The Gordon Perspective: Discovery Wrestling ‘48 Months Later’ Preview

by Craig Gordon


It’s great to hear a company that’s doing well and they will/be celebrating their 4th year and will put hosting a big show on November 4th At Edunbirgh’s Jam House.

Discovery Wrestling started in 2015 and the last 4 years they have used venues like The Jam House, The Corn Exchange, Wardieburn/Royston Community Centre, Leith Theatre and Portobello’s Town Hall to date along with their opening show inside of Meadowbank Sports Centre.

They head into year 5 with this amazing show titled “48 Months Later” and have a great card lined up for it.


You get bitten, and infected, you lose.

The two gentlemen who will be contesting this match have different Disco backgrounds. Gene Munny has been with Disco for some time (formally with Uncle Bobby in Buffet Club) has now went on his own and has faced Session Moth Martina and hosted one of the shows in Portobello. His opponent makes hid Disco debut and currently holds the TCW World title, he being Sugar Dunkerton. With the distraction of the zombies around the ring and the sold out crowd urging them on, who will survive the survival match?


This match has been brewing for months and it all comes to a climax on Sunday when Theo Doros & Grant McIvor meet for the right to stay in the group and at the side of Patriarch Christopher Saynt. Both have argued regarding past results in matches involving Saynt and Doros, Christopher has had enough, and has asked these guys to fight it out. Could be an interesting match on Sunday.


The title of the best tag team may be argued by many in the UK, we have some amazing teams in various brands all over the UK but the teams that meet this Sunday are two of the very best.

On one hand you have the new WrestleZone Tag Team Champions, The Kings Of Catch (Aspen Faith & Lewis Girvan). On the other side are the long reigning OTT Tag Team Champions, The Kings Of The North (Damien Corvin & Bonesaw).

These teams have met before in Disco, with the KoC coming out on top, so the Northern Irish duo will be after revenge and to even the score. This could be a potential show-stealer.


When you look at two wrestlers who knock their pan in every weekend and in different countries, these guys are two of the best. BT Gunn & El Ligero, these guys sometimes wrestle two or three matches a weekend of even six or seven times a week. These guys just push themselves to the nuttier limits and show class in the ring. Whoever comes out of this will have pushed the other to the ultimate limit.


We started with eight competitors and now have only four, with the winner getting a Disco Wrestling Y-Division title shot anytime within the next year.

In one semi final we have Edinburgh’s “Bad Boy” Liam Thomson and “The Wildman” Andy Wild. These two know the Scottish scene so well and we could be in for a classic between these two guys in the pre-show.

In semi final two we have Chris Renfrew versus Martin Kirby. Another two well traveled competitors who will leave everything in the ring to advance to the final in the main show.

Hard one to choose for me as four great competitors here and will be three amazing matches to watch live.


The current PBW Tag team Champs Kreiger & Lou King Sharp, alongside Kid Fite have became fan favourites since forming this group in Discovery and put out an open challenge.

Little did they know that they would be facing three hard hitting gentlemen in former wXw Unified Champion, “Bad Bones” John Klinger, “The Alpha” Dave Conrad and “The Loose Cannon” Michael Chase who have accepted the challenge and plan to stop the fun element of the Glaswegian threesome and destroy them in the ring.


We will see the reigning champion in action against one of the finest international stars from Japan.

Champion Sammii Jayne will be defending her title on Sunday against the very talented Kris Wolf. Sammii has been a fighting champion and on her last outing she defeated her friend Viper to retain. She now faces, in my opinion, her hardest defence against one of Japan’s best in Kris Wolf. She has been in the UK for a while now wrestling on different promotions and will be a good test for the champ on Sunday.


Originally this was to be Timothy Thatcher versus Joe Coffey For the Y-Division Championship but with Joe pulling out the event, due to obligations to another firm, Discovery management needed to get the longest reigning EVOLVE Champion in history an opponent for the event.

They received a video from “The Prestigious One” Joe Hendry, saying he would face him, as long as if he won, he would face Joe Coffey next for the Y-Division Championship.

Thatcher is making his Discovery debut and will make it hard for “The Prestigious One” in The Jam House but can the Edinburgh native beat Thatcher and get a crack at Joe Coffey in the new year for the gold? Or will the hard hitting, but technical, Thatcher be too much for Joe Hendry.

So with a brilliant card, a sold out venue and a roster of brilliant wrestlers we will hopefully get a great afternoon of action. We can leave after it talking about great things and to celebrate the birthday of one of Scotland’s top promotions in the process.

If you are heading along enjoy and happy anniversary Discovery Wrestling!

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