Five Picks For VIPW Shetland โ€˜TournaMentalโ€™

There’s a new company slated to debut this September, Viking International Pro Wrestling based in Shetland are looking to put together a slew of events on the island including the ‘Ragnarok Rumble’, ‘The Masked Maniacs Invade’ and ‘Home Grown Heroes’ off the back of ‘TournaMental’ which looks to have five title tournaments over one weekend.

It looks like a mammoth task, which could spark a surge in pro wrestling on the island with the nearest promotion being 173 miles away (or a little closer when Caithness Pro Wrestling would travel to Orkney). With a current population of about 22,000, VIPW will hope that ‘TournaMental’ is the catalyst for some wrestling madness on the island.

They have a great name, a great logo and a great premise with the aim to provide international names and home grown talent for those that travel over.

So let’s get into the meat of this article, throwing out five picks that would be absolute stars for Viking International Pro Wrestling to include in ‘TournaMental’.

Photo credit David J Wilson

Lou King Sharp

The ‘Blood Tourist’, the self proclaimed Scottish King of Scandinavia and greatest death match wrestler ever, Lou King Sharp ticks the international star box plus is a damn entertaining wrestler. Plus he’s ‘Pure Mental’ which fits the TournaMental branding. Sharp is world travelled, brings a wealth of experience even at a young age, can put on a show for any audience and take the crowd on a journey regardless of where he is placed on the card, whether it’s laughing at his antics or pounding the ground in support for him. An incredible talent that all promotions should be booking in my opinion.

Photo credit Brianbat Photography

Aspen Faith

During my research I found that it is thought the pre-Norse inhabitants called Shetland Islands “Insi Catt” which translates to the Isle of Cats. My next pick is ‘The King of Cats’, yes this is the level of tediousness these lists are becoming. Aspen Faith is another usual suspect when I put together lists as he’s another wrestler that is just the total package of entertainment. He has this cool swagger, coupled with a great move set that is a joy to watch.

Photo credit Brianbat Photography

Caleb Valhalla

I wasn’t going to get through this list picking five professional wrestlers to go to a promotion called VIKING International Pro Wrestling and not include Caleb flippin’ Valhalla was I?? He is literally built like a Norse God duh. See any of my previous lists for more in depth explanations on why Caleb Valhalla is the next big thing. Big, strong, charismatic, strong, probably generates lightning and can pick up Mjolnir. Beast.

Photo credit David J Wilson

Leyton Buzzard

‘The God of Plunder’, Captain Leyton Buzzard is one of thee stand out wrestlers in the country right now. Ridiculously entertaining, can have the crowd eating out of the palm of his hand, his timing in the ring is impeccable and his athleticism is incredible. Buzzard is on the upswing, he is a main feature in ICW with his recent reign as Zero G Champion just ending at the Square Go! but he is a prominent young talent across Scotland, a fantastic wrestler and his whole pirate thing that’s going on is pretty cool.

Photo credit Brianbat Photography

Crusher Craib

A big brute, a monster, a creator of carnage. No funny links to vikings in this entry or puns to support it. Craib can be the most feared colossus with his hulking size and primal roar. A fantastic big man who can stomp about and throw bodies around like they are nothing.

Visit Viking International Pro Wrestling on Twitter @VIPWShetland to keep up to date on all the latest.

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