Preview: Pro Wrestling Elite ‘8th Anniversary Show’


Following the passing of Lionheart, many fans of his promotion Pro Wrestling Elite were left questioning if the company’s eighth anniversary show would still be going ahead on Saturday evening. Thanks to the wider Scottish wrestling community, it will indeed still be going on as planned. Despite those guys taking over to ensure things run smoothly, it’s important to note here that it’s not being classed as their show – it’s still the show that Lionheart had put together himself, the show that he had been building towards. Judging by the looks of things, he put together quite the card!


PWE Heavyweight Championship
Jackie Polo (c) vs Grado

Jackie Polo shocked the world at the last PWE show in May when he used his title opportunity won in the Elite Rumble Match to snatch the Heavyweight Championship out of the hands of Kenny Williams during The Lucky Yin’s title defence against Joe Coffey. Traditionally, the winner of the Rumble wouldn’t receive their championship match until the anniversary show but clearly, that there Just Justice had other plans in mind. He now faces the task of main eventing the biggest Pro Wrestling Elite show of the year when he defends his title against Grado. When it was announced that the former Heavyweight Champion would be making his return to the company at Saturday’s show, he didn’t want to face anyone else other than Jackie Polo. The Chubby Wee Chancer currently has the longest reign with the gold, sitting at 511 days. Is it time for him to become just the second two-time champ in history, or will good ol’ Just Justice have a trick or two up his sleeve?


No Disqualifications Match for the PWE Tag Team Championships
The Purge (Krobar & Stevie James) (c) vs Fight Club (Kid Fite & Liam Thomson)

Originally scheduled to be a regular tag team match, The Purge will now put their Tag Team Championships on the line against Fight Club in a No Disqualifications Match. Ever since they lifted the titles at last year’s anniversary show, Krobar and Stevie James have been begging PWE management to send them competition, which has often resulted in the duo sticking their noses in where they don’t belong (cc: Polo Promotions vs The Kinky Party in September). Management would find them a team for the Elite Rumble in the form of a reuniting Fight Club, a match that The Purge would go on to win. Kid Fite and Liam Thomson have now earned a second opportunity at the championships though as they defeated both Polo Promotions and The Kinky Party in May to be declared the #1 contenders. They’re recognised as one of the best teams in Scottish wrestling history, and they know exactly what it takes to be PWE Tag Team Champions – it’s just a matter of whether or not they’re better than The Purge on this particular night.


Triple Threat Match for the vacant UEWA European Heavyweight Championship
Andy Wild vs BT Gunn vs Alexander Dean

Prior to his passing, Lionheart was in possession of three championships, one of those being the UEWA European Heavyweight Championship. He won the title from Alexander Dean in a sensational Winner Takes All Match at an ICW show back in June, a match that would sadly turn out to be his last. With that title now vacated though, the organisation that the title comes from have revealed they want the next champion to be determined inside a PWE ring as a tribute to its former champion. Alexander Dean, BT Gunn, and Andy Wild are the three men who are set to lay it all out in the ring with the hopes of leaving the Citadel as the new champion. If you want to see three lads just knock lumps out of one another, then this is a match for you. Everyone and their dog knows the brute force of Gunn’s chops, while Wild is capable of tossing people halfway across the ring. While Dean isn’t someone I was too familiar with prior to a few weeks ago, I’ve heard nothing but good things about him. His match with Lionheart was excellent. Don’t expect to see anything different come Saturday night.


Scottish X Championship
Leyton Buzzard (c) vs The Sam Barbour Experience

An interpromotional match of sorts will see a Scottish Wrestling Alliance title defended as Leyton Buzzard puts the Scottish X Championship up for grabs opposite The Sam Barbour Experience. Leyton has had an incredible few months as of late, breaking out on his own in ICW after he and Joe Hendry had a bit of a falling out, and now he’s won his first championship. He usurped Kieran Kelly to win the title at the end of May, a man he’s all too familiar with from their little ICW rivalry throughout 2018. His first defence of the title will come against The Sam Barbour Experience, one of his fellow graduates from the Glasgow Pro Wrestling Asylum. Although they’ve been on the scene for essentially the same length of time, I think it’s fair to say SBX has only really started to break out on to the scene bit more in 2019, with recent debuts for the likes of WrestleZone, Discovery Wrestling, and HOPE Wrestling. The Most Handsome Man in Scottish Entertainment has a tough task ahead of him if he hopes to take the title away from The Prodigy but to be real for a second, Leyton might not even be the champion come Saturday as he’s scheduled to defend against Liam Thomson the night before in Dennistoun. This could very well just be a regular old singles bout between two of Scotland’s fastest rising talents. Only time will tell.


Jokey vs Debbie Keitel

The reigning Fierce Females Internet Champion Debbie Keitel will be making her PWE debut at Saturday’s show as she goes up against her rival from Fierce Females, Jokey. Having honed her craft in her home of Ireland (the country with the best accents by the way, don’t even @ me), The Whole Shebang has been breaking out on to the Scottish wrestling scene over the last year or so, becoming a regular roster member in the aforementioned FF while also making debuts for both Discovery Wrestling and Source Wrestling. As mentioned, she and Jokey have had a little thing going on in Fierce Females over the last few shows, with a recent Hardcore Match between the pair ending in a no contest due to the sheer beating they were inflicting on one another. While this match will be fought under the normal rules of a wrestling bout, it’s highly likely we’ll see the same sort of hard-hitting action that we’ve become accustomed to.


Aaron Echo vs Jack Jester

This last match that’s been signed doesn’t really have much coming into it, but it doesn’t really need one. If we’re speaking in terms of actual wrestling work, it’ll just be two guys scrapping it out until one of them has their arm raised in victory. However, if we’re speaking from a real-life standpoint, then this is quite the personal battle between two men who were immensely close to Lionheart outside the ring. They’ve been two of the strongest fighters going since the news broke of Hearto’s passing, and although they’ll putting all that aside when they step through the ropes, you know that deep down they’ll be doing all of this for their pal. That’s what matters here in this specific scenario.

Very limited general admission tickets are still available at the time of writing from, priced at Β£13. When I say very limited, I mean it – they could very well be gone by the time you finish reading this article!

Announced Matches
PWE Heavyweight Championship – Jackie Polo (c) vs Grado
No Disqualifications Match for the PWE Tag Team Championships
– The Purge (Krobar & Stevie James) (c) vs Fight Club (Kid Fite & Liam Thomson)
Triple Threat Match for the vacant UEWA European Heavyweight Championship – Andy Wild vs BT Gunn vs Alexander Dean
Scottish X Championship
– Leyton Buzzard (c) vs The Sam Barbour Experience
Jokey vs Debbie Keitel
Aaron Echo vs Jack Jester

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