Five Scottish Picks For NXT UK

The rumour is running rife that WWE are looking to bolster their NXT UK ranks following releases after the #SpeakingOut movement and the hope of live shows returning in the near future. NXT UK has many Scottish wrestlers already on their books including NXT UK Women’s Champion Kay Lee Ray, NXT UK Tag Team Champion Mark Coffey, Kenny Williams, Noam Dar, and Isla Dawn.

Here are five picks that I would like to see head to NXT UK in the immediate future. Now, there are so many fantastic wrestlers in the country right now and brilliant wrestlers heading up the ranks. In order to narrow it down to just five I looked at experience, name value, in ring work, and just my personal opinion so let’s break out the warning, it’s been a while…


Photo credit David J Wilson

Andy Wild

An easy first pick to start this off. As far as wrestlers go, Andy Wild is one of the absolute best. A true chameleon in the ring, adapting to any style thrown his way, Wild would be a true asset to NXT UK. Not only has Andy got the in ring chops, he isn’t too bad on the microphone and can elicit a reaction when the time calls for it. The co-owner of Fife Pro Wrestling Asylum has had a tryout in the past so is on the radar, hopefully we get to see Andy Wild throw some bodies around on NXT UK before too long.

Photo credit David J Wilson

BT Gunn

Another great wrestler that has been possibly overlooked for a long time. Gunn has popped up in NXT UK before in a dark match in a losing effort against Kenny Williams, and has had a shot at the NXT UK Championship so there are layers to something already before he even makes an official debut. Like many on this list BT Gunn has made television appearances for the likes of WOS Wrestling and 5 Star Wrestling, which isn’t a bad experience to have when it comes to not only working to a physical crowd but the prospective one on the other side of the camera.

Photo credit David J Wilson


An interesting pick perhaps considering Grado is not one that would fit the usual WWE mould. Grado is not only a wrestler but he is a media personality with his radio show, television appearances, podcasts, he is building quite the portfolio. There is no doubt that Grado is 100% entertainment, which in my opinion, is missing from NXT UK. The brand has some excellent wrestlers that put on incredible wrestling matches but sometimes you need to have that 10-15 minutes of pure fun and Grado is the one to do it. Having wrestled for Impact Wrestling, WOS Wrestling and 5 Star Wrestling, Grado has the television experience, he is charismatic, the “Medium Daddy” of sports entertainment.

Photo credit David J Wilson

Stevie Boy Xavier

Another very easy pick, Stevie Boy Xavier is still in his 20s and considering how long he has been active in the wrestling world his experience is astounding. What’s more incredible is that Stevie hasn’t had much traction outside of the UK when has had some fantastic in ring matches either in singles or as part of Just Uz with BT Gunn that popped up on WOS Wrestling. Stevie missed a year of in ring action from 2018 to 2019 due to a knee injury and since returning has been better than ever. One with an incredible upside.

Photo credit Brianbat Photography

Lou King Sharp

It could be said that Sharp is in this list due to pure bias as one of my absolute favourites, but let’s look at this; Lou King Sharp, who stands at a colossal 5 foot 4, has competed all over the world. From China in OWE, to Europe in Denmark, Sweden, Italy, a couple matches in the United States and all over the UK. Once again, another on this list with television experience being one of the only highlights of the disastrous 5 Star Wrestling shows.

Thought he doesn’t stand face to face with the big lads, his character, presentation and physical embodiment of the Napoleon Complex makes “The Blood Tourist” a hot commodity to have on board.

As always with these lists it’s only scratching the surface. The wrestling scene is in flux right now, it’s important that we think of the positives that are possible once the live shows return to the UK. Hopefully we’ll see some of these names soon begin their WWE journey.

Share your picks in the comments.

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