Adam’s Top 10 Wrestlers Of The Month – April 2019

AdamWell, here we are once again. Wrestlers of the Month time, arguably my favourite time of the month. April was an extremely difficult month to whittle down to just 10 wrestlers – between all the big shows that were happening up and down the country, this could very well have been a top 20. From Aberdeen to Glasgow to Livingston, there was something nearby for most to enjoy. Let’s not waste any more time though, here’s the top 10 for April 2019!

Honourable mentions go out to Alan Sterling, Angel Hayze, Blue Thunder, Charlie Vyce, Craig Anthony, Emily Hayden, Grant McIvor, Jack Morris, John Trettan, Ken Kaiden, Kieran Kelly, Lewis Girvan, Leyton Buzzard, Scotty Swift, Shaun Walker, Theo Doros, and William Sterling.


10. Jason Reed

Kicking us off here is Jason Reed. Reed only had the one match in April, that being a Tri-Counties Championship Fatal Four Way Match at WrestleZone Aberdeen Anarchy against Andy Wild, Shawn Johnson, and defending champion Mr P. The man on a mission to Make WrestleZone Great Again took a step further in his campaign plans as he walked out of Aberdeen with the championship belt in his grasp, before going on a well-deserved championship victory celebratory holiday to Dubai. Who’ll be the first to step up, and try to put a stop to Reed’s plans for a better WrestleZone?


9. Dickie Divers

Dickie Divers’ month began with a huge victory over former New Age Kliq brethren BT Gunn at Scottish Wrestling Alliance’s show in Motherwell, followed the next day by capturing the Reckless Intent UK Championship from Chris Renfrew after going 2-1 in a 2 out of 3 Falls Match. That match would see Divers become the first man to hold both the Heavyweight and UK Championships simultaneously. The weekend came to an end with two unsuccessful championship outings, as he failed to capture the W3L Heavyweight Championship from Johnny Lions during Edinburgh Comic-Con and then he and Nine9 partner Jack Morris failed to dethrone The Kings of Catch of their ICW Tag Team Championships, a match that undoubtedly stole the show that night. Following another unsuccessful attempt at capturing the W3L Heavyweight Championship in a match also including Euan G. Mackie, Divers rounded off his April by retaining his Reckless Intent Heavyweight Championship in Gilmerton against Theo Doros, which came after he assaulted former Goss Dynasty ally Jonathan Richards. It appears their time as a cohesive unit is no more.


8. Ashley Vega

One of the rising stars this year is Ashley Vega. She kicked the month off on a bit of a sour note, failing to defeat fellow rising star Angel Hayze at PBW’s show in Barlanark. Another loss to Anastasia followed at Source Wrestling’s New Wave show, but Vega earned her place on the list at Fierce Females Goddesses of War. With several stars unable to make it to the show, it led to a #1 contenders round robin tournament being created. In this, Ashley scored a big victory over Irish star Valkyrie before then losing to another Irish star in the form of Raven Creed. By the sounds of things, both of those contests were incredible, and can only mean big things for Ashley Vega going forward.


7. Lionheart

After winning the SWA Battlezone Match last November, Lionheart used that opportunity in April to capture the Scottish Heavyweight Championship from Timm Wylie, becoming #Hearto2Belts in the process. His other title is of course the ICW World Heavyweight Championship, which he retained over Ashton Smith at ICW So’s Yer Maw 2. The next challenger was revealed post-match though, as Lionheart was ambushed by Ashton’s P.O.D partner Rampage Brown. A venture up north for WrestleZone Aberdeen Anarchy saw him lose a Triple Threat Match to the immensely talented Bingo Ballance (a match that also involved Crusher Craib), before ending his month on a high with a pinfall victory over Austin Osiris at Wrestling Experience Scotland’s show in Tarbert. Osiris will claim he’s still undefeated though mind you.


6. Aspen Faith

Aspen Faith’s April consisted of two matches, but what a two matches they turned out to be. Firstly, he and Kings of Catch pal Lewis Girvan defeated The Nine9 to remain the ICW Tag Team Champions, a match that looked excellent from the snippets I’ve seen online. Six days later, he and Lewis would lose their other set of titles in the form of the WrestleZone Tag Team Championships as they lost to Scotty Swift and Johnny Lions inside a steel cage with The Thunder Buddies (Blue Thunder and William Sterling) acting as the third team in the encounter. During that match, Aspen delivered a jaw-dropping moonsault off the cage on to everyone else down below, a moment that Billy captured on filmΒ here.


5. Johnny Lions

2019 is Johnny Lions’ farewell year, and he’s going out on a high. He kicked things off with a retention of his W3L Heavyweight Championship over Dickie Divers when W3L invaded Edinburgh Comic-Con and then the following Saturday, added more gold to his collection when he and official, 100% legit tag team partner Scotty Swift captured the WrestleZone Tag Team Championships in a three team Steel Cage Match against The Thunder Buddies and defending champions The Kings of Catch. That match would see The Tenacious One nail a beautiful Biggest Legdrop Evahhhh off the cage on to Lewis Girvan, which you can view on the official SWN YouTube channelΒ here. Last but not least, he defeated both Dickie Divers and Euan G. Mackie in Buckhaven to mark another successful defence of the W3L Heavyweight Championship. All in all, a hugely successful month for one Johnny Lions.


4. RUDO Lightning

For someone who wasn’t even an active competitor this time last year, RUDO Lightning sure is racking up the points this year. First up for him was a loss in a Scottish X Championship #1 contenders Gauntlet Match to Jack Morris (also in the match were Robbie Solar, Lucha DS, Dean Ford, Dylan Angel, and Sheikh el Sham). The first ever RUDO Uncensored took place two days later at an ICW Fight Club taping with added Lionheart, before he then lost the Undisputed WrestleZone Championship back to Damien at Aberdeen Anarchy the following week. A loss to Leyton Buzzard and The Govan Team where he teamed with The Purge ended his month in a string of losses, but he impressed enough to make it to number four.


3. Damien

The next two entrants both only wrestled the one time in April, the first of which is Damien. The Revolutionary main evented his second Aberdeen Anarchy in a row, and once again ended up as the challenger to the Undisputed Championship. His bout with RUDO Lightning was full of shenanigans thanks to special guest referee Austin Osiris but after the corrupt ref was speared out of his boots by Mikey Innes, Damien connected with a flying Codebreaker to become a record-breaking four-time Undisputed WrestleZone Champion, and once again show how great he is at telling a story within the ring.


2. Zach Dynamite

Sticking with WrestleZone Aberdeen Anarchy, Zach Dynamite competed in the show’s penultimate match as he faced former WWE superstar PAC. The Foundation of the Future member gave it his all in this bout, with added assistance at ringside from pals Bradley Evans and Ryan Riley. Despite almost coming out on top, a low blow and the Black Arrow put an end to Zach’s chances of victory. A phenomenal showing nonetheless though.


1. BT Gunn

Here he is then, April’s Wrestler of the Month is BT Gunn, and for good reason. Three losses to Lucha DS, Dickie Divers, and The Fite Network (he teamed with The Purge) in Barlanark, Motherwell, and Glasgow respectively began his month on quite a down, but things quickly turned around a week later. He retained his BCW Heavyweight Championship at their first show of the year when he defeated both British wrestling pioneer Jody Fleisch and the daredevil acrobat PAC in what must have been a showstealing Triple Threat Match. Another loss to Paxxo came at PBW’s show in Maryhill but the next day, he made his debut for WWE at their NXT UK tapings in Glasgow as he lost to Kenny Williams in a dark match. A loss to Adam Maxted at PBW’s Breaking Limits 14 in Airdrie brought an end to his month, but that’s besides the point, BT Gunn wrestled in a WWE ring. If there was ever a way to cement your place as one of the country’s best wrestlers, it was certainly that. Congratulations to The Oddity, and let’s hope we see him on more NXT UK shows going forward!

So, we’re now a third way of the way through 2019 (genuinely though, where has the year gone?), and it’s safe to say the 2019 rankings look rather different compared to that of 2018. RUDO Lightning remains in first place, with the person in second place (Joe Coffey for that matter) being eight points behind him. May looks set to be another great month for Scottish wrestling, from ICW’s King of Hawners tournament to Grado’s Big Family Wrestling Bash to the debut show of Pro Wrestling Innovation. Things on the league table could change drastically when it comes to June 1st.

Point Standings as of May 1st 2019
1. RUDO Lightning (27 points)
2. Joe Coffey (19 points)
3. Lewis Girvan (18 points)
4. Aspen Faith (17 points)
5. Andy Wild (15 points)
6. Damien (14 points)
7. Ashley Vega (13 points)
8. Kieran Kelly and Lionheart (12 points)
9. Sammii Jayne (11 points)
10. BT Gunn (10 points)
11. Jackie Polo and Zach Dynamite (9 points)
12. Viper (7 points)
13. Johnny Lions (6 points)
14. Jack Morris (5 points)
15. Chris Renfrew and Kay Lee Ray (4 points)
16. Jack Jester and Michael Chase (3 points)
17. Dickie Divers, Jason Reed, Lucha DS, and Paxxo (2 points)
18. Alexander Darwin MacAllan and Angel Hayze (1 point)

Thanks to Wrestle Ropes,, and Stevie Wizard for match info.

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