Preview: Discovery Wrestling ‘The Jam House Of Horrors’

After the success of Discovery Wrestling’s fifth year celebrations, the Edinburgh-based promotion returns to The Jam House for another spooky afternoon this Sunday. Three days removed from Halloween, there is still some spirits in the air that will visit The Jam House… of Horrors.

Nine matches have been announced for the event that always promises to provide quality entertainment.

Jason Reed vs Alexander Dean

Grudges looked to be settled and is a recurring theme for this event. Jason Reed and Alexander Dean are both well versed in using their impeccable verbal skills to rile up opponents with this war of the words getting more and more heated. It started during the build up to Reed’s first defense of the WrestleZone Tri-Counties Championship outside of The Granite City. Dean was part of the four way elimination match which Reed ultimately won, retaining the title in the process. This could get dirty, and fast.

Isla Dawn vs Raven Creed

NXT UK’s resident Modern Day White Witch returns to Discovery to face the debuting Raven Creed in singles action, she did appear in The Disco Derby match back in March. Creed has recently been making an impact at Fierce Females in Glasgow along with Over The Top Wrestling in Ireland and EVE in England. Creed is highly tipped to be a huge star in the UK and she comes up against someone that has been around for a while now and has wrestled worldwide. This will be a test for Raven Creed but one that she is definitely up for.

Damien vs Fraser Thomas

A Discovery Wrestling original, and current Undisputed WrestleZone Champion, Damien has recently had a bit of a renaissance in Discovery Wrestling with several appearances this year. Unfortunately last time out it ended with Johnny Lions attacking him backstage after their match. Fraser Thomas makes his return, The Lost Boy from Wolverhampton impressed in his debut appearance this past summer and will be looking to build on that.

Kid Fite & Sean McLaughlin vs The Kings of Catch (Aspen Faith & Lewis Girvan) vs The Fite Network (Lou King Sharp & Krieger) vs The Anti-Fun Police (Chief Deputy Dunne & Los Federales Santos Jr)

The biggest debut in British wrestling today, respected referee extraordinaire Sean McLaughlin has stood in the ring with some of the greatest names in wrestling. NXT UK, Ring of Honor Wrestling, Insane Championship Wrestling, Discovery Wrestling and more companies have had Sean wear the stripes and take charge of big match situations. Thanks to The Anti-Fun Police and their attack on McLaughlin we’re set to see Sean team up with his trainer, ‘The Demolition Man’ Kid Fite. Fito isn’t scared of a scrap, though his opponent may be less experienced it won’t stop him from cracking some skulls. It might be a bit awkward as he may end up standing across the ring to his fellow Fite Network teammates Lou King Sharp and Krieger. Krieger is determined that there is a conspiracy involving the (alleged) criminal Sean McLaughlin, so who knows if Krieger will even make it to The Jam House. Also involved are The Kings of Catch, it wouldn’t be a Discovery Wrestling event without Aspen Faith and Lewis Girvan serving up shenanigans aplenty. All these teams are involved due to issues with Chief Deputy Dunne and Los Federales Santos Jr, The Anti-Fun Police, who haven’t been making friends in Discovery Wrestling thanks to their pledge to rid everywhere of funnnnnahhhh. I can’t see the night ending well for Dunne and Santos.

The Munndertaker vs Sugar Dunkerton

The bell tolls for Suge D. At ’48 Months Later’ last year Sugar Dunkerton faced Gene Munny in the first ever Zombie Lumberjack Match, on that night there was an unfortunate incident with Munny being mauled by a group of gruesome lumberjacks and transformed into a new entity. Dunkerton has been haunted by the spirit of The Munndertaker which will come to a head at The Jam House. It will be soul for soul. Maybe Suge can save Gene Munny before The Munndertaker takes Dunkerton’s soul for himself.

The Sensation Scenebirds (Christopher Saynt & Emily Hayden) vs Theo Doros & Ayesha Raymond

One of the most vicious and personal feuds to take place in Discovery Wrestling. Christopher Saynt and Theo Doros have been gunning for each other since Doros imploded The House of Saynt. They’ve battered each other, set opponents for each other in pick you poison bouts and this looks to be the penultimate stage. The winning team will choose the stipulation for Saynt versus Doros in December. Christopher Saynt once again shows his cunning, choosing Emily Hayden as his tag team partner. Someone that he knows very well as part of The Sensational Scenebirds so that chemistry as a team is already there. Doros has picked Ayesha Raymond, a competitor in the first WWE Mae Young Classic and a wrestler that has been worldwide with numerous ventures to Japan. Doros and Raymond are more familiar that those may think with Raymond being a semi-regular for Reckless Intent Wrestling where Doros is a regular at. Though they have never teamed with each other as far as I’m aware, they both have a drive to get stuff done. This will be intense from the get go.

Fierce Females Championship – Submission Match – Sammii Jayne vs Angel Hayze

A grudge match that has been festering for the best part of the year. Starting at The Disco Derby, Angel Hayze dumped Jayne out of the match thus meaning she lost the Discovery Wrestling Women’s Championship. They’ve clashed at other Discovery events with Hayze being a thorn in the side of Jayne in recent months, defeating her at Camp Discovery then costing her an opportunity to regain the Discovery Wrestling Women’s Championship last month. Initially set to be a submission match, and a submission match only, but it was announced today that Sammii Jayne would now defend her Fierce Females Championship that she won recently. It’s fairly well known that Angel Hayze trained at the PBW Academy and received further training under Sammii’s tutelage at Source Wrestling. Jayne and Hayze will be very familiar with each other. Sammii Jayne is the current Queen of Scottish wrestling, a Main Event Empress you may say, but she faces one of the fastest rising wrestlers in the country today in The Young Lioness. This could very well steal the show.

BT Gunn vs Joe Coffey

No rest for the wicked as the former Y Division Champion Joe Coffey will hope to bounce back from losing the Y Division Championship to Joe Hendry at the last Disco event. With Hendry making his first defense of the title at The Christmas Disco in December here is a chance for both Coffey and BT Gunn to jump into position to face Hendry. Two guys that have faced each other many times with each picking up scalps and wins along the way. There’s not much more that you can write about this match that hasn’t already been said. It’s a match that always delivers. BT Gunn has been suffering with an injury for the last few months and Coffey is like shark and will be on the hunt to sniff out a weakness.

MVP vs Michael Chase

Michael Chase’s final match ever. When Discovery Wrestling put the call out to the fans to pick an opponent for the former WWE United States and Tag Team Champion MVP, there was a name that kept popping up over and over, that being Michael Chase. Chase is heading into retirement due to his ongoing and well documented knee problems. After watching the Cut To The Chase videos, this match will be a highly emotional affair with Chase hoping to end this chapter of his life on a high and a victory over the international star.

You have until 12 noon tomorrow to buy tickets online with limited on the door. Head to and get your tickets now. The team of Discovery Wrestling always delivers the best atmosphere for shows and you won’t leave disappointed. So if you’re in Edinburgh or nearby, you should treat yourself and get along.

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