Pro Wrestling Innovation Young Lion’s Tournament – The Path To The Final

Tomorrow night, Pro Wrestling Innovation will crown their first Young Lions Tournament winner. The tournament kicked off in September 2019 with eight young prospects from the Premier British Wrestling Academy all fighting to be the inaugural winner. Let’s take a little look on how we got to the final.

The Brackets

The brackets for the PWI Young Lions Tournament were revealed on June 2nd, 2019 which confirmed the eight future superstars involved in the tournament. Some slight changes were made, Logan Smith and Hank Harrison were removed due to injuries, their replacements will be mentioned as we go further into the article.

The Finalists

Danny Edwards

  • Quarter Final – defeated Alex Parker by pinfall.
  • Semi Final – defeated John Trettan by pinfall.

Danny Edwards has had an interesting journey to the final, due to face Logan Smith, Smith suffered a nasty injury and was replaced by Alex Parker. Edwards beat Alex Parker in the quarter finals (September 20th, 2019) to move on to the semi finals then aligning himself with “Big Money” Matt Tyson and Dean Ford to aid his quest to become the first Young Lions Tournament winner.

January 24th, 2020. Danny Edwards defeated John Trettan to move on to the finals of the PWI Young Lions Tournament. “The Proof of Perfection” is one win away from creating history.

Daz Black

  • Quarter Final – defeated Alex Parker and Darren Vice by pinfall.
  • Semi Final – defeated Hal Rayner by pinfall.

Daz Black has been the early favourite for this tournament but his journey hasn’t been easy, his Young Lions Tournament started on November 29th, 2019. Initially set to face Hank Harrison, Harrison suffered an injury and had to withdraw from the tournament. Pro Wrestling Innovation management stepped in and announced that Alex Parker and Darren Vice (who was defeated by John Trettan on September 20th) would gain a second chance. It wasn’t to be as Daz Black found his way through and into the semi finals. It didn’t stop Edwards, Ford and Tyson from attacking Black after the match. Clearly Edwards was out to soften up one of the top picks to win the whole tournament.

Photo credit David J Wilson

January 24th rolled round and Black had another uphill battle with the behemoth Hal Rayner, despite being as a disadvantage for size and power, Black was able to defeated the monster to find himself on a collision course with Danny Edwards on February 22nd.

Who Is Your Pick To Win?

In an added twist, Lucha DS has a chance to make sure that the final is a fair one on one contest when he faces Dean Ford earlier in the evening. If Lucha DS wins, Dean Ford and Matt Tyson are barred from ringside during the final. Could Daz Black only have Danny Edwards to contend with or will Big Money Enterprises be the difference maker?

There are limited tickets available on the door tonight at Burnhead Community Centre, other matches scheduled include:

  • Davey Blaze vs Brian Frank
  • Dylan Angel vs Lou King Sharp
  • Just Uz (BT Gunn & Stevie Boy Xavier) vs TJ Rage & Hal Rayner

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