Preview: WrestleZone ‘Halloween Hijinx 2019’


It’s time to get spooky guys! Seeing as it’s Halloween season, the one time a year where it’s alright to run around the streets dressed in all manner of costumes, WrestleZone are heading back to Aberdeen’s Kincorth Community Centre on Saturday evening as they present Halloween Hijinx. Judging by what’s been announced for the show, we’re in for a cracking night that will culminate with either a brand new Undisputed WrestleZone Champion or the end of one man’s 1,000 day undefeated streak. It’s all on the line at Halloween Hijinx.


Undisputed WrestleZone Championship
Damien (c) vs Austin Osiris

It’s a match 18 months in the making as Damien and Austin Osiris once again, this time with the Undisputed WrestleZone Championship up for grabs. Since their first encounter as part of the 2018 Drew Galloway Invitational Tournament (which Damien won by technical knockout), these two have been unable to see eye to eye. Big Money has gone unpinned and unsubmitted for 997 days at the time of writing (he’s suffered losses here and there, but he’s yet to be pinned or forced to submit so it still stands). Halloween Hijinx will mark day 1,000 of his streak, a streak that Damien has vowed to bring to an end in order to remain the Undisputed Champion. The Revolutionary regained the title from RUDO Lightning at Aberdeen Anarchy, a match that Austin Osiris refereed – I use that term loosely, seeing as the undefeated lad used every trick in the book to put the match in RUDO’s favour, earning a spear from actual referee Mikey Innes for his troubles. The challenge was by made by Osiris at Battle of the Nations, and it was quickly accepted. Damien vs Austin Osiris with both the Undisputed WrestleZone Championship and the latter’s 1,000 day undefeated streak on the line. It’s all or nothing for Austin Osiris come Saturday evening.


WrestleZone Tag Team Championships – Halloween Brawl
Scotty Swift & Johnny Lions (c) vs Blue Thunder & William Sterling

Another match that stems from Battle of the Nations is the Tag Team Championships match for the evening, pitting defending champions Scotty Swift and Johnny Lions against the challenging team of Blue Thunder and William Sterling. Swift and Lions were successful in their title defence that night against The Outfit, whereas Thunder and Sterling’s scheduled match with The Granite City Shotshots never really began, resulting in them inserting themselves into the #1 contenders match between The Rejected and The Foundation of the Future’s Bradley Evans and Ryan Riley. They would of course win that match, earning them the right to face The Red Haired Warrior and The Tenacious One at a later date, but William Sterling only wanted the match if it was fought under the rules of a Halloween Brawl. He’s still out for revenge following the dissolution of Sterling Oil at Aberdeen Anarchy X a little over a year ago, so what better way to gain that revenge than by not only taking the tag titles from two men that ended the group, but also end the WrestleZone career of Johnny Lions in the process? Keep in mind that whenever Swift and Lions lose the titles, that’s Johnny done with WrestleZone. He said it himself back in May. This could very well be the last we see of him up north if William Sterling has his way.


UEWA European Heavyweight Championship – Triple Threat Match
Andy Wild (c) vs Jason Reed vs Alan Sterling

A rematch from Battle of the Nations will see Andy Wild, Jason Reed, and Alan Sterling collide in a Triple Threat Match, but this one won’t be for Jason’s Tri-Counties Championship. Instead, it will be Andy putting his UEWA European Heavyweight Championship on the line, a title he’s held proudly since July when he won the vacant title by defeating both BT Gunn and Alexander Dean. The UEWA title has been held by a true who’s who of independent wrestlers, including Drew Galloway, Rampage Brown, and the late Lionheart. So far, The Dad Bod God has had successful defences against both Davey Blaze and Liam Thomson at shows for British Championship Wrestling and Wrestling Experience Scotland respectively. However, if Jason’s able to use his sneaky tactics once again, he could be leaving as a double champion. At both Aberdeen Anarchy and Battle of the Nations, Reed stole the pin from Wild in multi-man contests. Will it be third time lucky for Andy Wild?


Crusher Craib vs Connor Inglis

The saga continues as Crusher Craib and Connor Inglis once again come face to face at Halloween Hijinx, marking the third singles encounter between the pair with the score currently tied at one win apiece. Tensions between the duo have been brewing ever since the first show of the year, with The Creator of Carnage demanding the WrestleZone Training Academy trainee (who was handling security duties on the night) answer his open challenge at Summerhill Showdown. Little did he know though what sort of fighting spirit Connor had inside of him, with his unpinned streak very nearly coming to a crashing halt at the hands of the upstart. Ever since, Connor has been there to cost Crusher opportunities at both the Tri-Counties Championship and his fourth Regal Rumble Match victory, and also his unpinned streak as he distracted him at Aberdeen Anarchy to allow Bingo Ballance to pin the beast of WrestleZone. Crusher has branded Connor’s upset win at Battle of the Nations nothing more than a fluke, and now wants to teach him a lesson at WrestleZone’s annual spooktacular. This may be a different Connor than what we saw back in January, but it’s still the same Creator of Carnage he has to deal with.


The Foundation of the Future (Zach Dynamite, Bradley Evans & Ryan Riley) vs Kaden Garrick & The Rejected (Chris Archer & Mikkey Vago)

On March 16th, a new force was born in WrestleZone as Zach Dynamite, Bradley Evans, and Ryan Riley joined forces to form The Foundation of the Future. Together, Dynamite, Evans, and Riley have dominated everyone who stands in their way, but there have been three men in particular who have a problem with the trio – Kaden Garrick, Chris Archer, and Mikkey Vago. After Garrick lost a bout to Evans all the way back in May, he vowed to take care of The Foundation of the Future, and was later joined in his crusade by the former multi-time Tag Team Champions. Even though this trio may not exactly be on the same page, they’ve got a common enemy in sight. If they can put all their differences aside just for this match, then maybe, just maybe they can overcome The Foundation of the Future.


Robbie Solar vs Caleb Valhalla

Robbie Solar makes his WrestleZone return as he battles the monstrous Caleb Valhalla in quite a unique match pitting speed against power. Solar’s had three matches in a WrestleZone ring thus far, firstly losing to Johnny Lions in May 2015, followed by a victory in six man tag action at the 2016 Regal Rumble as he, Scotty Swift, and Crusher Craib defeated Lou King Sharp, Lord Mr Malice, and Sir Andrew Wilde, before he was then eliminated in the evening’s Regal Rumble Match. I don’t think he’s ever quite come up against a man like Caleb Valhalla though. Halloween Hijinx will actually mark one year since Valhalla was introduced to WrestleZone fans as Alan Sterling’s bodyguard, and has since become a force to be reckoned with in WrestleZone. Good luck Solar – you’ll need it.


After an eleven month absence from WrestleZone, Bryan Tucker made his return at August’s Battle of the Nations event, teaming with Shawn Johnson to reunite The Granite City Hotshots as they prepared to battle old rivals Blue Thunder and William Sterling. Before the match could even get underway however, Tucker blindsided Johnson and unleashed a vicious attack, still not over what Shawn did to him at Christmas Chaos 2015. Since that attack, Bryan Tucker has remained silent, refusing any sort of interview from WrestleZone’s media team. But finally, at Halloween Hijinx, Bryan has agreed to explain his actions from Battle of the Nations. In the words of good ol’ Jim Ross, this one could get bowling shoe ugly if Shawn Johnson decides to make his presence felt.


VIP Ticket Holders Bonus Match
Mr P vs Ted O’Keefe w/Dino Del Monte

The VIP ticket holders for Halloween Hijinx will see Mr P going up against Ted O’Keefe of The Outfit in singles action, with Ted being flanked by his partner in crime Dino Del Monte. A win for either man would go pretty far here, with Mr P not really being able to get back on track since losing the Tri-Counties Championship to Jason Reed at Aberdeen Anarchy. Sure, he’s had victories since, but he’s not exactly been able to relive the same level of glory. Meanwhile, Ted and Dino are still reeling off their unsuccessful attempt at the Tag Team Championships at Battle of the Nations as they were defeated by defending champions Scotty Swift and Johnny Lions. Although it’s only Ted in singles competition here, don’t be too surprised to see Dino get involved. Perhaps we’ll be lucky enough to see a Dino rolling elbow and a Ted spinebuster in the same night. Glorious scenes.


In addition to all of that greatness, fans are encouraged to dress up in their finest Halloween costumes with prizes on offer for the best outfits PLUS, tickets will go on sale for the first time for Aberdeen Anarchy 2020 (tickets will then go on sale the following Monday (October 28th) at 9am via Ringside World). The first wave of tickets available will be priced at Β£35, and these will be VIP weekend tickets, which gain you access to both nights with early entry, priority seating, meet and greets, and bonus matches. Of course, Aberdeen Anarchy takes place on Friday, May 15th and Saturday, May 16th at Aberdeen’s Northern Hotel.

Tickets for Halloween Hijinx are still available from Ringside World, priced at Β£15 for VIP, Β£12 for adults, and Β£10 for under 14s. Fans can also pay at the door on the night. Doors open at 6pm for VIP ticket holders and 6:30pm for general admission ticket holders, with the main card kicking off at 7pm!

Announced Matches
Undisputed WrestleZone Championship – Damien (c) vs Austin Osiris
WrestleZone Tag Team Championships – Halloween Brawl – Scotty Swift & Johnny Lions (c) vs Blue Thunder & William Sterling
UEWA European Heavyweight Championship – Triple Threat Match: Andy Wild (c) vs Jason Reed vs Alan Sterling
Crusher Craib vs Connor Inglis
The Foundation of the Future (Zach Dynamite, Bradley Evans & Ryan Riley) vs Kaden Garrick & The Rejected (Chris Archer & Mikkey Vago)
Robbie Solar vs Caleb Valhalla
VIP Ticket Holders Bonus Match – Mr P vs Ted O’Keefe w/Dino Del Monte

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