Adam’s Top 10…Wrestlers of the Month – October 2018


October was a bit of a quieter month as we roll towards the end of 2018. It did however come with some excellent wrestling, including a Rumble courtesy of Reckless Intent, and who doesn’t love a Rumble? There was title changes, hardcore brawls, Halloween shenanigans and most importantly of all, The Kings of Catch won their first set of championships! All is right within Scottish professional wrestling. Anyway though, here’s the Wrestlers of the Month.

Honourable mentions go out to Aivil, Alexander Darwin MacAllan, Andy Wild, Chris Archer, Chris Renfrew, Cousin Zander, Crusher Craib, Irving Garrett, Jack Jester, The Jackal, Jackie Polo, Jason Reed, Kay Lee Ray, Krobar, Leyton Buzzard, Liam Thomson, Lou King Sharp, Mikey Whiplash, Mikkey Vago, Rowan Frey, Scotty Swift, and Stevie James.


10. Damien

Damien continues his barnstormer year with two huge victories in October in two excellent bouts. Firstly, he retained his Undisputed WrestleZone Championship over Andy Wild in Balmedie, and then defeated WZ debutant Irving Garrett at Halloween Hijinx in a rematch from the finals of this year’s Drew Galloway Invitational Tournament. It looks as if a third match between the pair will take place somewhere down the line, which I personally am all for. For those looking to watch the Andy Wild match though, you can do so below;


9. Ravie Davie

Yes, I am actually giving praise to Ravie Davie. Don’t see that very often. He deserves it though, mainly for his Street Fight alongside Govan Team partner Cousin Zander at ICW’s 12th birthday celebration. Although they came out on the losing end against The Purge, The Fresh Prince of Drumoyne Square took part in two of the biggest bumps of the match. Firstly, he powerbomed Stevie James from the middle rope through a table, and then missed a somersault dive from the balcony, resulting in him landing back-first on the ring canvas. Ouch! As if that wasn’t painful enough, he went to war with Timm Wylie at an SWA show with Wylie’s Scottish Heavyweight Championship on the line. Again, he lost but put in enough of an effort to earn his place on the list.


8. Kieran Kelly

“Shotgun” Kieran Kelly kicked off October with a venture to Preston, England for his Preston City Wrestling debut. The first night saw he and AC Striker losing to Dave Birch and James Finn in tag team action, before then also losing to Philip Michael the following evening. Two losses on your first time at a new company may seem bad, but Kelly surely left a good enough impression to be welcomed back with open arms. Elsewhere, he lost his ICW Hydro 24/7 Contract to Leyton Buzzard and before he was able to win it back, ICW owner Mark Dallas tore it up. All hope was not lost though, as Shotgun retrieved it from Aivil who apparently has mystical powers to put pieces of paper back together? Another loss came in the annual PBW King of Cruisers Match, being the third man eliminated. A win ended his month as he retained the Scottish X Championship in a Six Pack Challenge against Kid Fite, Davey Blaze, Dickie Divers, Arcadian, and Sheik el Sham.


7. Dickie Divers

Dickie Divers’ October began at Reckless Intent Wrestling’s Reckless Rumble show, teaming with fellow Goss Dynasty member Jack Morris in a loss to The Age of Orion. It wasn’t over for Divers that night though, as he lastly eliminated defending champion Grado to be crowned the 2018 Reckless Rumble winner and win the Heavyweight Championship. The following evening, he was unsuccessful in his return to ICW as he lost to Liam Thomson, followed by another ICW loss a few days later as he, BT Gunn, and Viper lost to Filthy Generation members Kay Lee Ray and The Kings of Catch. A W3L show in Edinburgh saw him retain his Wrestling Showdown Championship against Kevin Williams, with his last two matches of the month seeing him unsuccessfully challenge for two titles, firstly for Kieran Kelly’s Scottish X Championship in a Six Pack Challenge and then for Zach Dynamite’s WrestleZone Tri-Counties Championship in a Triple Threat Match.


6. Aspen Faith

Of course the two Kings of Catch would be on here. It just wouldn’t be right if I left them off. Firstly it’s Aspen Faith, who began October by teaming with his KoC partner in a victory over Kid Fite and Saqib Ali at Carnage in Caol. He continued his three show weekend with a promotion debut in the form of HOPE Wrestling, losing out to Joe Nelson as he became the new Kings of Flight Champion in a match that also included David Deville and defending champion Jake McCluskey. That Sunday, he and Lewis Girvan were unsuccessful in an epic Chairs Match against Jimmy Havoc and Mark Haskins that left the fans chanting “Future Champions”. After he, Lewis, and Kay Lee Ray defeated BT Gunn, Dickie Divers, and Viper at ICW’s 12th birthday, the future champs competed in another epic match that was epic for completely different reasons as The Kings defeated The Purge in their debut for Wrestling Experience Scotland that also included a musical chairs contest. Rounding off Aspen’s month was a return to home promotion WrestleZone as he became a two-time WZ Tag Team Champion following he and Girvan ending The Rejected’s reign as champs in a phenomenal Halloween Brawl. A terrific way to end the month. You can see some highlights on the officialΒ Kings of Catch YouTube channel.


5. Lewis Girvan

The other King of Catch also makes the list as Lewis Girvan comes back in. His first match of the month was at Carnage in Caol with himself and Aspen Faith besting Kid Fite and Saqib Ali in tag team action, followed by that insane Chairs Match loss to Jimmy Havoc and Mark Haskins. Back to winning ways for The Kings of Catch as they and Kay Lee Ray bested BT Gunn, Dickie Divers, and Viper in a six person tag match at ICW, followed with a victory over The Purge at Wrestling Experience Scotland. His month ended on the last weekend of the month, winning the WrestleZone Tag Team Championships from The Rejected in a lovely Halloween Brawl, before losing to Nathan Martin in his Pro Wrestling Ulster debut. Not too bad of a month for The Renegade.


4. BT Gunn

“The Oddity” BT Gunn had a fairly good month in terms of high-quality matches, although he did kick things off with a loss to Lionheart in an ICW World Heavyweight Championship #1 contenders match. A good showing from both, but ultimately it just wasn’t Gunn’s night. A victory came his way on a double show day as he pinned up and coming star Craig Anthony at PBW’s show in Barmulloch, followed by another ICW loss the same day as he, Dickie Divers, and Viper were unsuccessful against Kay Lee Ray and The Kings of Catch. He returned to winning ways by defeating Leyton Buzzard at a Wrestling Experience Scotland show in Maryhill, only for Gunn to then suffer a surprising loss to Aaron Echo as PBW rolled in to Barlanark. PBW’s annual Maximum Impact show saw The Oddity defeating NXT UK’s Mark Coffey, with Gunn’s final October match being a loss to Michael May at Pro Wrestling Ulster’s London Calling event, failing to capture the All Ulster Championship.


3. Lucha DS

Bit of a quiet one for Lucha DS, but still enough to make the list for something we’ll get on to in a bit. Victories over both Davey Blaze and Prince Asad at PBW’s events in Barmulloch and Barlanark respectively led him towards Maximum Impact in the middle of October, where he was a participant in the 2018 King of Cruisers Match. After lastly eliminating the 2017 winner Lou King Sharp, Lucha DS earned the right to call himself the new King of Cruisers as he took home the trophy, followed with one final pinfall win against PBW Tag Team Champion and sexy dancer Krieger at the John Paul Academy. An undefeated month for PBW’s resident masked man!


2. Viper

Will Viper ever stop being as busy as she is? Probably not. She began the month down at HOPE Wrestling for a double show, defeating Chief Deputy Dunne on one event and then losing to Kip Sabian by disqualification on the other, meaning Sabian retained his HOPE Championship. After she teamed with BT Gunn and Dickie Divers in a losing effort to The Filthy Generation at ICW Get Him To The Union, it was time for another two-match day for Viper the following weekend. At Pro Wrestling: EVE, she first defeated Jetta to qualify for the finals of a tournament, where she overcame Kasey, Laura DiMatteo, and Jordynne Grace to be crowned the inaugural EVE International Champion. After rounding off a successful weekend with a victory against Valkyrie at OTT in Ireland, The Vixen of Violence headed off to the States for both RISE Wrestling and SHIMMER Women Athletes. Herself, Shazza McKenzie, and Impact Wrestling’s Allie lost to The New Nation trio of Charli Evans, Jessica Troy, and Zoe Lucas for RISE, Viper headed off to do four SHIMMER shows in the space of two days. Day one saw her defeat Kay Lee Ray to be crowned the #1 contender for the SHIMMER Championship which she failed to take from Nicole Savoy, while the second day saw her first defeat former NXT star Kimber Lee, and then see off Lee, Cheerleader Melissa, Mercedes Martinez, and LuFisto in eight woman tag action while teaming with Nicole Savoy, Shazza McKenzie, and Vanessa Kraven. Another win came over Little Miss Roxxy at NORTH Wrestling’s Halloween show to end the month. It’s worth noting that Viper was also announced for the inaugural Queen of Insanity Match at ICW Fear & Loathing XI on December 2nd, where she’ll defend the Women’s World Championship against one of her top rivals, Kay Lee Ray. Busy times for The Babe of Brutality!


1. Lionheart

Lionheart is number one this month, mainly for the incredible match he put on with BT Gunn at ICW’s October 7th Fight Club tapings. It was this match where Lionheart cemented his spot in the Fear & Loathing XI main event, challenging Jackie Polo in a Title vs Career Match for the ICW World Heavyweight Championship. A loss came against Sha Samuels when Wrestling Experience Scotland returned to Maryhill, followed by another loss against Spyda at a Target Wrestling show in Carlisle with the High Octane Division Championship. He ended the month on a high though, teaming with Sha Samuels, Jack Jester, Grado, and WWE legend Billy Gunn as they overcame Jackie Polo, Mark Coffey, Joe Coffey, Kenny Williams, and Aaron Echo in an Elimination Match at SWA’s event in Paisley, even if he was the first man eliminated. Let’s not focus on the negatives though, a win is a win!

So, that was October 2018. A rather good month for Scottish wrestling, and wrestling in general. PAC is back. What’s not to love about that? Now, if only a Scottish promotion can bring him over. As for Wrestlers of the Month though, Joe Hendry’s absence from this month has allowed Viper to swoop in and be just three points behind him. Kenny Williams, Andy Wild, and Sammii Jayne are the next closest to overtaking The Prestigious One, despite not even making this month’s ranking. The question remains the same heading forward – will Hendry be defeated, or is he the 2018 Wrestler of the Year?

Point Standings as of November 8th 2018
1. Joe Hendry (61 points)
2. Viper (58 points)
3. Kenny Williams (38 points)
4. Andy Wild (35 points)
5. Sammii Jayne (31 points)
6. Stevie Boy (28 points)
7. DCT (26 points)
8. Aspen Faith and Damien (24 points)
9. BT Gunn (22 points)
10. Joe Coffey and Lionheart (18 points)
11. Lewis Girvan (17 points)
12. Kay Lee Ray and Mark Coffey (15 points)
13. Jackie Polo (10 points)
14. Shawn Johnson and Wolfgang (9 points)
15. Krieger and Lucha DS (8 points)
16. Emily Hayden (7 points)
17. Liam Thomson, Mikey Whiplash, and Theo Doros (6 points)
18. Chris Renfrew, Crusher Craib, JD Wilde, and Kieran Kelly (5 points)
19. Dickie Divers, Eric Arkham, and Isla Dawn (4 points)
20. Aaron Echo, Alexander Darwin MacAllan, Jack Morris, and Zach Dynamite (3 points)
21. Glen Dunbar, Irving Garrett, and Ravie Davie (2 points)
22. Blondie Barratt, Johnny Lions, and Nathan North (1 point)

Thanks to Wrestle Ropes,, and Steven McKenna (@HenderTheGreatΒ on Twitter) for results.