Future Shock: Ian Skinner

Photo credit David J Wilson

By Tom Humphreys


Welcome to another edition of Future Shock, where we analyse the best up and coming talent in Scotland. Their potential will shock you!

Over time, professional wrestling in the UK has become more hard hitting, and taken lots of inspiration from the east, however it has always maintained its very traditional routes. With the UK scene booming and a lot of performers combining the technical proficiency of the British catch style and the stiff strong style of the land of the rising sun, there is one young man who exemplifies this that is building a fantastic profile for himself in Scotland, “The Shooter” Ian Skinner.

Effortlessly endearing to a crowd, Skinner’s impressive athleticism and technical prowess made him impressive from the very beginning. The 24 year old debuted in the winter of 2017, and over the past two and a half years has really put myself on the map as one to look out for. Having a great mix of hard hitting offense and an incredible grasp of the grappling aspects, “The Shooter” more than earns his moniker as someone you don’t want to get in the way of.

His hybrid style comes from the likes of his influences from Thai boxing, and Jujitsu within his portfolio. Having worked for companies such as ICW, on Gonzo and France 2000, unfortunately both in losing efforts, but making an impressive impact nevertheless, Pro Wrestling Scotland, recently winning their rumble match, as well as making appearances for British Championship Wrestling, and Source Wrestling, Skinner is no stranger to a spotlight and big stage.

Skinner has faced a lot of high profile opponents as well at Pro Wrestling Scotland, he faced Luca de’ Pazzi at ICW France 2000, and among rampant speculation, he proved that he wasn’t in Power Forward when he faced them at Gonzo.

Incredibly impressive wherever he goes, Ian Skinner always blows the crowd away with his hard hitting strikes, immaculate precision, his unrivalled intensity, he’s one to be feared when you’re on the other side of the ring from him. Short in stature, but having a deep, diverse bag of tricks to dip into when required, Skinner can attack from any position and at any time, you’re never safe when you’re opposed to the shooter. Take the time he wouldn’t stay down against Luca de’ Pazzi.

Whenever he took a strike, he absorbed it, it fuelled him. The fire could be shown through his eyes and his face. He comes back from being down with a fierce force, possessing speed and strength that makes a man of his size lethal when it comes to the force and impact he generates.

Needless to say, with unrivalled intensity, Ian Skinner is a dangerous underdog you should not underestimate, never afraid to back down from a challenge, it’s easy to see why Skinner is one on the rise. Go on, take a shot!

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