Future Shock: Rosie Nyte

Photo credit Marion Mcginn

By Tom Humphreys


Welcome to another edition of Future Shock, where we analyze the future of the Scottish professional wrestling scene, and letting you know who you should be looking out for. Their potential will shock you!

The women’s wrestling scene in Scotland is booming. Across the country we have so many aspiring and already established talents that have been signed to NXT UK, have won major championships, and have achieved lots of success. One lady that is definitely one to look out for at the minute and you should remember the name of is Rosie Nyte!

Nyte, having debuted in 2018, has already a lot of accolades and high n the profile spots to her name. She’s the current Shield Pro Wrestling Women’s champion, and has faced opposition such pressure performances every time she steps in the as Angel Hayze, Lana Austin, and Kasey Owens, Nyte is able to hang with the best of them. Having worked in promotions such as Discovery, Pro Wrestling Eve, and more, she’s no stranger to a big stage or opportunity!

Recently she was included on the Megaslam tour of Scotland, performing in Perth and losing to Lizzy Styles, and losing in Glasgow to Angel Hayze, and a loss in a team effort on the same night, she put in impressive performances whenever she steps in the ring, taking opponents to their limits.

A valiant underdog with a natural connection with the crowd, Nyte can rally a crowd into a frenzy with her fiery comebacks and hot tags. A young high flyer and an athlete with good striking prowess, and will fight her way out of any situation and will give her everything in order to impress the fans.

Rosie Nyte will always power forward on her #continuousroad, as a tribute to a late and close personal friend of hers. The 23 year old has a big future ahead of her and is already stamping her mark on the Scottish women’s scene as another success story of the prospering PBW Academy.

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