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Hello everyone and welcome to another edition of “Let’s Talk About…” we have a chat to Ewan O’Raw! We had a lot of fun chatting to him and having a look at some of the highlights of his career so far. Check out the interview below!

Every wrestler has that moment that in their life that makes them come to the decision to start training to be a wrestler, what was that moment for you?

Growing up I was always doing sports growing up, I done judo and played rugby for years I was always doing contact sports when it came to starting wrestling for most of my life I have been a fan and still to this day I am a huge fan it was always something I wanted to do growing up but I was very active with my judo up until I was about 19 and I was in college I wasn’t really focusing on my judo as much and was really wanting to do wrestling at this point I had a friend who also wanted to give it a go and we seen that there was a training school in Airdrie which is like only a 10 minute drive and by this point I had my license so there was nothing to really stop me going.

Tell us about your early training, any fun stories from that time?

When I first started training I was fine with the kinda contact side taking the bumps and taking hard hits but the thing I really struggled with at first was a lot more of the technical stuff it’s crazy how simple they make it look on TV I can remember just thinking I am never going to be able to do this stuff luckily TJ Rage is a very good teacher and is very patient so I managed to learn and pick up they things over some time.

Tell us about your very first match, what happened that day, your emotions before and after the match and did you get any last minute advice before you stepped through the curtain?

I remember my first match it was a six man tag I was told I was going to debut only a few weeks before and my ring gear wasn’t going to arrive on time so I had to borrow a singlet Which was far to big for me with shorts and a cut out vest I looked like a Kevin Owens figure you would find at the Barras on the day I can’t remember being to nervous obviously there were some nerves but I knew what I had to do and was also in a spot where I was in a multi man match and had a lot of other guys lads like Stone Malone and Ian Skinner to keep me right When it came to the match it was the fastest 10 minutes of my life when I was out there it just didn’t feel real it was a crazy feeling I remember watching the match back and could see I looked nervous and stuff but overall I think the match and the reaction we got was good and I feel I took so much away from it.

Tell us about what we can expect from a Ewan O’Raw match? Give fans you may not have you before a preview of what to expect!

When it comes to wrestling after lockdown I can’t really tell people what to expect from me because of this Pandemic I haven’t been able to wrestle for over a year when restrictions are lifted my main priority is to get in the best physical shape of my life I’ve let myself slip a bit over lockdown and know it’s not going to be an easy road back and I am ready to train harder than ever when it comes to wrestling I really want to go back to the basics and build myself back up to be the best I can possibly be before lockdown I was happy with a lot of the matches I had and was getting a lot of great reactions with my character work but I feel like I never really got the chance to show off a lot of my wrestling abilities and feel like there were maybe matches I could have done more after lockdown I want to show everyone am more than just a funny guy a can’t tell people what to expect just yet but all am going to say is when I do finally get back to wrestling on shows I am going to come back better more focused than ever.

You’ve been in and around the wrestling scene for a few years now, surely that time has come with some funny road stories? Maybe even from a match or backstage at a show?

When it comes to funny stories on the road going to shows and at the shows I could probably write a book at this point one I’ve never really told was the first time me and Emily Hayden ever really got to know each other we were on the way back from flyering and it was just us two in the car this was one of the first times I had really spoke to her and I remember we were just chatting away as I was driving and suddenly I just heard a loud thud and splatter on my windscreen it had turned out someone had egged my car at first I was like what the hell was that freaking out I then turned round and seen Emily just sitting there trying her hardest not to laugh at me then eventually we both just stared to laugh because how scary and ridiculous the situation was.

I love fantasy booking, so I always like to put anyone I interview into a situation and see what kind of match we can get out of it. So with that tell me your fantasy tag match, who is your partner, your opponents, any stipulation?

When it comes to fantasy tag match I would probably go with me and my good friend and tag team partner and if I had to choose any team to wrestle without even thinking about it I would say FTR I currently think they are the best tag team in the world current day and maybe the best of my lifetime every time I watch one of there matches my mind is blown. Meant to say Stone Malone for tag partner don’t know how a missed that out.

So back in the real world… it’s been terrible with this lockdown. What have you been doing with the lockdown, taken up any fun hobbies?

Lockdown has been pretty crazy for me I moved out of my Mum and Dad’s about June last year, I also recently got a dog so I’ve mainly just been going out walks and stuff to keep myself busy and to try maintain some form of exercise before gyms back open.

Do you have any dream opponents that you haven’t yet faced in Scotland?

When it comes to dream opponents in Scotland there are a whole bunch of guys I would love to wrestle I would say on your bigger scale I would love to one day get the chance to wrestle guys like BT Gunn, Steve Xavier, and Grado they would probs be the top three names. I would also love the chance to have a singles match on a show with guys I’ve came up training with like Ian Skinner and Daz Black they two guys right now have stepped up to the next level over lockdown and seeing two guy’s like that who have worked there arses off and came from the same school as me and are now out causing it only makes me want to train harder to hopefully someday get to the position they are in now.

What advice do you have anyone who may want to begin their journey within Scottish Wrestling?

I was always taught from an early age in judo to show respect and discipline when the coach or someone more experienced than you is trying to teach or explain something keep your ears open and your mouth shut and the same applies in wrestling.

Finally, where can we find you on social media?

On social media you can catch me on EwanORawPw on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter

Thank you again to Ewan for the interview and we cannot wait to see him competing once this horrid Lockdown is over!

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