Preview: WrestleZone ‘Proving Grounds 2019’


The future of WrestleZone will be on showcase come Saturday night as they return to Aberdeen’s Cairncry Community Centre for their annual Proving Grounds event, featuring a number of stars from the WrestleZone Training Academy. Two debuts are currently scheduled for this show, as well as appearances from established roster members and current Tag Team Champions, Scotty Swift and Johnny Lions.


Scotty Swift & Connor Inglis vs The Outfit (Dino Del Monte & Ted O’Keefe)

The main event of the evening will see a match with Battle of the Nations momentum at stake, as Scotty Swift teams with WrestleZone Training Academy trainee Connor Inglis going against The Outfit. Next month will see Swift, alongside Johnny Lions, defending the Tag Team Championships against Dino and Ted, with the match being confirmed all the way back at Aberdeen Anarchy. Since they became the #1 contenders to the title, The Outfit have made it their mission to make sure Swift and Lions remain the champions until the Northern Hotel show as they want to be the pair to take the titles from the waists of the ‘old timers’, even if it means getting on the bad side of Zach Dynamite and Caleb Valhalla. While they’ve got that highly-anticipated bout to look forward to, Connor Inglis has also been making his presence felt within WrestleZone this year. He answered Crusher Craib’s open challenge at Summerhill Showdown (well, he was forced into it by Craib, but still), and then eliminated The Creator of Carnage from the Regal Rumble Match within seconds. With Connor still getting involved in Crusher’s business recently, the former Undisputed Champion has insisted he’ll be in attendance at Proving Grounds


Johnny Lions vs Ryan Riley

2019 will mark Johnny Lions’ final year as a professional wrestler. In his final few months as an active performer, The Tenacious One is looking to leave a lasting impression on the fans who have been cheering him on all these years, which has recently meant going the extra mile in his matches. He may be in his 40’s (I believe) but he was still hitting top rope Lion Cutter’s and BLE’s off the top of the cage back at Aberdeen Anarchy. While he’s calling it time on his career, Ryan Riley is only just starting his, having made his official debut back in September. Since that time, he’s let everyone (and I mean literally every single person) know that he’s lost seven stone, and has also joined The Foundation of the Future alongside Zach Dynamite and Bradley Evans. The Inspirational One isn’t one to be taken lightly as you’ll see when he steps inside the ring – let’s see if he can handle Johnny’s onslaught here.


Umar Mohammed vs Caleb Valhalla

As mentioned in the intro to this preview, two debuts will take place on Saturday’s show, the first of which sees Fife’s Umar Mohammed make his way to Aberdeen to face the mighty Caleb Valhalla. Prior to this match being announced, I’d been hearing great things about The Asian Sensation. He’s being called the hottest new talent out of the W3L Action Academy, but that doesn’t necessarily mean anything up in Aberdeen, and it certainly doesn’t mean anything when he’s across the ring from the mountain that is Mr Valhalla. Ever since his debut back in October, Caleb has been a force to be reckoned with, dismantling the likes of Kaden Garrick, Scotty Swift, and Mikkey Vago, thanks in part to his unbelievable swinging side slam. While I’m sure Umar may have a trick or two up his sleeve, he’ll need much, much more if he has any hope of handing Caleb his first pinfall loss.


Cysto vs Mauler Murphy

Well, it’s Cysto guys. He’s back again. The Tangerine Dream has made a handful of appearances this year (all losses thankfully), and now finds himself standing across from the latest graduate out of the WrestleZone Training Academy. A man known simply as Mauler Murphy. With a name like that, he sounds like he could snap an opponent in half with one move, a tactic that could make him quite the unstoppable force within WrestleZone. It’s always fantastic to see new names coming through the Academy. Just look at some of the names who’ve grown through the ranks – former Undisputed Champion Shawn Johnson, inaugural Tri-Counties Champion Aspen Faith, multi-time Tag Team Champions Chris Archer and Mikkey Vago, all three members of The Foundation of the Future. Will Mauler Murphy be yet another Academy success story, or will Cysto pick up a victory? Please, please, please be the first of those options. It’s not much to ask for, is it?

Tickets to the show are available from, priced at just Β£7. Fans can also pay at the door on the night. Doors at the Cairncry Community Centre open at 6:30pm, with the first bell at 7pm.

Announced Matches
Scotty Swift & Connor Inglis vs The Outfit (Dino Del Monte & Ted O’Keefe)
Johnny Lions vs Ryan Riley
Umar Mohammed vs Caleb Valhalla
Cysto vs Mauler Murphy

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