Review: Discovery Wrestling ‘Year Five’


By Euan Conway


On 11th October 2014 Discovery Wrestling was born in the Meadowbank Arena in Edinburgh. My friend and I went along to see this new promotion, which was combining booking talent from all corners of Scotland (something relatively new for that time), talent from the rest of the UK and imports such as Chris Sabin and Cryme Thyme. At that point the Edinburgh, and indeed West Lothian wrestling market, was majorly untested. W3L had run shows in the area occasionally but no promotion called the area home. Alan Smith, the co-owner of Discovery Wrestling, has gone on record as saying he was told not to run Edinburgh as it wouldn’t draw. Thankfully 500-odd fans turned up to that first show and any worries were gone. The highlight of the first five years was undoubtedly selling out Edinburgh’s Corn Exchange venue (an 800-1000 seater place) on a Wednesday night, yes I repeat a Wednesday night, when people usually have work, school, college etc. to be up for the next day. The coup of getting The Young Bucks and Kenny Omega to appear was top notch.

After briefly doing a lot of venue surfing they have now settled on The Jam House in central Edinburgh as home for the majority of their shows. On October 6th 2019 Discovery celebrated its fifth anniversary with a monster card of ten matches headlined by WWE NXT UK’s Joe Coffey v ROH’s Joe Hendry for the Y Division Championship and much, much more.

Liam Thomson defeated Paul Tracey

An excellent choice for the opener, starting off with a hometown man in Liam is always a good way to get the crowd on side. If you haven’t seen Paul Tracey before you really have missed out, his in ring work, crowd work etc. is so good you sometimes forget he was the bad guy. These two worked well together and I’d love to see it again. Right choice of winner for the opener, would definitely enjoy seeing Tracey regularly in Discovery though. Liam would be perfect for another Hotter Than Hell Tournament, should it return.

An in ring segment with host for the night Simon Miller was interrupted by Pure Dead Brilliant (Lou King Sharp, Kid Fite and Krieger). The Nine9 would come out to back up Miller, setting up a six man tag later on in the night.

The Kings of Catch (Aspen Faith & Lewis Girvan) defeated Johnny Lions & Damien

The Kings of Catch are just awesome. In fact, I’m not really sure what a Discovery show would be without them. Fantastic to see Damien getting another opportunity to excel to central belt audiences as he mainly wrestlers up north for WrestleZone (on a side note I really must get to a WrestleZone show, so if anyone is reading this and can offer advice on the best one to travel to that would be great). Johnny Lions is a Discovery original having wrestled on the very first show I mentioned earlier. Both teams got their chance to shine but I couldn’t see anyone else winning this other than the KoC and so it proved, all four shook hands at the end. Can’t help but feel that there needs to be some tag titles now as there is nothing for teams to chase in Disco at the moment, they have resisted this so far to focus on the in ring product, and there is nothing wrong with that, but the time has come I think.

Pick Your Poison: Michael Chase defeated Christopher Saynt // Kuma defeated Theo Doros

These two have had a heated rivalry ever since the break up of The House of Saynt, their match back at The Disco Derby show had to be stopped as neither man could continue. Both men had been granted the opportunity to pick an opponent for the other. Not going to dwell too much on this, both matches were simple and effective. Chase had a long term rivalry with Saynt, and it always makes sense to choose the biggest man on the roster in Kuma. Saynt and Doros need a huge match to finish their feud, could we see a steel cage for the first time ever in Disco?

Discovery Wrestling Women’s Championship – Session Moth Martina defeated Angel Hayze, Kasey and Sammii Jayne to retain the Discovery Wrestling Women’s Championship.

The first half main event was next and one that many in the crowd seemed to have been waiting for. The booking of the four way has to be admired here and I’ll tell you why. All three challengers had a legitimate claim to the title here. Sammii as former champion, Angel Hayze eliminated the champion [Sammii] in the Disco Derby and Kasey was last eliminated. As to the match itself the first two eliminations came rather quickly for my liking, although it was to be said both played their part in the match and Angel in particular did not look out of place one bit with the more experienced women. Moth would eventually pin Sammii to retain after a longer exchange. Too early for Moth to lose the title here so the right winner. The woman’s division is really hotting up in Discovery, while it’s been confirmed the title will not be on the line at the next show the Angel Hayze v Sammii Jayne submission match should more than make up for it.

The interval was next, no in ring photos at Discovery, wrestlers are free to take photos and sell their own mercy as they like.

BT Gunn defeated ‘Speedball’ Mike Bailey

Great to see BT Gunn back and not out injured for as long as was first thought. I must say I haven’t seen a lot of Speedball’s work apart from his appearances in this country but it is easy to see why he is so highly rated. Some of the sequences these two men pulled off were great and if it hadn’t been for the main event this would have got my match of the night award. BT Gunn has now been announced in a blockbuster match with Joe Coffey on Nov 3rd, can’t imagine he will be too far away from a title shot if he wins that one.

Veda Scott defeated Ashley Vega

Can’t help but feel this match got lost in the shuffle a tiny bit, sounded as if the crowd were conserving energy for matches to come. Two tremendously talented women here, Veda Scott all the way from America and Ashley Vega another from the very successful PBW Academy training school. I actually enjoyed this match very much and it was two in ring styles that worked well together, Veda Scott making Ashley Vega tap out. Would like to see more from both ladies perhaps on a show that doesn’t have quite so many matches.

Simon Miller & The Nine9 (Jack Morris & Dickie Divers( defeated Pure Dead Brilliant (Lou King Sharp, Krieger & Kid Fite)

Simon Miller, better known to some from WhatCulture videos, and Lou King Sharp have been involved in a feud in Discovery for over a year now whether it be through confrontation in the ring or online videos. As mentioned earlier a six man tag was set up and it’s safe to say everyone was into this. It was my first time seeing Simon wrestle, was a tad surprised to see him and The Nine9 go over here although this seems to indicate it’s not a feud ender. Look out for more on this on future shows.

Jason Reed defeated Sugar Dunkerton

When I first saw Jason Reed wrestle a few years ago I thought he was merely filling a space on the card and wasn’t quite ready for the big matches. What a difference a few years makes, his “Make Wrestlezone Great Again” character in his home promotion of WrestleZone has earned rave reviews and physically he also looks like a star of the future. Always great to see Sugar Dunkerton on the Reckless/Disco weekends, the time he has devoted to traveling to wrestle for both promotions must be commended. Absolutely the right man won here, if Jason is in for the push I think there was no point in him taking the fall. Post match The Munndertaker (Gene Munny as The Undertaker for those unaware) made his return to attack Sugar and set up their one on one match next show.

The now traditional raffle and thanks from Discovery co-owner Alan Smith were done before the main event.

Discovery Wrestling Y Division Championship – Joe Hendry defeated Joe Coffey to become new Discovery Wrestling Y Division Champion.

Well it was the main event we have all been waiting for. Joe Hendry has been chasing a title shot for almost a year and a string of impressive victories have helped his cause. Coffey was now over 700 days into his reign as champion. These two have had some real heat but also clear respect in the build up to this. Despite the fact that it was a ten match card this was the one that people wanted to see. The noisy Edinburgh crowd had clearly kept something back for this one, possibly at the expense of some other matches. About two to one in favour of Hendry I think, but Coffey definitely had his supporters. I think it’s safe to say this could have main evented any Scottish show. After several near falls Hendry would score the pin with his big Fallaway Slam. The post-match show of respect from Coffey was great to see and I am pleased to see him already announced for the next show.


What can I say, at over three and a half hours long, this show might have been too long for some but you know what you are getting with Discovery Wrestling which is a strong focus on in ring product and that is probably why the same fans are attracted to the shows again and again. This show delivered on all aspects and while it was an anniversary show it also set out a platform for future shows and was not just a show of feud ending matches a la a WrestleMania. All I can say is here’s to the next 5 yearrs and keep up the good work.

I’ll end this with a plug for the next show details of which can be found here, once again please show your support to such a fan friendly promotion.

I’ve already mentioned some matches already announced and the show is being headlined by former WWE superstar MVP (originally scheduled to appear last year till the “beast from the east” set in) against Michael Chase in his last ever match before retirement. Would be great to see some of you there.

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