Adam’s Top 10 Wrestlers Of The Month – October 2019


Today is November 1st, 2019, which means three things – 1) I’m A Celebrity is back on TV later in the month, which is arguably one of the best times of the year, 2) we’ll start seeing all the Christmas-themed match graphics and posters, and 3) we can put Christmas music back in our playlists without people coming at us with pitchforks (I’m looking at you, Lucha DS). Before we properly kick off our Christmas festivities though, it’s time for the best time of the month – it’s the October edition of Wrestlers of the Month!

Honourable mentions go out to Aaron Echo, Aivil, Aspen Faith, Austin Osiris, Darren Vice, Dean Ford, Joe Coffey, Johnny Lions, Ken Kaiden, Kid Fite, Leo King, Lewis Girvan, Lou King Sharp, Lucha DS, Luke Aldridge, Michael Chase, Robbie Solar, Rosie Nyte, Sammii Jayne, Stevie Boy, and Theo Doros.


10. Krieger

Krieger is back on the list again as he gains one point for his work throughout October. He teamed with Kid Fite and Lou King Sharp as part of Pure Dead Brilliant as they were defeated by Simon Miller and The Nine9 at Discovery Wrestling’s Year Five event at the start of the month, but he would pick up a victory over rising star Darren Vice a few days later at a Premier British Wrestling event in Maryhill. A loss to Lucha DS came the following week in Barmulloch, followed by a victory over Aaron Echo the same weekend at the second event for Big Massive Wrestling. The final weekend of the month saw big Scudmaster Sexy compete in two huge matches, firstly scoring a huge victory over NXT UK star Joe Coffey at PBW’s Maximum Impact event in Airdrie, followed the day after by teaming with Lou King Sharp, Liam Thomson, and The Kings of Catch as they lost an action-packed ten man tag team match to Wolfgang, The Purge, and The Nine9 at Insane Championship Wrestling’s France 2000 event, the biggest Fight Club of the year. Another good month for Krieger here.


9. Angel Hayze

“The Young Lioness” Angel Hayze is continuing her incredible 2019 as she continues to rack up some points this month. She began her month by failing to win two championships, firstly the Shield Pro Wrestling Women’s Championship from Rosie Nyte at Empire Wrestling’s Empire Strikes Back show, and then the Discovery Women’s Championship from Martina in an Elimination Match that also included Kasey and Sammii Jayne, while also losing to Jokey at the second Grado’s Big Family Wrestling Bash. A week later, she qualified for the 2019 SHE-1 tournament over in Pro Wrestling: EVE as she won a Deathmatch over Nightshade, and also competed on the debut show for Fair City Wrestling as she lost a Triple Threat Match to Sammii Jayne that also included Rayhne. After defeating Robbie Solar at the second show for Big Massive Wrestling, Angel picked up a further two victories a week after this, defeating the debuting Rosie Nyte at EVE’s Absolute Scenes event, and then defeating Viper at ICW France 2000 in what is undoubtedly her biggest victory to date. However, The Young Lioness wouldn’t go entirely undefeated that weekend, as she lost the 2019 PBW King of Cruisers Match at Maximum Impact, but she did make history in the process by becoming the first female to ever enter the match. HISTORIC.


8. Ian Skinner

Ian Skinner makes just his second appearance on the list after he made his debut for Insane Championship Wrestling at their first GONZO event, where he teamed with fellow PBW Academy standouts Dean Ford and Darren Vice as they lost to the three masked members of The Power Forward. His second appearance in an ICW ring saw him in singles action at France 2000, and although he lost to the newly rechristened Luca de Pazzi, The Shooter once again left one hell of an impression on both the ICW faithful and ICW management. Expect to see the hard-hitting Skinner back in an ICW ring sooner rather than later.


7. Damien

Damien’s played things tactically throughout 2019, in the sense that he’ll occasionally bust out a really good month that sees him rake in the points to move further up the league table (he’s currently in the running to be included in the second annual 12 Scots of Christmas articles, which I’m sure he’s ecstatic about). The current Undisputed WrestleZone kicked things off with a non-title victory over The Outfit’s Dino Del Monte at WrestleZone’s live event in Huntly, followed the next day with a return to Discovery Wrestling as he and old Revolution partner Johnny Lions were defeated by The Kings of Catch as The Tenacious One nears retirement later on this year. Just this past weekend, The Revolutionary retained his Undisputed Championship as he ended the unpinned streak of Austin Osiris at Halloween Hijinx but luckily for Osiris, the branding he uses states that he is unpinned on the Five Pound Wrestling brand for Wrestling Experience Scotland. Therefore, the unpinned streak remains intact. That aside, it was another wonderful month for Damien, who now looks to end the year as Undisputed Champion for the third year running.


6. Kieran Kelly

Kieran Kelly’s back on the list for the first time in feels like whatever, kicking off his month with a loss to RUDO Lightning at Grado’s second Big Family Wrestling Bash, followed by a loss to “The Irish Ace” Jordan Devlin at ICW’s first GONZO event. Shotgun would go on to retain his PBW Tag Team Championships alongside I-Gen partner Craig Anthony as they defeated the teams of Dean Ford and TJ Rage, and Aaron Echo and Davey Blaze at PBW’s Maximum Impact, followed by teaming with Leyton Buzzard and Aaron Echo as they were victorious over the infectiously joyous More Than Hype trio at ICW’s France 2000 in what could be a strong contender for match of the year when it comes time for end of year content. Over the weekend, Kelly also picked up the Megaslam Wrestling Championship after defeating Stixx, a promotion he’s been competing regularly for over the last three years. A successful end to the month for the brand new Megaslam Wrestling Champion.


5. BT Gunn

Another return to the list now, in the form of BT Gunn. The Oddity began his month with an appearance at Grado’s Big Family Wrestling Bash 2, where he entered a Pavillion Prize Money Battle Royal that would be won by Ravie Davie (Kid Fite, Adam Maxted, and Iestyn Rees rounded out the field), followed by a victory over “Speedball” Mike Bailey at Discovery Wrestling’s fifth year anniversary in a match that’s being described as one of the best matches of the year in the UK. Two victories followed over Jack Jester and Ray Berani at PBW events in Maryhill and Barmulloch respectively, with an unsuccessful attempt at trying to take the PBW Heavyweight Championship from Stevie Xavier at Maximum Impact ending his month on a bit of a sour note. Nevertheless though, another great month for BT Gunn.


4. Ashley Vega

Ashley Vega is back once more after the fantastic month she had. She may have only had the two matches, but both were great contests from the reception they’ve been receiving online. Firstly, she took Veda Scott to the absolute limit at Discovery Wrestling Year Five, eventually coming out on the losing side of things after what is being described as a sensational bout. Two weeks later, she would then debut for Main Event Wrestling down in Longbenton, England, as she suffered a loss to Little Miss Roxxy. Despite having two losses out of a possible two, it was still enough of a fantastic month to award Ashley Vega the seven points for October.


3. Jason Reed

Guys, it’s again time to make Wrestlers of the Month great again as Jason Reed comes on the list once more. His month began with a huge victory against Sugar Dunkerton at Discovery Wrestling Year Five, followed a week later with a win over The Sam Barbour Experience at the first ICW GONZO event, during which he aligned himself with Coach Trip. The Fifer would end his month off with a loss to Andy Wild in a Triple Threat Match (also including Alan Sterling) at WrestleZone’s Halloween Hijinx event, with Andy’s UEWA European Heavyweight Championship up for grabs. Reed would also make a backstage appearance at ICW France 2000, where he and Coach Trip declared that ‘we are the people’. Long as they don’t just become Jack Swagger (HEH) and Zeb Colter, then it’s all good.


2. Leyton Buzzard

Leyton Buzzard is continuing his incredible 2019, kicking things off in October with a victory over “Just Justice” Jackie Polo at Grado’s Big Family Wrestling Bash 2, followed by a win over Davey Blaze at PBW’s live event in Maryhill. An unsuccessful attempt at Liam Thomson’s ICW Zero-G Championship main evented the first GONZO show, while a victory against Lou King Sharp came the week after in a Submissions Match for Big Massive Wrestling. The Captain went on to win the 2019 PBW King of Cruisers Match at Maximum Impact after defeating Lou King Sharp, Lucha DS, Darren Vice, John Trettan, and Angel Hayze, then the next day, he teamed with Kieran Kelly and Aaron Echo as they defeated the fantastic Irish trio known as More Than Hype at ICW France 2000 in one hell of a six man tag team match.


1. Joe Hendry

Mmmmmm, Joe Hendry. So prestigious. The former Local Hero began his month with two victories in the same weekend, first defeating Danny Jones at Wrestle Gate Pro’s Gate of Honor event, and then he captured the Y Division Championship the next day after ending the record-breaking reign of Joe Coffey at Discovery Wrestling’s fifth anniversary extravaganza. Hendry then jetted off to New Orleans for Ring of Honor’s annual Glory By Honor show, heading back to Edinburgh unsuccessful in becoming the next contender for the World Championship after losing a Battle Royal to Silas Young. He battled to a no contest with Michael Chase during his Reckless Intent Wrestling return when they came to Gilmerton, before The Prestigious One joined the rest of the ROH roster for their UK tour titled Honor United. He failed to win the World Television Championship from Shane Taylor in London, but he did score a huge victory over the reigning World Champion Matt Taven in a non-title bout in Newport. On the final leg of the tour in Bolton, The Prestigious One defeated Silas Young by disqualification before teaming with Dalton Castle to defeat the team of Silas and Rampage Brown.

And just like that, another month is over. There are now just two months left of 2019, with some huge shows still left – ICW Fear & Loathing XII, Discovery Wrestling Jam House of Horrors and the Christmas Disco, Fierce Females Queens Winter Carnival, BCW No Blood, No Sympathy, the list goes on. The list could very well change drastically before we reach the end of the year but for now, it looks like Andy Wild will be our Wrestler of the Year. But who knows, perhaps someone will overtake him. After all, Leyton Buzzard is only 11 point behind The Dad Bod God as of the October rankings.

Point Standings as of November 1st 2018
1. Andy Wild (43 points)
2. Leyton Buzzard (32 points)
3. Jackie Polo, Joe Hendry, and Lionheart (28 points)
4. Kieran Kelly and RUDO Lightning (27 points)
5. BT Gunn (25 points)
6. Sammii Jayne (21 points)
7. Ashley Vega (20 points)
8. Joe Coffey (19 points)
9. Angel Hayze, Damien, and Lewis Girvan (18 points)
10. Aspen Faith (17 points)
11. Jason Reed and Stevie Boy (16 points)
12. Emily Hayden (13 points)
13. Krieger, Lucha DS, and Zach Dynamite (9 points)
14. Aivil, Austin Osiris, Jayla Dark, Lou King Sharp, and The Sam Barbour Experience (8 points)
15. Liam Thomson, Sammie Jo, and Viper (7 points)
16. Johnny Lions (6 points)
17. Dickie Divers, Jack Morris, and Ravie Davie (5 points)
18. Chris Renfrew, Ian Skinner, and Kay Lee Ray (4 points)
19. Jack Jester and Michael Chase (3 points)
20. Davey Blaze, Daz Black, Ken Kaiden, Paxxo, Ryan Riley, and Umar Mohammed (2 points)
21. Alexander Darwin MacAllan, Connor Inglis, Jonathan Richards, Kez Evans, Krobar, and Stevie James (1 point)

Credit for promo pics used goes to Dale Brodie, David J. Wilson, Elaine Wilson, and Sandy Smith.

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