Wrestler Spotlight: Saqib Ali

Photo credit David J Wilson

Welcome to the Wrestler Spotlight. Today, we’re taking a look at a former W3L Tag Team Champion in the form of Saqib Ali.

Aliasย โ€“ Saqib Ali

Nicknamesย โ€“ N/A

Debut – 2010

Companies Wrestled Forย ย โ€“

  • All Star Wrestling
  • Big Massive Wrestling
  • British Championship Wrestling
  • Brutality Division Wrestling
  • Carnage In Caol
  • Celtic Championship Wrestling
  • Dansk Pro Wrestling
  • Fair City Wrestling
  • Insane Championship Wrestling
  • Megaslam Wrestling
  • Phoenix Pro Wrestling
  • Premier British Wrestling
  • Preston City Wrestling
  • Pro Wrestling Elite
  • RAD:PRO Wrestling
  • Respect Pro Wrestling
  • Rock N Wrestle
  • Upbrawl Championship Wrestling
  • World Wide Wrestling League

Titles & Accomplishments –ย 

  • 2x World Wide Wrestling League Tag Team Champion w/Prince Asad

Signature Moves –

  • Ali-bama Slam (Alabama Slam)
  • Curb Stomp

Alliances –

  • Pure Gangster w/Donnie T & Prince Asad
  • The SP Mafia w/Donnie T & Prince Asad
  • The Toal Family w/Chris Toal & Lou King Sharp

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