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Welcome back for another edition of “Let’s Talk About….” and today we have an amazing guest in the current Source Wrestling Champion Grant McIvor! He is still doing the wrestling (albeit not in the current lockdown era) and he took some time to answer some questions from us and we hope you enjoy this read!

Start with the obvious, how did you get involved in wrestling?

I fell away from wrestling in my teens and got nostalgic when The Rock came back in 2011. Became an obsessed fan watching week in, week out reading up all journo stuff (One Love, Bleacher Report) becoming a “smart fan”. It wasn’t until the Kelvin Brawl in 2013 with Robert Florence and Greg Hemphill that I properly found out about Scottish Wrestling. I had heard about the Source Wrestling School a little prior to this but after seeing this show it made me want to get involved. The show let me see how much a higher-level Scottish Wrestling was than I thought (some on the show being signed with WWE), and the fact it was in my backyard made be give it a go.

What can you tell us about your early years? Any fun stories?

My very first training session featured me being sick twice due to poorly timed meals and me thinking, “I go to the gym, I’ll be able to keep up”. Nope. I played Fake Heath Slater in an ICW skit one year into training and got booted off Drew McIntyre. I got my gimmick name, The Gazelle, from a nickname given to me during a training seminar.

Tell us about your very first match? What happened that day and how did you feel? What advice did you get that day?

My first match happened after about two years of training, got to the point where I just needed to get in front of a crowd to get better. Wrestled with Glen Dunbar, who has been many a Scottish wrestlers first. Was completely nerve shot and just had an absolutely by the numbers match, so I made as few mistakes as possible, haha. Absolutely loved it and found out just how different wrestling a match in front of a crowd was compared to wrestling in training. I was wearing tights that weren’t tight at the waist, had to borrow boots because they hadn’t arrived yet. And was beaten by Dunbar with a submission that, I swear if he doesn’t bring it back, I’m stealing it.

Tell us about Grant McIvor. What can people who may not have seen you wrestle expect from one of your matches?

Me? I’m The Gazelle. The Belter. Captain Catch. The Influencer. Lord of the Rings. The Bourne Identity. Taxi Driver. Jaws. What was the question? Ah right. Initially I liked to have a lot of high-flying style but integrated more catch-based wrestling, a bit more crafty and use what offense I can have in front of me (MacGyver, Right?). My style has mainly become composed of things that I do well, forearms, cheeky holds, quick escapes, and pop culture quips. Usually, can find me reminding people that I am Still Doing the Wrestling, as some people like to ask if I am. I’ve found it is quite common with a lot of wrestlers.

You’ve been around the scene for a few years now. Any fun road stories?

During the great snowstorm of… March 2018, Source made the decision to go ahead with their show in Lennoxtown, which ended up being packed because most events were cancelled that weekend (hmm, sounds familiar). Anyway, the farm road which is already a pain to drive in is about a lane shorter. So I, accompanied by ADM, had to drive through to Lennoxtown in the most white knuckled, arse-clenching car journey I have ever made and I never have to drive ADM again.

What advice do you have for anyone looking to take their first steps into wrestling once lockdown has ended?

Don’t wait, particularly just now. Small tip is watch Tough Enough episodes. Check the exercises, drills etc., that they do and the drive that is needed to push yourself through training. Get yourself moving and training bodyweight and conditioning circuits, these are fitness drills that you will encounter and if you can begin training already in shape, you will see a benefit in your skills and understanding of wrestling develop quicker because you are not breathing out your backside (look up Gotch Bible). When you get into class: Listen; ask questions when you can; turn up early; ask if you are unsure about anything; be enthusiastic but you remember to walk before you can run. You’ll find times where you’ll struggle put pushing yourself and accomplishing things you could only dream of when you started.

Speaking of lockdown. What have you been doing with yourself during it?

Working the day job and studying for the “future job”. Wrestling wise, trying to keep myself sane with a semi decent training programme, engaging with the community at Source encouraging everyone to share their workouts of the day to stop everyone getting bored training making sure they are keeping themselves active and maintaining themselves so we can be ready when we come back.

Other than that, I have enjoyed falling back into playing videogames again since one hobby has gone for the time being. Enjoy long walks in the countryside and travelling, looking for someone to join – sorry that’s the Tinder bio Most important part of this time is just making sure that I’m keeping myself sane and positive at this time.

We love fantasy booking here. So can you name your top 5 non-UK wrestlers?

  • Christian Cage
  • nWo Wolfpac Sting
  • CM Punk
  • Matt Hardy V1
  • Big E

Now with those five on one side can you make up a team of 5 UK wrestlers for a fantasy Survivor Series style match?

  • Robbie Wishart
  • ADM
  • Charlie Vyce
  • Theo Doros
  • Craig Anthony

Outside of wrestling. Tell us something we may not know about you?

Outside of wrestling I study Sports Therapy. Aches and pains that I encountered through wrestling and training got me interested in understanding how injuries happen, whether instantly or over time, so outside it is some I wish to pursue as well as pass this information back into those coming up in wrestling. Less boringly, or more, I can binge through a season of Football Manager in a less than a week, and getting lost down YouTube rabbit holes.

Where can we find you on social media?

Thank you very much to Grant for the interview!

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