Five Picks To Be The Inaugural Discovery Wrestling Tag Team Champions

Discovery Wrestling Tag Team Championships

Discovery Wrestling have a grand treat for us beginning this weekend, confirming a tournament for the brand new Discovery Tag Team Championships after an estimated ten million Facebook comments clamouring for it.

The tournament kicks off at their return show, Disco Is Back, this Sunday, with the Nine9 and the Fair City Saints due to contend the tournament’s first quarterfinal contest. The history of tag team wrestling in the promotion stretches far and wide, bringing such pairings as Polo Promotions, the Wild Lions, and, yes, those dastardly Young Bucks to Edinburgh, allowing space for some bangers to take place. As of their last show in February 2020, their doubles division was seemingly taking off, too. You had Lou King Sharp and Krieger together, the Kings Of The North were a firm fixture, the MegaPals reunited for one night only, and Escaping The Midcard (now the Sunshine Machine) were due to debut at the Disco Derby before the world spontaneously combusted.

Basically, they’re not short of tag teams. A tournament is now looming, so who could be crowned the inaugural champions?

Dickie Divers, Jack Morris Discovery Wrestling
Photo credit David J. Wilson
The Nine9 (Dickie Divers and Jack Morris)

Currently in possession of a whole two sets of tag team titles, one of which – the Reckless Intent titles – they’ve now held for over a year, Dickie Divers and Jack Morris come into this as the most experienced tag team. They were sort of getting their foot in at Discovery, having their first match there together in March 2019, before finding themselves against Bullet Club’s El Phantasmo and HIKULEO by that July. They’re a safe bet to officially kickstart a tag team lineage in Discovery. Noice.

Alexander Darwin MacAllan, Xero Discovery Wrestling
Photo credit David J. Wilson
Killer Xero (Alexander Darwin MacAllan and Xero)

Though they were initially paired together in the Violence Institute, a proper tag team of Alexander Darwin MacAllan and Xero is worth it based off their promo work alone. They debuted as Killer Xero at Discovery’s final show, killing the Sam Barbour Experience in a handicap match, but that’s about the extent of the pairing’s tenure. Dominating tag team champions is a rarity in Scottish wrestling, unless you’re Polo Promotions that is. It’s often about the singles titles as it pertains to long-lasting reigns, so a bit of a change with Killer Xero barging through the Discovery’s tag teams would be an apt start to the title history.

Alex Webb, Steven Air Myles
Photo credit Discovery Wrestling’s Facebook page
The Fair City Saints (Alex Webb and Steven Myles)

Of the teams on this list, you have to feel for the Fair City Saints the most. They were just beginning to venture outside of Reckless Intent Wrestling when the world ended, debuting for both Source Wrestling and Discovery Wrestling, though the latter was in a the Reckless Raffle Royale. Their match vs. More Than Hype’s Darren Kearney and Nathan Martin for Source’s Tag Team Championships tournament was a banger, but Alex Webb and Steven Myles have a bit more to show.Β Maybe it’s a bit early to put the straps on them, but basically, you can correlate their name to the Third Street Saints from Saint’s Row, which means they deserve every set of tag titles. I don’t make the rules.

Ryan Riley, Bruiser Brad Evans WrestleZone
Photo credit Brian Battensby Photography
The Foundation of the Future (Ryan Riley and Bruiser Brad Evans)

The obligatory WrestleZone mention for an SWN article now. The Foundation of the Future is great. Ryan Riley is great. Bruiser Brad Evans is great. They were doing some great things vs. the Rejected in WrestleZone prior to the world’s end alongside Zach Dynamite, and with the recently-renamed Evans delivering a banger of an Undisputed Championship match vs. Damien at WrestleZone’s Halloween Hijinx this past weekend, it feels like they’re about to explode big time. It’s for them to venture out. Riley and Dynamite were planned for a Fair City Wrestling appearance in April 2020, but they’d fit in perfectly in front of a Discovery atmosphere.

Kid Lykos, Kid Lykos II PROGRESS Wrestling
Photo credit Head Drop
Lykos Gym (Kid Lykos and Kid Lykos II)

A rare outside bet here. Lykos Gym, which is a far better team name than the Lykos’ (the Lyki?), has been one of the saving graces of crowdless, straight-to-Network BritWres throughout the past year and a half, having a range of great matches together. Kid Lykos I is no stranger to Discovery, of course, havingΒ finally debuted in January 2019 alongside old CCK pal Chris Brookes. Kid Lykos II: Electric Boogaloo, meanwhile, has that vibe that heΒ could do well at Discovery. Keep in mind that Discovery previously had Chris Sabin as their Y Division Champion. Anyone can be champion in Discovery; Lykos Gym is that someone.

Who’s your pick to lift the Discovery Tag Team Championships?

Alex Webb, Steven Myles, Jack Morris, Dickie Divers

The tournament kicks off this Sunday atΒ Disco Is Back, with the Nine9 vs. the Fair City Saints. Also confirmed for Sunday’s card:

  • Y Division Championship – Joe Hendry (c) vs. Theo Doros
  • Discovery Women’s Championship – Session Moth Martina (c) vs. Emersyn Jayne
  • Y Division Championship – Number One Contender’s Match – Andy Wild vs. Gene Munny
  • Aspen Faith vs. Ian Skinner
  • Ayesha Raymond vs. Regina Rosendahl
  • Plus Griffin, Athena, Deacon Matthews, and Caleb Valhalla

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