Full Results: SWN Clan Warfare ‘First Round: Day Four’

The following results are from SWN Clan Warfare ‘First Round: Day Four‘ on May 7th, 2020:


Unity (Bobby Roberts, Christopher Saynt & Emily Hayden) w/Charlie Murphy & Rick James [from Chappelle’s Show] defeated Baĭkŭr Ulichna Banda (The Bulgarian Baker, Daihlan Hendry & Kieran Swinney) w/Swedish Chef & Sherlock Holmes

Fife’s Finest (Umar Mohammed, Ross Hunter & John Kerr) w/Andy Wild & Johnny Lions defeated The Working Men’s Union (MATT DALY, Scott McManus & Thatcher Wright)

The Ref Express (Denzil Law, Mikey Innes & James Chesser) w/Earl Hebner & Aubrey Edwards defeated Lucha Scotland (Soldato, Falcon & Robbie Solar) w/Lucha DS

Chris Clark Inc. (Chris Clark, Colton Davis & Rayhne) w/a Wii defeated KoE (“Klyde River Killa” ADM, King Killa & Kai Williams-King) w/Kwaku Adjei

*KoE won the initial match however due to an error, the match was restarted and Chris Clark Inc were victorious. SWN owner Billy Strachan announced that both teams would move on to the next round.

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