SWN 128 Wrestler Mega Tournament Of Doom TM – Fourth Round Matches Confirmed

Following the support for the SWN 128 Wrestler Mega Tournament of Doom TM, we can now reveal the fourth round matches.

The wrestlers involved are more than free to keep their promo skills sharp by getting involved and adding managers, valets, and/or back up. Let’s keep having some fun while we’re all quarantined eh?

Voting will take place on Twitter @ScotWresNet

April 7th – AK64 Bracket

  • Grant McIvor w/Jet & Jetta The Wrestlecat vs Charlie Vyce
  • Bradley Evans w/Terry Funk & Dory Funk vsย Brodie Adler w/Alexander Darwin MacAllan, Ayesha Raymond, Manlon & Mikey Whiplash
  • Alan Sterling w/Eddie Hitler, Richie Richard, a triceratops, & Optimus Prime vsย Ian Skinner w/Bradley Poole, Daz Black, & three Shiba Inus
  • Jack Morris vs Aspen Faith

April 8thย – KZ64 Bracket

  • Griffin vsย Ted O’Keefe
  • Zach Dynamiteย vs Logan Smith
  • Shawn Johnson vs Rosie Nyte w/crutch and medical boot
  • Ryan Riley vs Mikkey Vago w/…like, everyone.

We’ll take a break for a day while updates to the brackets can be made then we will hopefully return on April 10th to begin the quarter finals.

Let’s keep going!

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