Preview: Discovery Wrestling ‘Camp Discovery’


Following the second annual Disco Derby back in March, Discovery Wrestling were scheduled to take a break until returning in October but they simply couldn’t wait any longer. As a result, they’re back in the Edinburgh Corn Exchange on Saturday afternoon for Camp Discovery, a show that looks like it will be a day to remember for the Discovery faithful. We’ve got championship matches, we’ve got debuts, we’ve got returns, and we’ve got two members of Bullet Club coming along too!


Joe Hendry vs Rampage Brown

A mammoth singles match will see Joe Hendry taking on Rampage Brown in a battle between two of the UK’s very best unsigned talents. After defeating Timothy Thatcher in November in quite the technical contest, The Prestigious One has been the number one contender to Joe Coffey’s Y Division Championship, with The Iron King refusing to give Hendry his title opportunity until he sees fit. Coffey has stated that he wasn’t scheduled to defend his title again until the October anniversary show and will be living by that fact, which means he will indeed break Lewis Girvan’s record reign at 666 days. With that though, it left Joe Hendry without an opponent for Saturday’s show. Step forward Rampage Brown. The man from Leeds hasn’t been seen in Discovery since his participation in the first annual Hotter Than Hell Edinburgh Invitational Tournament back in 2017, where he had excellent contests with Dave Conrad, Mikey Whiplash, and eventual winner Aspen Faith. In the time since then, Rampage has been tearing it up all over the UK, which included an 11 month reign as the Defiant World Champion. If he’s able to get a pin over the #1 contender to the Y Division Championship, you’d have to imagine he would then also have a claim to be challenging for the gold.


Triple Threat Match for the Discovery Women’s Championship
Emily Hayden vs Martina (c) vs Ashley Vega

The most recent Discovery event was the second Disco Derby, a night that saw Martina crowned the new Women’s Champion when she won the 2019 Disco Derby Match. Even though she’s more commonly known as a comedy performer, that match showed that The Session Moth can be a serious wrestler as well as she outlasted the likes of Debbie Keitel, Raven Creed, and defending champion Sammii Jayne to become the second Discovery Women’s Champion in history. Her first defence will see her defend the gold against two of the other competitors in that match, Emily Hayden and Ashley Vega. Both of those ladies have been making their names known around the rest of the UK throughout this year, with Hayden recently being fired from the Fierce Females roster after losing to Sammie Jo in an I Do Match whereas Vega has been making her presence felt in top promotions such as Pro Wrestling: EVE. A win for either of the challengers here would be huge for them – they just need to find their way past the antics of Martina.


Fatal Four Way Match for the WrestleZone Tri-Counties Championship
The Sam Barbour Experience vs Jason Reed (c) vs Alexander Dean vs Fraser Thomas

Another multi-man title match will feature one return and three debuts, as Jason Reed comes back down to Edinburgh to put the WrestleZone Tri-Counties Championship on the line against The Sam Barbour Experience, Alexander Dean, and Fraser Thomas. Ever since this one was announced, all four competitors have been quite vocal on social media, namely Reed and Dean. For those who have been following Jason Reed in the last year or so, then you’ll be aware of his intentions to make wrestling great again, something that will be achieved when he defends another promotion’s title inside a Discovery ring. It could result in a new champion making their way up to the Northern Hotel on August 17th, especially given who the three challengers are. All of them are in with a chance of snatching the title out of Jason’s grasp – if we’ve learned anything from Jason though, he’s got a plan in mind for this one, perhaps with a new member of The Reed Cabinet being unveiled in the Edinburgh Corn Exchange.


The Anti-Fun Police (Chief Deputy Dunne & Los Federales Santos Jr.) vs The Kings of Catch (Aspen Faith vs Lewis Girvan)

This is my ultimate dream match – The Anti-Fun Police vs The Kings of Catch. The hater of all things funahhh vs the masters of the Apter Burner. What’s not to love? Chief Deputy Dunne made his Discovery debut back in March at the Disco Derby in a match also involving BT Gunn, Kid Fite, and Aspen Faith. Ever since then, Dunne has ensured he won’t rest until he shuts down all the fun being had by The Kings of Catch, and is even bringing in everyone’s favourite man to back him up, Los Federales Santos Jr. While they may be one of the UK’s premier tag teams, there’s no team better in Discovery than The Kings of Catch. Since coming together in the company, Aspen and Lewis have had classic battles with the likes of The Kings of the North and the team of Chris Brookes and Omari, while Lewis also teamed with Damien in another excellent bout with CCK earlier this year after Aspen suffered a minor injury. We’ll never get to see a proper Kings vs CCK bout due to the recent retirement of Kid Lykos but in my eyes, this could be equally as good. Sure, it probably won’t be the most ‘wrestling’ type match of the night if that makes sense, but you’re in for a good laugh when these four collide. Sometimes, that’s all you need from a match.


Angel Hayze vs Sammii Jayne

Now that she’s back from some time off due to a recent surgery, Sammii Jayne is out for revenge against of her protΓ©gΓ©s, Angel Hayze. With Sammii defending her Discovery Women’s Championship in the 15 woman Disco Derby Match (technically 14 since Nina Samuels never officially entered), she ended up being just the second person dumped out of the ring at the hands of Angel. Even though Hayze would be the next person eliminated by Ashley Vega, she still holds that fact over Sammii’s head. She may not have won the match, but she’s essentially responsible for the culmination of Sammii Jayne’s 483 day championship reign. Angel is really coming on leaps and bounds this year, with regular appearances up and down the country. She’s made a new home in Discovery throughout 2019, and what better way to leave a lasting impression than with a victory over one of the UK’s very best?


Bullet Club (El Phantasmo & HIKULEO) vs The Nine9 (Dickie Divers & Jack Morris)

When El Phantasmo and HIKULEO were confirmed for this show, I’m not sure many people would’ve predicted their opponents to be The Nine9. Dickie Divers and Jack Morris united in Discovery back in March as surprise opponents for Chris Renfrew and Michael Chase but outside of Edinburgh, they’ve become well acquainted with the fans at both ICW and Reckless Intent Wrestling, even going so far as to earn themselves an ICW Tag Team Championships match with The Kings of Catch at Shug’s Hoose Party 6. This is undoubtedly their biggest match as a team so far, and possibly even of their entire careers (certainly in Morris’ case). They could boost their careers into the stratosphere with a win over Phantasmo and HIKULEO.


Kieran Kelly vs Theo Doros

A change to the previously announced bout will now see Kieran Kelly go up against former House of Saynt member Theo Doros, with his original opponent Josh Terry now unable to make the show. These two are no stranger to each other within a Discovery ring, having faced off a few months ago in an Elimination Match alongside Christopher Saynt and Grant McIvor (who substituted for Damien). That match would see Kelly come out on top but that’s not all we’ve seen from both men in Discovery during the first half of 2019 – they were both part of the second Disco Derby show in March, with Kieran answering Joe Hendry’s open challenge in an unsuccessful effort while Theo went to a no contest with Christopher Saynt in a brutal Unsanctioned Match. Although Kelly vs Terry would have been a tantalising contest, Kelly vs Doros has all the potential to be an equally-as-great contest.

Although he hasn’t got an opponent confirmed at the time of writing, Discovery have announced that The Munndertaker will be back in action at the Corn Exchange following his victory over Martina back in January. Who will dare step up to challenge The Dead Munn?

Tickets in the first two rows have sold out, but general admission tickets are still available, priced Β£15 for adults, Β£10 for children, and Β£40 for a family of four. Doors at the Corn Exchange open at 2:15pm, with the action kicking off at 3pm. Don’t forget that following the show, you can head to the Opium at 8pm for a special live edition of The Joe Hendry Show and How To Become A Pro Wrestler, featuring the usual lineup alongside Discovery co-owner Alan Smith and a select few Discovery roster members to be announced. Tickets to that are priced at Β£10, or just Β£6 if you have your ticket stub from this show.

Announced Matches
Joe Hendry vs Rampage Brown
Triple Threat Match for the Discovery Women’s Championship – Emily Hayden vs Martina (c) vs Ashley Vega
Fatal Four Way Match for the WrestleZone Tri-Counties Championship – The Sam Barbour Experience vs Jason Reed (c) vs Alexander Dean vs Fraser Thomas
The Anti-Fun Police (Chief Deputy Dunne & Los Federales Santos Jr.) vs The Kings of Catch (Aspen Faith & Lewis Girvan)
Angel Hayze vs Sammii Jayne
Bullet Club (El Phantasmo & HIKULEO) vs The Nine9 (Dickie Divers & Jack Morris)
Kieran Kelly vs Theo Doros
The Munndertaker also in action

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