Five Picks – Wrestle Island ‘Prospect Wars’ Tournament


If you’ve been on Twitter at all today, then there’s a good chance you’ve seen one or two (or twenty, let’s be honest) quote retweets of a Wrestle Island tweet the promotion posted last night.

Based out of Birkenhead, England, Wrestle Island have announced a Prospect Wars tournament that has left everyone vying to earn a spot in the field. 20 talents who don’t quite have that level of recognition (regardless of age, contrary to what the original tweet states) will battle it out – 10 of those being current Wrestle Island prospects, and the other ten being debuting rookies. The winner earns a contract, as well as a shot at the current holder of the Prospect Trophy, Harry McKenny.

As is usually the case with announcements like this, what better way to get some content going than with a Five Picks? I decided to go with no current or former champions to stick with the ‘underused’ phrase Wrestle Island are going with – at least it made things somewhat easier.

Photo credit David J. Wilson
Ian Skinner

An easy choice to get us started off here – ‘The Shooter’, pew pew. Since debuting a couple years ago, Ian Skinner has quickly risen to become one of the hardest-hitting young lions in Scottish wrestling, mixing his technical expertise with a meme here and a meme there. Quite frankly, it’s shocking that Skinner is yet to lift some sort of championship, although he does hold the award for the most adorable managers in our Tournament of Doom with his shiba inu puppies. So, he can’t really be complaining too much. A master of the ‘knee that looks it breaks a few noses’, it’s about time he adds some stronger accolades to that trophy cabinet of his. It can’t be full of only Monster forever.

Photo credit David J. Wilson
Ashley Vega

In a way, Ashley Vega sort of flies under the radar. You always see people shouting praise towards your Angel Hayzes, your Emily Haydens, your Rayhnes, but Ashley sadly doesn’t get the same levels of attention. The biggest Candice Michelle fan you’ll ever meet, Ashley has taken to YouTube and Twitch during this quarantine period to express her love for the former WWE Women’s Champion. A fan of the deadliest move in all of professional wrestling – the stink face – Ashley’s diva persona isn’t to fool you, as she’s always shown herself to deliver in the ring. Her few appearances in Discovery Wrestling proved such a thing, with two unsuccessful challenges for the Women’s Championship doing nothing more than further elevate her status on the scene. Had 2020 not crashed as bad as WWE 2K20, then perhaps we would have seen much more from Vega this year. Prospect Wars is built for names like her.

Photo credit Emma Dockrell Photography
Umar Mohammed

In today’s age, you can’t have an SWN list about future talents without Umar Mohammed being an honourable mention at the very least. Currently training under Andy Wild at the Fife Pro Wrestling Asylum, Mohammed has everything it takes to make it far in wrestling. A good aura around him when entering the ringside area, a flashy moveset, a slight cockiness to him, he’s a total package if you’re asking me. We’ve not really seen too much of what he’s capable of since being brought under Andy’s wing, bar a match opposite Tallon Jr. this past February, but you can only imagine he’s improved on these things, and who knows, more than likely added far more to his repetoire. Like with Ashley Vega, 2020 flipping on its head put a massive hurdle in the path to the top of ‘The Asian Sensation’. Once we’re back up and running, however, he’ll be heading straight to the top of the picture as if he was Jim heading directly towards Jackie. If you know, you know.

Photo credit David J. Wilson
Brodie Adler

Despite only initially debuting this past November, Brodie Adler already has plenty of buzz around her. All things considered, it’s an impressive feat since you can count on one hand the number of matches she’s had in front of an audience. However, there’s a firm reason for this – she just has this spark. Coming from a school that’s had many, many notable graduates over the years, Adler could easily be the next name to follow that path of success for Source Wrestling’s very best. Add in a surprise appearance at Fierce Females’ final show before lockdown that had fans raving, and you can see why she’s a star ready to break through the proverbial glass ceiling once shows recommence.

Photo credit Marion McGinn
Mark J. Wilson

Mark J. Wilson isn’t someone you often see on these sorts of lists, but there’s no reason as to why we shouldn’t be talking about him as a future star. Like with Brodie Adler, Wilson comes from the Source Wrestling School, the school that created many of today’s top performers on the Scottish wrestling scene. While he’s not ventured outside his home promotion on too many occasions, bar matches for the likes of Respect Pro Wrestling and the Megaslam Wrestling camps, Mark has charisma for days that easily sways you one way another – you either love him or you hate him. There’s not really an inbetween when it comes to him. An extra bit of jazz like that is what could really set him apart from the rest of the Prospect Wars entrants.

Who would you like to see enter Wrestle Island’s Prospect Wars tournament?

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