despite being put down by management. If possible, enlist Conrad and Bones as his two bodyguards. If that’s the case, he’ll never be messed with again.


Hotter Than Hell Edinburgh Invitational Tournament Semifinals – Pre-Show
Martin Kirby vs Chris Renfrew

The semifinals of the 2018 Hotter Than Hell Edinburgh Invitational Tournament will take place on a special pre-show, with the finals taking place later on in the night as part of the main show. The first of those semifinals will see Martin Kirby taking on Chris Renfrew, who defeated Tom Fulton and Theo Doros, respectively, in the opening round. It would be a massive win for either of these two to earn themselves a future chance at the Y Division Championship. Kirby only debuted as part of the tournament so hasn’t done much in the company thus far, while Renfrew has mostly been involved in tag team action up until this tournament. The winner here will go on to face either Liam Thomson or Andy Wild, which doesn’t sound like much of a victory in my opinion. Nevertheless however, it’ll be worth it if either can win the whole tournament.


Hotter Than Hell Edinburgh Invitational Tournament Semifinals – Pre-Show
Liam Thomson vs Andy Wild

The other semifinal will be Liam Thomson, who defeated Irving Garrett, going against Andy Wild, who saw off Eddie Dennis in the quarterfinals. This is a battle between two men who are on similar career paths at the moment, as they’re both on career resurgences. Wild’s 2018 Discovery career has seen him as an unstoppable force, winning the Disco Derby to earn himself a spot back on the regular roster. Meanwhile, Thomson returned to the promotion as an entrant in this tournament, following on from returns to the likes of ICW and PBW. Whoever wins this has, in my eyes, a better chance of winning the whole thing seeing as they’re the bigger lads left. A Y Division Championship match awaits one of the four men. Who will it be?

Also scheduled to be in action at the show is the debuting Ringkampf member Timothy Thatcher, seeing as his original opponent and current Y Division Champion Joe Coffey is unable to appear on the show due to commitments with NXT UK on the day of the show. Who will step up to face big Tim?

Doors for ticket holders with seats in the front two rows and the balcony open at 2:30, with a special pre-show kicking off at 3pm featuring the semifinals of this year’s Hotter Than Hell Edinburgh Invitational Tournament. Doors for regular ticket holders open at 4pm, with the official show getting underway at 4:30. Tickets are sold out for this show, but keep your eyes peeled on the event page on Facebook as some may become available.

Announced Matches
Discovery Women’s Championship – Kris Wolf vs Sammii Jayne (c)
Survival Match – Gene Munny vs Sugar Dunkerton
(Nightmare on Elm) Street Fight
– The Kings of Catch vs The Kings of the North
Loser Leaves The House of Saynt with Christopher Saynt as Referee
– Theo Doros vs Grant McIvor
BT Gunn vs El Ligero
Team Deadly Serious vs Pure Dead Brilliant
Hotter Than Hell Edinburgh Invitational Tournament Semifinals
– Martin Kirby vs Chris Renfrew
Hotter Than Hell Edinburgh Invitational Tournament Semifinals – Liam Thomson vs Andy Wild
Hotter Than Hell Edinburgh Invitational Tournament Finals – ??? vs ???
Timothy Thatcher vs ???

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