Preview: Discovery Wrestling ‘Disco Is Back’ (17 Oct)

Discovery Wrestling October 2021 poster

By the time Sunday arrives, it’ll have been 616 days since the last Discovery Wrestling event, All About The Raffle. They’re coming back safely, no big imports, no zombie lumberjack matches, just a safe card at the renamed O2 Academy Edinburgh to get back into the swing of things ahead of their anniversary show in November. but regardless, it still looks like a stellar card that’ll set the tone perfectly for this new era of Discovery if you will. New faces and old will be on hand, both the Y Division and Women’s Championships are on the line, and it’s Aspen Faith vs. Ian Skinner, a certified banger waiting to happen. First up, though, some rescheduled bouts from the third Disco Derby

Joe Hendry, Theo Doros

Y Division Championship
Joe Hendry (c) vs. Theo Doros

First off, major props to Alan and all of Discovery management for rescheduling the two advertised title clashes from the Disco Derby, keeping the momentum going in the right direction. Joe Hendry vs. Theo Doros was a technical masterpiece waiting to happen, and Discovery is the place for such a clash to go down. Hendry was just getting into the swing of things the face of Discovery, but he’s coming back a new man. The shape he’s gotten himself into is truly impeccable; big meaty man indeed. As for Doros, he’s had some exceptional Traditional Wrestling Rules contests on the WWE Network that have cemented him as at least a top ten best technical grappler in the United Kingdom. He, too, comes into this a new man. Certainly an intriguing first main event back for Discovery.

Martina, Emersyn Jayne

Discovery Women’s Championship
Session Moth Martina (c) vs. Emersyn Jayne

The other rescheduled Disco Derby title contest sees Session Moth Martina defend the Women’s Championship against former champion, the now-Emersyn Jayne in what should be a hoot. Now, according to the ever-trustworthy folks at, Martina has only made two defences of the title (is it just me or does it feel like five?), and both have been multi-woman bouts, so there’s a bit of a different feel to this. The thing I like about Discovery is because they only have a handful of events a year, it almost legitimises the length of their title reigns, and that seemed to be the whole story behind the original clash, as the Disco Derby – scheduled for 29 March 2020 – would have marked just over a year since Martina captured the title from Emersyn Jayne in that year’s Disco Derby match. It’s a nice little backstory to have for what should be a cracker.

Andy Wild, Gene Munny

Y Division Championship – Number One Contender’s Match
Andy Wild vs. Gene Munny

From cracking matches to cracking chests open with stiff slaps, up next it’s Andy Wild vs. Gene Munny, with the winner advancing to challenge either Joe Hendry or Theo Doros for the Y Division Championship come November. Both guys are absolutely in the running for the title, having had tremendous runs in Discovery pre-COVID, so it’s great to see them both get that recognition. What intrigues me most is the sort of connection their Disco careers have. The same night that Gene Munny was reborn as the Munndertaker, Andy Wild failed in his quest to become Y Division Champion in a match that everyone, myself included, was adamant he was going to win, setting him on that path of redemption. He’s a different Andy Wild now, just like Gene Munny is, well, that damn dirty dog that we all love. Either way you’re guaranteed a banging Y Division Championship match in November, but all I’d say is don’t look past Gene Munny. There’s something behind that comedic promo pic.

Alex Webb, Steven Myles, Jack Morris, Dickie Divers

Discovery Tag Team Championships Tournament – Quarterfinals
The Fair City Saints (Alex Webb & Air Myles) vs. The Nine9 (Dickie Divers & Jack Morris)

Discovery Wrestling Tag Team Championships are finally a thing, with the Fair City Saints and the Nine9 scheduled to do battle in the tournament’s opening quarterfinal bout. I’m ecstatic to see Alex Webb and Air Myles get this sort of chance in Discovery. Like others, they’d been doing great things before the world ended, and had just started branching out of Reckless Intent, debuting for both Discovery and Source, the latter of which ironically enough saw them in a tag team titles tournament against More Than Hype. I can see them as a darkhorse pick to go the whole way, so putting them up first against Dickie Divers and Jack Morris is an interesting strategy. A surprise win over the reigning Reckless Intent Tag Team Champions to kickstart the tournament would certainly set the right tone, and not just because Webb reference Brooklyn Nine-Nine in their promo beforehand.

Aspen Faith, Ian Skinner

Aspen Faith vs. Ian Skinner

Ooft! It’s the weekend, it’s cheat time, you can have that extra helping of spaghetti, take that cake like you want it, and, perhaps the biggest treat, you can watch Aspen Faith vs. Ian Skinner if you’ve got a ticket for the show. What’s good about this is the entire story was built from two videos that lasted about three minutes combined. Ian had his typical funny video, he’s a rat with superpowers and all that nonsense, while Aspen replied, explained how he worked up over seven years from cameraman to Y Division Championship challenger, and made the match. As far as I’m aware, this is a match that hasn’t happened before, which is surprising given their respective technical prowess. It’s going to rule, it’s going to be one of those match of the night contenders that Discovery squeezes into every card, and it’s going to be vicious. On a separate note, I hate not living in Edinburgh right now.

Ayesha Raymond, Regina Rosendahl

Regina Rosendahl vs. Ayesha Raymond

This is the match where I’m not too sure what to expect. Ayesha Raymond is someone I’m aware of, sure, but she’s very much one of the cases where I only know she’s accomplished a lot throughout her career, but am yet to properly watch any of her work outside of WWE’s Mae Young Classic. She’s not faired too well in her previous Discovery outings, winning just one of her four contests when she defeated the now-Debbie Dahmer in September 2017, also on the pre-show funnily enough. All I can say about her opponent, Finland’s Regina Rosendahl, is that she’s Finnish. A quick scan through her Cagematch profile shows she once wrestled Charlie Morgan, but that’s about it, I know very little about her career, but perhaps you and me together can learn more about her on the illustrious SWN Podcast (now with 5k total plays) when her episode drops later this month.

Caleb Valhalla

You love to see it, Caleb Valhalla is on his way to Discovery Wrestling, becoming one of a handful of WrestleZone-trained guys to venture outside of the ‘Deen. His victimopponent is yet to be announced, though it’s been confirmed that Griffin, Athena, and Deacon Matthews will also be in attendance on Sunday. An interesting time to say the least.

This event is, understandably, sold out! Doors open at 2pm for those with tickets in the front two rows, and 3pm for general admission. Masks will of course be required, and it’s recommended you take a lateral flow test prior to attending the event. All About The Wrestling once more!

Announced Matches
Y Division Championship – Joe Hendry (c) vs. Theo Doros
Discovery Women’s Championship – Session Moth Martina (c) vs. Emersyn Jayne
Y Division Championship – Number One Contender’s Match – Andy Wild vs. Gene Munny
Discovery Tag Team Championships Tournament – Quarterfinals – The Fair City Saints (Alex Webb & Air Myles) vs. The Nine9 (Dickie Divers & Jack Morris)
Aspen Faith vs. Ian Skinner
Pre-Show – Regina Rosendahl vs. Ayesha Raymond
Plus appearances from Caleb Valhalla, Deacon Matthews, Griffin, and Athena

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