Review: Discovery Wrestling ‘Disco Is Back’

What comes before Part B? PART-AY!

Discovery is back after a long hiatus.

I won’t go too much into the pandemic 20 months wait etc. as that could possibly begin every review for the next few months…

But not to put too much pressure on Discovery Wrestling but they were, and are, THEE company to watch right now. An impeccable reputation that took action when required swiftly, and made sure to be open and transparent with fans.

The matches were announced, the venue was set, the tickets were sold out in record time, it was time to get ALL ABOUT THE WRESTLING.

Discovery Wrestling have put the show up on YouTube and I’ve watched it. Opinions to follow!

Number One Contenders Match
Andy Wild defeated Gene Munny by pinfall to earn a Discovery Wrestling Y Division Championship match at the anniversary show.

Kicking off the show in style, a trimmer Gene Munny entered first and it wasn’t a secret that he was happy to be in front of a Discovery crowd again, his face beamed seeing faces in the audience. Wild entered and was also is tremendous shape, showing the fruits of his labour and the work he’s put in during this pandemic.

Started off with shoulder barges but Munny busted out an incredible lightning quick top rope flying head butt to an oncoming Wild that had me audibly yelp. Munny followed up with a silky smooth springboard armdrag.

It was an even set match, both men had opportunities to finish the other. Wild hit a gorgeous desperation Jackknife power bomb to Munny but a follow up Da Bomb attempt was met with a one armed sit out power bomb from Gene Munny that was sublime.

The match spilled to the outside with a blistering chop from Wild echoing around the venue. These two threw everything at each other with neither looking to be giving up.

Wild ducked an Ainsley Lariat attempt with a big clothesline of his own for a nearfall. A middle rope sprung spear from Munny caught another two count as both men put all their weight behind the pinfalls.

A standing Wild Night Out power bomb and Da Bomb finally finished the match for Andy Wild.

Two fan favourites in Discovery Wrestling but it was Munny that became the aggressor, even mocking the crowd during the match which saw some of the Discovery faithful put their voice behind Andy Wild.

An excellent opening match, I loved the intensity, it felt like a fight and both wrestlers NEEDED to win. Near every pinfall wasn’t just kicked out of but it was struggled out of, as noted both men used their full weight on the shoulders during the counts. It added so much to the match.

Even though both men were leaner, they’re still big lads and they moved very fast. Agility, quickness and other words you would find in a thesaurus would certainly describe the action put forward.

A brilliant start to the show.

Discovery Wrestling Tag Team Championship Tournament – Quarter Final
The Fair City Saints (Alex Webb & Steven ‘Air’ Myles) defeated The Nine9 (Jack Morris & Dickie Divers) by pinfall to advance.

A debut in tag team competition at Discovery Wrestling for The Fair City Saints. Both teams operated like well oiled machines, tag moves by tag teams. The Nine9 cornered Alex Webb in the early going, but Webb showed plenty fight to get Air Myles into the match.

The Fair City Saints fought hard, Alex Webb busted out some very nice enziguris to much effect, ducking and dodging like a young Tobey Maguire against two Bonesaw’s looking to take advantage of their 3 minutes (a deep enough Spider-Man reference?).

Alex Webb hit a Destroyer on Divers, Divers fought the move which just rotated over to completion, making the nearfall a big moment of the match.

Webb threw Divers into Jack Morris to send him to the outside, Myles dived over the top rope into Morris to allow Webb to roll up Divers for an unexpected win.

I’m excited to see more of Myles and Webb in Discovery Wrestling, an underrated team in the country and I will heavy guess that you’ll see more of them around in 2022. What more can be said about The Nine9? Easily one of the most consistent teams in the country.

This was always going to be a solid match at minimum but these teams gelled well to create a nice story and the underdogs moved forward in to keep their chances of becoming the first Discovery Wrestling Tag Team Champions. Thumbs up.

Discovery Wrestling Women’s Championship
Session Moth Martina vs Emersyn Jayne ended in a no contest. Session Moth Martina retained the Discovery Wrestling Women’s Championship.

A bit of shenanigans opened the match, Martina trying to match anything Emersyn was throwing out, even using referee Chris Quinn to assist with a kip up. An exchange involving Martian’s beverage lead to Emersyn spitting it into Martina’s face which enraged the Session Moth.

Heavy forearms, headbutts and hair extensions were scattered around the ring as these two just laid it in.

Martina clocked Emersyn with a nasty knee to the face but couldn’t put Jayne away. An elevated Shadowfax saw Martina drop from the second rope with a thud but even with a follow up springboard cutter it wasn’t enough to finish the job.

Martina hit a crucifix bomb as it looked to wrap it up but Emersyn kicked out at the last possible second.

A frustrated Jayne headed outside to grab a chair but Kasey appeared to wrestle the chair away before hitting Martina very gingerly across the head with the chair to cause a disqualification. Emersyn got a chair over the head from Kasey for her troubles.

Hard hitting adequately sums up the match. Emersyn Jayne was ferocious on offence, with the match becoming a scrap at points.

I liked this new, no nonsense side of Emersyn Jayne displayed in this one. It provided a perfect foil for Martina. The addition of Kasey to the fold adds intrigue to the future of the division.

Ian Skinner defeated Aspen Faith by submission.

A match I was super hyped for when announced. It’s no secret that Aspen is my favourite wrestler in Scotland but Ian Skinner is up there due to his inhuman intensity.

This was madness, chops, slaps, kicks, insane recoveries, suplexes, it was a whirlwind of pain.

Aspen threw in a chop/lariat combination that left Skinner crumpled like it was a no bones day.

The two seemed to challenge each other to step it up a level with every move as the chops got louder and the suplexes got spikier.

Faith caught Skinner in midair into an armbar for a quick tap out but wouldn’t let go past a five count so the referee reversed the decision, gifting Ian Skinner a win in his Discovery Wrestling debut.

Absolutely brutal. This new evolution of Aspen Faith is a scary one. Skinner showed plenty of heart, even if there was the possibility that Aspen would chop through Skinner’s rib cage to reveal it beating.

Round two? Please.

Caleb Valhalla defeated Alastor Kharon by pinfall.

A singles match debut for both with Kharon winning the Reckless Raffle Rumble at the last Discovery Wrestling event. Caleb Valhalla continues to invade promotions, shouting ‘SKOL!’ and downing mead by the tankard.

Big Caleb muscled Kharon about like a child with powerslams and German Suplexes in the early going but Kharon wasn’t rolled over, he found any short cut possible including eye rakes to allow time to get his digs in including a hard hitting lariat and a disaster kick to knock down the big man.

Confidence rose for Kharon as he got a little cocky, he hesitated for a moment to bask in his work, but found himself thrown for another German Suplex and one Hellride later and it was victory for the mighty Caleb.

Could’ve easily been a murder with Valhalla running through Alastor Kharon but Kharon showed plenty cunning and deviousness to take advantage during the match but was overpowered in the end. An impressive debut for both.

Discovery Wrestling Y Division Championship
Joe Hendry defeated Theo Doros by pinfall to retain the Discovery Wrestling Y Division Championship.

Both men started straight up wrestling with Doros wriggling out and finding counters to Joe’s holds which looked to frustrate the champion, Theo Doros using his smaller size to find spaces to escape, matching Joe hold for hold.

Doros gathered momentum to send Hendry scurrying to the outside much to his chagrin. Joe then had to rely on his power advantage to cause impactful damage with big slams and spinebusters to allow him to follow up with wear-down holds to break down Doros. Doros wasn’t to be outmatched and was able to muscle Hendry during the match.

Much like the other matches in the evening, these threw everything at each other. Doros hit an Angle Slam on Hendry but found himself being thrown off the top turnbuckle by Joe who had ran up the ropes to meet Theo.

An extended forearm/uppercut exchange saw Doros almost nab the win with a springboard forearm to the face that wasn’t only good for two.

Hendry rolled through a power bomb attempt into the ankle lock, but was countered out. Doros tried to fire up one more time but was met with a pop-up power bomb to hold Doros down for the three count.

The crowd appreciated Theo Doros with a much deserved round of applause as it appeared Joe Hendry did too… but he attacked Doros after raising his hand post-match.

An absolute war of a match. The action was non-stop. Theo Doros looked like a worthy challenger. Joe Hendry is a marvel in the ring. These two told a wonderful story with plenty of chapters.

Hendry’s post-match actions is the perfect set up for Andy Wild to conquer the champion at Discovery’s Year 6 event. We’ll have to wait and see if there’s another twist to this tale.

Attitudes and physical changes for both have taken place since these two last wrestled which creates a mouthwatering match up for Year 6.

Due to Joe Hendry’s, and Session Moth Martina’s, then-Ring of Honor status there was always a thought at the back of the mind whenever the match graphic was announced that the next match would be their final turn in Discovery Wrestling.

Of course since then circumstances have changed but it always added a little bonus edge to each time they wrestled, especially coming in as champions. Much like when Joe Coffey was signed with NXT UK when he was Y Division Champion.

A nice little spot in the background during the main event was the now-retired Michael Chase watching on. A guy that had many tussles with both wrestlers in the bout.

A fabulous return show for Discovery Wrestling, introducing new faces to the Disco crowd, setting up future matches and feuds, excellent in ring displays, what more could you ask for from a wrestling show.

The crowd were up for wrestling and Discovery delivered.

Watch the full event below:

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