Preview: WrestleZone ‘Live in Huntly 2019’


With all the fallout from Halloween Hijinx, WrestleZone are heading straight to the Stewarts Hall in Huntly for another action-packed night of wrestling later tonight, with just two shows left in 2019 following this event. The Halloween spooktacular marked a huge evening for WrestleZone that saw some huge matches and some even bigger moments – what does Huntly have in store for the WrestleZone faithful?


Falls Count Anywhere Match
Damien vs Alan Sterling

The main event for the evening is currently scheduled as a non-title match, as the reigning Undisputed Champion Damien battles former Sterling Oil mate Alan Sterling in a Falls Count Anywhere Match as voted for by the fans. Both men had fairly different nights at Halloween Hijinx, with Damien pinning Austin Osiris to both retain his Undisputed Championship and end his unpinned streak (Osiris has since updated the branding to say that he’s 1,007 days undefeated on the Five Pound Wrestling brand), while Alan was unsuccessful in his quest to win the UEWA European Heavyweight Championship from Andy Wild in a brilliant Triple Threat Match. With this one having the ability to be fought all over the Stewarts Hall, the Huntly fans could be in for quite the main event. I’m sure Alan will find his way to get the Undisputed Championship put on the line.


Blue Thunder vs Scotty Swift

The rivalry between The Swift Lions and The Thunder Baddies (as Billy put it on yesterday’s SWN Live!) continues when Scotty Swift collides with Blue Thunder, fresh off a brutal Halloween Brawl just seven nights ago. That match saw Thunder’s partner William Sterling strike Swift’s good pal Johnny Lions with a crutch behind the referee’s back, but seeing as that wasn’t a legal Halloween-themed item, a second referee emerged to award the tag titles back to Swift and Lions, which caused some dissension post-match between the former Thunder Buddies. Since Christmas Chaos last year, The Masked Wonder has made it crystal clear that he didn’t attack Swift that night because he had a problem with The Red Haired Warrior, he only did it to get one step closer to the Tag Team Championships. It’s been nine months, and Thunder still hasn’t got the tag gold around his waist – maybe he needs to fully embrace the dark side before he can get there.


Zach Dynamite w/Bradley Evans vs Chris Archer

The rivalry between The Foundation of the Future and The Rejected rumbles on to Huntly, with Zach Dynamite set to face Chris Archer, while Bradley Evans will stand in Dynamite’s corner as the difference maker. For the better part of five months, The Foundation have had numerous issues with both The Rejected and Kaden Garrick, who was on a serious losing streak during this period. As the months went by, the two units waged war against each other, eventually resulting in a six man tag team match being signed for Halloween Hijinx that saw Kaden pin Bradley Evans for his first victory since May 2018. With the former Tag Team Champion not scheduled to appear in Huntly though (he’s probably off celebrating the win), it’ll be Chris Archer taking the fight to Zach in what is sure to be one hell of a singles encounter. Seeing as The Mad Dog will be at ringside, perhaps we’ll see Mikkey Vago accompany his pal to the ring, as long as he’s not preparing/recovering from his match with Crusher Craib (depending on what order the card goes in).


Crusher Craib vs Mikkey Vago

In what is sure to be quite a hoss fight, Crusher Craib and Mikkey Vago will collide for just the second time in history. Their first battle came in February 2016, with that bout seeing The Creator of Carnage come out on top against The Heavy Metal Hooligan, but both men have gone down entirely different paths since then. As of late, Craib has been involved in a back and forth rivalry with the young upstart Connor Inglis, now reeling off the back of his second pinfall loss to the WrestleZone Training Academy graduate. Meanwhile, Vago has been embroiled in an aforementioned rivalry against The Foundation of the Future. Although he’s primarily a tag team performer alongside his Rejected partner Chris Archer, Vago can be a terrific singles wrestler when the time arises. This will be another example of that fact.


Mr P vs Dino Del Monte w/Ted O’Keefe

On the VIP ticket holders pre-show for Halloween Hijinx, Mr P battled Ted O’Keefe in the first ever Halloween Switcheroo Match, meaning Mr P was dressed as Ted O’Keefe, and vice versa. While this was only intended to be some fun and games from WrestleZone management to get everyone in the Halloween spirit, O’Keefe didn’t take too kindly to the match, launching a two on one beatdown following the bell alongside his Outfit partner Dino Del Monte. Now, the former Tri-Counties Champion has the chance to exact a bit of revenge over the gangster pairing as he takes the fight to the lanky Del Monte. The Outfit haven’t quite been the same since failing in their quest to lift the Tag Team Championships from Scotty Swift and Johnny Lions at Battle of the Nations. They’ll be hoping Huntly marks the first step in that fact changing as they once again take things over, by order of The Outfit.


Triple Threat Match
Connor Inglis vs Ryan Riley vs William Sterling

A huge Triple Threat Match sees WrestleZone original William Sterling set to face two of the newer roster members in the form of Connor Inglis and Ryan Riley. Like the majority of the matches on this card, these three all had very different nights at Halloween Hijinx last Saturday evening. Connor scored a second upset victory over Crusher Craib before being ambushed by the three-time Regal Rumble post-match, Ryan was part of show-opening six man tag team match as he, Bradley Evans, and Zach Dynamite were defeated by Kaden Garrick and The Rejected, and William failed to break his own record and become a seven-time Tag Team Champion as referee Dennis Law reversed the decision for Sterling’s nefarious actions. Seeing as he’s top of the bad books for Crusher Craib, Connor is coming into this one at a severe disadvantage, especially since his two other opponents both have someone who could watch their back in the form of Bradley Evans and Blue Thunder respectively.


VIP Ticket Holders Bonus Match
Caleb Valhalla vs Cysto

VIP ticket holders are in for a real treat with this one, as Caleb Valhalla takes on the stain to society that is Cysto. These two were set to square off in Turriff a few weeks back, but Cysto conveniently was unable to make the show (word has it he was at a WWE tryout), resulting in Valhalla instead mauling Chris Archer. The Norse God had an excellent match at Halloween Hijinx against the incredibly underrated Robbie Solar, who I have a newfound respect for after seeing him live for the first time in a few years. The guy is sensational to watch. Anyway though, get your VIP tickets while you can to see the death of The Tangerine Dream (if he shows this time).

At the time of writing, tickets can still be purchased from Ringside World, priced Β£15 for VIP, Β£12 for adults, Β£10 for under 14s, and Β£35 for a family of four ticket, although I believe online ticket sales will close in the afternoon. Don’t worry though guys, tickets can also be bought on the door. Doors open at 6:30 for VIP ticket holders and 7pm for general admission ticket holders, with the main card kicking off at 7:15.

Announced Matches
Falls Count Anywhere Match – Damien vs Alan Sterling
Blue Thunder vs Scotty Swift
Zach Dynamite w/Bradley Evans vs Chris Archer
Crusher Craib vs Mikkey Vago
Mr P vs Dino Del Monte w/Ted O’Keefe
Triple Threat Match
– Connor Inglis vs Ryan Riley vs William Sterling
VIP Ticket Holders Bonus Match – Caleb Valhalla vs Cysto

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