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Hey everyone and in this edition of “Let’s Talk About…” We get the chance to have a chat with “The Tactician” Taylor Vite! Coming out of the Source Wrestling School we have seen him compete in Source, Respect Pro Wrestling and Combat League Wrestling. Check out the interview below!

Tell us what made you make the decision to begin training to become a wrestler? Was their an exact moment that made the decision click for you??

I had decided to finally start training after being too afraid for years for various reasons – too young, too far away, too skinny etc. In reality I was just scared of failing. I finally decided in my 20s I had a now or never moment, otherwise I’d never go and I didn’t fancy starting when I was 35 like DDP. So initially, I gave myself 6 months to get in shape enough for a summer intake class but literally the night before the spring class for Source I had a “screw it” moment and decided I was ready. If I didn’t like it or wasn’t good at it, then no harm done, at least I’d finally know. Went along and absolutely loved it. I’m glad I had started getting in a bit of shape beforehand because it made things less daunting. Not easier, but it gave me a better foundation to build on initially. And I think starting a bit older gave me more mental toughness to cope with the rigours of training.

Tell us about your training? Any fun stories? What did you think of it at the start?

My main memories of early training are things like learning to lock up properly and doing some hold for hold wrestling and thinking “this is the coolest thing in the world. I’m doing it! I’m wrestling!”. Obviously, I wasn’t really, but it was incredibly enjoyable to learn. Then learning to bump and doing strikes was very eye-opening! Matt Daly gave me my first forearm shot, and said “I’ll go at about 50% power.” Matt Daly’s 50% power was quite something for my first time! I’m a younger sibling though, so I was well prepared to get thrown around the ring and found myself having the best time! I’m very cerebral and I love learning, hence why I am “The Tactician,” so training has always been something I really put my all into.

Fast forward to your first ever match. Tell us about that day? Anything particular stand out? What advice were you given as you were about to make your entrance?

I wasn’t actually supposed to even be on the show that day! I turned up on show day to help out so I arrived ready to move the ring and probably end up on security or something. A couple of wrestlers had to pull out and so I was greeted with “you’re going to love this…” before being told that I was about ready to debut anyway (which was news to me!) so I’d be on the show tonight in Lennoxtown against Glen Dunbar – one of my absolute favourites, by the way. I only had my training gear with me, coincidentally, and hadn’t gotten gear made yet because I thought it would be arrogant! So I was plopped into ill-fitting purple trunks that had been donated to the wrestling school (fun fact – Colton Davis wore the same trunks a year or so later on his debut), borrowed some kickpads and tried unsuccessfully to stop my lovely pink boxer shorts from peeking out of my trunks in the course of the match. The standout memory of the day is me making a mistake early on in the match and very loudly swearing in front of my first live crowd! The advice I was given was to listen, appreciate the opportunity and most importantly have fun! You only debut once, after all.

We’ve see you compete in a few companies. Any fun road stories?

Despite the boredom, longer road trips with good company are usually the most interesting, whether good or bad. Several hours talking wrestling is always a good time for a wrestler! It’s also a good time to learn about your compatriots, such as Xero being a savant at the wrestling name game, and KoE having an exceptional knowledge of wrestling theme songs. My particular favourite was a slightly delirious and tired drive home from Caithness where Glen Dunbar, Scott McManus, Robert Wishart and myself started fantasy booking our version of an old-school WWF Tribute show with wrestlers from the Scottish scene. The most memorable drive, however, was the most recent. Glen Dunbar very kindly agreed to drive me to Caithness for the inaugural show from the rebranded Combat League Wrestling as others were coming up later. It can be a bit of a dull scene trawling motorways for hours so Dunbar decided to treat me to the scenic route up North. Unfortunately, this was February and it started snowing unexpectedly, quickly and heavily as we meandered along beautiful little Northern Scotland country roads, which very quickly led to those roads becoming very dangerous snow-covered, poorly lit and deceptively narrow roads and our lovely scenic drive turned into a slightly terrifying one. Fortunately, due entirely to a skilled drive from Dunbar (though I’d like to steal some credit for my unwavering moral support), we made it back to the motorway safe and sound, deciding that the scenic route might be more of a summer show activity!

We are still currently in lockdown, how have you been dealing with? Taken up any new hobbies to pass the time?

Well, ‘The Tactician’ is always studying, so a LOT of wrestling is being watched, as always. I think I’m similar to others, however, in that each lockdown unfortunately becomes less productive as you get more and more worn down. Taylor Vite, at least, is a survivor, and while lockdowns have been tough, it has at least given a lot of time to think, revaluate, and come up with new approaches for when wrestling comes back. When we’re back, I’m hoping to show people new dimensions to Taylor Vite as a wrestler and personality.

For anyone who may not have had the chance to see you wrestle yet, what can people expect from a Taylor Vite match?

I’m not the biggest or strongest, probably not even the most athletic – but I truly believe I’m the smartest wrestler in Scotland when it comes to in-ring strategy. I’m primarily a technical wrestler and in my matches I try to do things that are interesting, engage the crowd and keep people thinking – both the audience and my opponents. From my matches you can expect inventiveness, intrigue, and excitement!

Fantasy booking time! Tell us your dream match. Opponent, stipulation, manager in your corner, venue, whatever you want. Tell us your dream match!

Honestly, to be a complete cheat (or a tactician), I’d have to say a Royal Rumble match! It’s my favourite match type of all time, and it would let me have all (or at least a lot) of my favourites in it! And to avoid giving you a full-on 30-person list of participants I’ll say I’d want the final four to be me (of course – it’s my match!), Daniel Bryan (all-time favourite), Kane (childhood favourite) and Jay White (current favourite).

Tell us something about you that fans may not know. A story from home? A weird talent? Anything!

I’m a drummer and have been in several terrible bands throughout my teenage years! I think there may be a video or two still lurking in the depths of YouTube somewhere!

Any of your matches stand out in your mind so far as one of your favourites?

My match against Robert Wishart from Source Wrestling in November 2019 is probably one of my favourites. We also had a submission match for Caithness Pro Wrestling (now CLW) that was great fun. I also ended up being a last-minute replacement in a match against Griffin in Govan that I really enjoyed. And any time I get to wrestle ADM is always an exciting challenge.

Any advice to any aspiring wrestlers who are thinking of starting their journey into wrestling?

Do it. Honestly, it’s better to give it a go and find it’s not for you than to spend your whole life wondering.

Where can we find you on social media?

Thank you again to Taylor Vite for the interview.

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