When Worlds Collide | Fierce Females vs Source Wrestling


Sometimes inspiration hits and you have to write it down as quickly as possible and when Fierce Females owner Veda Rose suggested the future possibility of a show which sees the talent from Fierce Females collide with Source Wrestling, the match ideas started flowing.

I’ll explain my choices a little, some were from the Twitter responses with match suggestions that have been thrown in that would be excellent additions to the show.

Pre-Show: Source Scramble
Anastasia vs Alastor Adams vs Ashley Vega vs Daihlan Hendry vs Sara Marie-Taylor vs Luke Matthews

A little mixer to start proceedings to dip your toe into the brand warfare. Featuring wrestlers I wanted on the show but had to put in together to avoid twenty matches! A mix of experience and styles from the brute force of Luke Matthews, to the veteran instincts of Sara Marie-Taylor, plus ‘The Modern Day Diva’ Ashley Vega, the ‘Grapple Geek’ Daihlan Hendry, ‘The Beauty from the Borders’ Anastasia, and ‘Pure Evil Incarnate’ Alastor Adams. Lots of action on the cards as all six try to gain an edge for their respective promotion before the main card.

Robert Wishart vs Chantal Jordan

Shortly after Veda’s tweet went out, Robert Wishart was quick to suggest a possible match with himself against either Gisele Shaw or Chantal Jordan. Now, I have plans for Shaw which you will read a little further down so let’s have Wishart take on one of the biggest badasses currently going in British wrestling. I’m game, and so is Chantal:

Working Men’s Club (Scott McManus & MATT DALY) vs Pretty Little Killers (Ivy & Ruby Radley)

I’m sure McManus and MATT DALY will have risk assessed this prospect, their hard hats will come in handy if Ivy and Ruby decide to start swinging their baseball bats. Two well tuned tag teams fighting it out. What’s not to enjoy?

Special Referee: Emily Hayden | Special Timekeeper: Toastie
Alexander Darwin MacAllan vs Raven Creed

In our first half main event, I took the match suggestion that kicked off this whole conversation and added some bells and whistles. That being ADM’s rumoured best friend and current thorn in the side of Fierce Females management, Emily Hayden. Some would see this as an advantage for ADM but if anyone has taken a moment to look at MacAllan’s Twitter interactions (you should, his Twitter handle is @d_macallan) the whole best friend thing is quite one sided. The infamous Toastie will be guest timekeeper, I wrote that down but now questioning how Toastie will ring the bell…

My thinking behind this is if Hayden can keep it down the middle it might put a case towards her reinstatement into Fierce Females. Will she choose her best friend or keep it civil to return to Fierce Females (actually return and not be chased out by Fierce Females security)?

Outside of Emily Hayden based shenanigans, ADM versus Raven Creed would be a killer match that would push both to the limits.

KoE (Kai Williams-King & King Killa) vs Angels of the Nyte (Angel Hayze & Rosie Nyte)

One of the first matches that popped into mind when this whole concept was thought of. I’m almost sure the E in KoE stands for equality and they would have no issues stepping into the ring against two of fastest rising wrestlers in the country in Angel Hayze and Rosie Nyte. KoE might have more experience as a team but you can’t discount Hayze and Nyte who have had plenty of championship successes as singles wrestlers so they can pull out the big gutsy performances when needed.

Manlon vs Amy Allonsy

Another match that just came to me as one that I would love to see for this. On further reflection I think it might have something to do with Manlon having a unicorn hobby horse companion for a while… either way it would still be a great match between two charismatic wrestlers.

Rob Mills, Griffin & Athena vs Jokey, Ayesha Raymond & Brodie Adler

A big six person chaos filled tag team contest. Brodie Adler has already been on the receiving end of a loss to Mills, Griffin and Athena so there will be a point to prove for “The Dynamite”. A little history between former Headbanders Rob Mills and Ayesha Raymond plus the wildcard of Jokey. This could very well steal the show.

Championship Showcase
Grant McIvor vs Gisele Shaw

It just makes sense to have the current Source Wrestling Champion Grant McIvor take on current Fierce Females Scottish Champion Gisele Shaw in the main event. No titles on the line but depending on the nights action it might be the decider to earn the bragging rights for their respective promotion. Neither would be out for the bragging rights but more to prove who the better champion is and this would be a fantastic main event in my opinion.

Are there any matches that you’d like to see take place if/when Fierce Females and Source Wrestling collide?

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