Pro2 Championship Wrestling | Coming Soon

On December 28th 2020, a new promotion was announced in Ayrshire coming soon, Pro2 Championship Wrestling. Aimed to showcase new and established talent. Sponsored by Atlas 2.0, and first conceived in 2010, former Scottish pro wrestling tag team champion Logan Storm has been announcing his intentions with Pro2 over the past weeks.

What’s the story behind the name? Pro2 will be featured in the Ayrshire area, Ayr, o2… get it? Pro2 Championship Wrestling. Simple.

On Facebook they’ve revealed their championship divisions and title designs:

  • Believe Champion (Ayrshire Heavyweight)
  • Joker Champion (Why So Serious? Division)
  • Women’s Champion (Ayrshire Women’s)
  • Tag Team Champions (Ayrshire Tag)

Their first show ‘Return of the Ring’ has been confirmed, however, due to the ongoing pandemic dates and venues are yet to be announced with the hopes of debuting in 2021.

‘Return of the Ring’ will feature a tournament to crown the first Believe Champion with ‘Jokers Wild’ likely to feature a tournament to crown the first Joker Champion.

The Joker Championship as part of the Why So Serious? Division will showcase the technical prowess in pro wrestling and will be under the watchful eye of famed comedian and pro wrestling commentator Billy Kirkwood.

The Believe Championship features a lion rampant side plate in tribute to Ayrshire wrestler, the late Adrian ‘Lionheart’ McCallum.

They promise to bring a mix of new and established talent with the ongoing aim to work with promotions around the UK and Europe in order to bring the best to Ayrshire for Pro2 Championship Wrestling.

Pro2 have announced the following names that they have been in contact with and have agreed to feature on upcoming shows as part of their core roster including the in ring return of “The Paisley Wrecking Machine” Adam Shame.


  • Adam Shame
  • Angel Hayze
  • Ashley Vega
  • BIG Bennie
  • Bobby Roberts
  • Caleb Valhalla
  • Charles Boddington
  • Dean Allmark
  • Dean Ford
  • Eli Bulwark
  • Emily Hayden
  • Falcon
  • Frank X. Cross
  • Frankie T
  • Jackson Arrow
  • Jason Hyde
  • JJ Volare
  • Krieger
  • Krobar
  • Logan Smith
  • Lou King Sharp
  • Lucha DS
  • Mark Billington
  • Meyhem Brooks
  • PJ Murphy
  • Rosie Nyte
  • Ross Hauser
  • Rubi Roberts
  • Saqib Ali
  • Sean Martin
  • Shiek El Sham
  • Soldato
  • Stevie James
  • Stone Malone
  • TJ Rage
  • Tom Billington
  • Tyson Taylor

Also as part of the announcements, several tag teams have been confirmed, with some new duos in pro wrestling all vying to get their hands on the Pro2 Tag Team Championships.

Tag Team Division

  • No Holds Barred (Eli Bulwark & Sean Martin)
  • Jason Hyde & BIG Bennie
  • The Purge (Stevie James & Krobar)
  • The Billington Bulldogs (Mark Billington & Tom Billington)
  • The Alliance (???) with PJ Murphy

Kurt Johansson has been appointed as talent scout who will also be scouting the Lou King Sharp DOJO for talents to feature in future events.


  • Backstage Interviewer: Kid Thomson
  • Talent Scout: Kurt Johansson
  • Graphic Design: Jamie Leckie
  • Why So Serious? Division Commissioner: Billy Kirkwood
  • Day Show Manager: John Irvine
  • Owner: Logan Storm

Logan Storm will be chatting to Kurt Johansson on the award winning The Kurt Johansson Show in the coming weeks where we will find out more about this new promotion.

So the only question now is…


Are you Pro2?




Pro2 Championship Wrestling Facebook page

All photos from Pro2 Championship Wrestling on Facebook

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