SWN Meets… Lou King Sharp

Photo credit David J Wilson

Welcome to another interview here on the Scottish Wrestling Network. Today, we had the chance to chat to one half of the longest-reigning Premier British Wrestling Tag Team Champions in history, Lou King Sharp. The Blood Tourist is set for his final matches in Scotland this weekend (for the time being at least) before he heads to China to begin the next chapter of his career with Oriental Wrestling Entertainment!

First off,Β congratulationsΒ on this amazing opportunity! What was your initial reaction upon finding it?

It went happy, ecstatic, nervous, terrified then full on absolutely bricking it then finally buzzing to go show the world what I’ve got!

How did the opportunity originally come around in the first place?

It was all thanks to the owner of Nothing Else on TV, and now head of talent relations at OWE, Sean McMahon who brought me onboard. It all came about pretty out of the blue to be honest but it was a chance I took as soon as it was presented.

This is unquestionably one of the biggest moments of your career. How have you been preparing, both physically and mentally?

To be completely honest I don’t know how you can prepare for moving to the other side of the world away from literally everyone and everything I know but I’ve been training hard, trying to eat cleaner and I even quit smoking (so far)! All I can do is go out and give it everything.

When it comes to bucket list countries, was China ever a country you wanted to wrestle in? Or even just Asia in general, such as in one of the major Japanese companies like New Japan or NOAH?

I want to travel the entire world. Everywhere. I’ve sent CVs everywhere I can find from Bombay to Bosnia. Of course it will seem like I’m just saying this now but I genuinely have always had an interest in China as a wrestling market. It always baffled me how it had never really picked up there considering it’s harder now to find a country without a promotion than it is to find one with one. I had contacted OWE in the past, as well as another promotion in China, but never heard back from either, which is why now that I’ve been presented the opportunity I’m gonna grab it by its balls. Possibly the most exciting aspect of this is the fact that myself and Rob will be in a position to open ourselves up to a whole new market in Asia. OWE run shows in China aswell as Japan and they’re also now working alongside SPW on Singapore, not to mention all the other promotions in the general area like Pakistan, Thailand, Malaysia and so on. There’s a big big world out there, and me and Rob fully look to take it over.

The Blood Tourist is a moniker you’ve earned in recent months because of your appearances in international promotions, most notably for Denmark’s Dansk Pro Wrestling where you captured the Heavyweight Championship. How have you enjoyed getting the opportunity to wrestle in these other countries on a semi-regular basis?

Denmark is like a second home to me, Copenhagen especially. It has been amazing getting to travel and see parts of the world I never would have had the chance to see and discover new crowds and entire scenes I never knew about before. The best part about it though is the friends I’ve made, guys like Sebastian Day and Nitro Green are two of my closest friends and friends I’ll have for life. I’d have never met them if it wasn’t for this strange game.

As we saw at Double or Nothing last month, OWE is a company that has close links with All Elite Wrestling. If the opportunity arose, would you want to sign a contract that ties you down to one company or would you choose to continue plying your trade around the world?

I love travelling the world and performing in front of various different crowds but if I was given the chance to sign with one of the biggest promotions in the world then yeah I would absolutely take the chance to showcase myself on a global stage.

You’re not the only Brit heading over to China – as you mentioned earlier, you’ll be joined by the reigning European Openweight Champion Robert Sharpe, who is (and I quote) your ‘6ft and jacked younger brother’. By having Rob out there with you, do you think this will make the experience any easier for you or is he just someone else you need to stand out against?

Me and Rob are in this together. We’re a unit. We’re a family. It’ll be myself, Rob and my amazing girlfriend Roisin travelling to Shanghai so I’m very lucky to have my brother and the love of life by my side through the journey. For anyone who isn’t familiar with Rob (and everyone should be, he’s a hell of a talent) he’s been tearing up the English scene for a number of years now at promotions such as Frontline Wrestling and IPW and as you said recently captured Frontline’s European Openweight Title. From an outsider looking in Frontline seems to be very much based on the Japanese/Asian style of wrestling and with Rob being such a success there already, it fills me with confidence knowing he’s in my corner. It was this journey that reunited me with my younger brother and we’ve been talking a lot on the lead up to it. We’ve got the same sense of humour and are very much on the same wavelength. In short he’s just me on the protein! So the tag team scene better watch out because we’ve got the chemistry and we’ve got the drive and now that we’ve been reunited, we’re looking to put the family name on the map.

What are you most looking forward to when you’re out in China?

New jaws to rip, new maws to dip.

Finally, is there anything you’d like to say to everyone who’s supported you leading up to this important moment in your career?

Simply, thank you. There are way too many people for me to list but I can’t not thank Kid Fite. He always believed in me and always kept me right, gave me more opportunities than anyone and if it wasn’t for him teaching me the game, I’d have never got to play. So cheers ya fucking baldy wank, a could have been a doctor.

Our thanks to Lou for taking the time to chat to us. We at the Scottish Wrestling Network would like to wish Lou nothing but the best for this new chapter of his career as he heads off to make China look sharp!

Make sure to follow The Blood Tourist on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram so you can stay up to date on all things Lou King Sharp.

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