Full Results: SWN 128 Wrestler Mega Tournament of Doom TM ‘Third Round: Day One’

The following results are from SWN 128 Wrestler Mega Tournament of Doom TM ‘ThirdΒ Round: Day One‘ on April 4th, 2020:


AK64 Bracket

Grant McIvor w/SoCal Val defeated Angel Hayze

Charlie Vyce defeated Kay Lee Ray

Bradley Evans w/Terry Funk & Dory Funk defeated Ewan O’Raw

Brodie Adler w/Alexander Darwin MacAllan, Ayesha Raymond, Manlon & Mikey Whiplash defeated Emily Hayden w/Toastie, Christopher Saynt, Darrell Costello & Big Bennie

Alan Sterling w/Eddie Hitler, Richie Richard, a triceratops, & Optimus Prime defeated Alex Webb w/Kwaku plugging his YouTube channel, Phil Swift, David Arquette, and the tiger that probably ate Don Lewis

Ian Skinner w/Bradley Poole, Daz Black, & three Shiba Inus defeated Irving Garrett

Jack Morris defeated Andy Wild

Aspen Faith defeated Crusher Craib w/Santa Claus

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