Preview: Respect Pro Wrestling “We’re Back!”

It’s been a while since I’ve had the opportunity to preview an actual wrestling show because of y’know, the world ending in March 2020, but with Respect Pro Wrestling returning this Sunday I’ve cracked the knuckles, done that neck wiggle thing like D’Lo Brown and am putting words to screen to sell what little tickets are surely left for one of the first shows in Scotland since March 2020 with a crowd.

Respect Pro Wrestling’s final show before now took place on February 29th 2020, a lethal leap year in Kilbirnie, with a lot of changes in roster since that date due to one reason or another.

But here we are, 179 days later, Respect Pro Wrestling is returning and at their regular home of Lochwinnoch Community Annexe, with a wrestling ring and a crowd there is excitement in the air!

It wouldn’t be a wrestling show with some matches so lets check out what Respect Pro Wrestling has in store for us on August 29th.

Rubi Roberts vs Emily Hayden

“The Basic Bitch Slayer” Rubi Roberts versus “Wrestlebeech” Emily Hayden is a very interesting match up. Both similar in that they’re both on the Twitch platform and quite like battering folk.

They’re no strangers with each other having clashed before in Respect Pro Wrestling, in the same venue. That was way back in October 2019 and even though wrestling itself has been off the menu, these two have been hungry to improve. Emily may have more match experience and has had the chance to display a new moveset on the WWE Network of all places, which may sound like Emily has an advantage but that also means there is plenty of recent match footage for Rubi Roberts to study and capitalise on.

Emily Hayden is still “Emily Two Belts” and if Rubi can slay the “Wrestlebeech” it can only give Roberts an argument for Emily to put one of them on the line in the future. Hayden actually won the UCW Women’s Championship on a Respect Pro show so it wouldn’t be out of the question for her defend it outside of Upbrawl Championship Wrestling.

Certainly a match that could go either way, it could be Emily’s experience that is the deciding factor but Rubi isn’t the same Rubi Roberts pre-pandemic, she’s got herself into incredible shape and could grab the victory.

Robbie Wishart vs Sean Martin

Last time Robbie Wishart was in a Respect Pro Wrestling ring with a live crowd it was a bittersweet night, losing the RPW Heavyweight Championship to the monstrous Alexander Darwin MacAllan. The opposite fortune was with Sean Martin who left Garnock Community Social Club with a victory.

This will be an interesting match up, on the surface Robbie Wishart has a clear experience and speed advantage but Sean Martin comes in with every intention to inflict pain and suffering, even with all the experience in the world is Martin grabs a body part then Wishart will need to pray that his speed will be able to wriggle out of it. This could end up being a straight up fight with forearms and kicks being dished out with force and survival being the only prize on offer.

Lucha DS vs Umar Mohammed

Two sensations locking up with the “High Flying, Death Defying, Masked Sensation” Lucha DS squaring up to “The Asian Sensation” Umar Mohammed. Another contest that will test experience over youth with the younger Mohammed having only a few matches in comparison but has shown plenty of promise that some may say has gone to his head following exposure on the WWE Network.

Lucha DS likes to, unsurprisingly, rely on aerial based attacks which Umar is not against having proven that he isn’t afraid to take matches up high. It could be a ground game, and a heavy amount of tips from his trainer Andy Wild, that may be the path to victory for Umar Mohammed.

Bobby Roberts & Ewan O’raw vs craig stephens & taylor Bryden

Two new tag teams enter Respect Pro Wrestling, and with the RPW Tag Team Championships currently vacant this could be all to play for. Craig Stephens and the debuting Taylor Bryden are a two very well put together athletes and together form a formidable duo, Bryden is coming back to a wrestling ring after an extraordinary body transformation. Both will be out to make a statement and stake their claim on being the next Respect Pro Wrestling Tag Team Champions.

They come up against two #BigStrongMen with Ewan O’Raw making his Respect Pro Wrestling debut and teaming with former RPW Heavyweight Champion and RPW Tag Team Champion Bobby Roberts. Two beefy men that will be out to throw Stephens and Bryden around with their big strong muscles but they might have their work cut out for them.

UEWA Cruiserweight Championship – Nitro Green vs Lou King Sharp (c)

In the first of two championship matches, Lou King Sharp brings his newly won UEWA Cruiserweight Championship to Lochwinnoch, granting the former champion, Nitro Green, a rematch. These two are no strangers to one another with battles in Europe with the UEWA Cruiserweight Championship changing hands in Copenhagen, Denmark.

This won’t be Nitro Green’s first time on Scottish soil but after losing the title to Lou King Sharp on his home turf he will be hoping to scalp a win and take the title back to Denmark.

A pandemic hasn’t stopped Lou King Sharp evolving, having taken any opportunity to learn via his own LKS Online Dojo, he’s been travelling Europe and there may be few better or more qualified to carry the UEWA Cruiserweight Championship. Nitro Green, as a former champion, is a more than worthy challenger. This one has match of the night written all over it.

RPW Heavyweight Championship – Alexander Darwin Macallan (c) vs DCT

In the main event, RPW Heavyweight Champion Alexander Darwin MacAllan makes his first defence and has a challenger that he can’t, and won’t, take lightly in DCT.

DCT, a former world champion, is no stranger to gold and is well established wrestler in Scotland with experience all over the world. β€œThe Glam Rock God” is never short of confidence and will certainly have a couple tricks up his sleeve that may just be needed against the β€œThe Clyde River Killer”.

ADM is a psychological psychopath that stalks his prey and with the championship advantage in hand, he holds all the cards.

A packed match card for an exciting return for Respect Pro Wrestling, two titles on the line, championship implications abound throughout the event.

Doors Open: 6.00pm. Bell Time: 6.30pm.

Tickets are still available through Respect Pro Wrestling’s Facebook page, here.

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