Combat League Wrestling Announce House Wolf Competitors

Combat League Wrestling have announced the first House for the upcoming 2022 season.

House Wolf
Connor Rose
Captain: Glen Dunbar
Damian Ryans


5 points for a pinfall or submission.

6 points for a knockout.

Outside count 20.

Wrestlers will receive public warnings for rule breaks, upon the third warning they will be disqualified.

When a wrestler is thrown from or exits the ring during a tag match their partner immediately becomes legal and must enter the ring.

Full Announcement
House Wildcat


House Raven


House Wolf

Captain: Glen Dunbar

Connor Rose

Damian Ryans

House stag


2022 Season Dates

All events to be held at The Royal British Legion in Thurso

Round One

January 29th 2022

Round Two

March 26th 2022

Round Three

May 28th 2022

Round Four

August 27th 2022

Round Five

October 29th 2022

Season Finale

November 26th 2022

Find out more information about Combat League Wrestling on Facebook.

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