Preview: Discovery Wrestling ‘Year 6’ (28 Nov)

November and December time is the greatest time of the year. Christmas, snow, I’m A Celebrity (preferablly without Naughty Boy, though), Christmas-themed wrestling shows, and, the big one, Discovery Wrestling’s anniversary shows. These traditionally go down as well a treat as that final spoonful of Vienetta on Christmas Day, with past Disco anniversaries seeing a reunion of Revolution between Damien and Johnny Lions, Andy Wild winning the Hotter Than Hell Edinburgh Invitational, Joe Hendry becoming Y Division Champion, the debut of Lisa Marie Varon (a.k.a Victoria/Tara), and, of course, that Survival match between Gene Munny and Sugar Dunkerton.

2021 looks set to be just as wild, too…

Joe Hendry, Andy Wild, Discovery Wrestling

Discovery Wrestling Y Division Championship
Joe Hendry (c) vs. Andy Wild

In a way, this Y Division Championship match began at Discovery’s 2018 anniversary show, when Andy Wild won the second Hotter Than Hell Edinburgh Invitational tournament to earn a title match the following January. He lost the match, of course, but this is what really set him on this path that he’s been on since. It led him to effectively refrain from wrestling in Discovery for the remainder of 2019, feeling his reputation having been damaged by the loss. Had it not been for Johnny Lions goading him into it in what was Lions’ penultimate match, this match would not be happening. He defeated Gene Munny at Disco Is Back to earn the title opportunity, with Joe Hendry having seen off the challenge of Theo Doros at the same event to find himself in this tough position. Five years ago, this would have been a banger, but now, it could be a classic. Both are in entirely different situations, both have their own training schools (more on that as we come to the pre-show), and both are at the peak of their careers arguably. An easy match to push punters through the door.

Session Moth Martina, Kasey, Emersyn Jayne, Discovery Wrestling

Discovery Wrestling Women’s Championship – Triple Threat
Session Moth Martina (c) vs. Kasey vs. Emersyn Jayne

Stemming from Kasey‘s interference at Disco Is Back, both ‘The Mother of Chaos’ and Emersyn Jayne will be challenging for Session Moth Martina‘s Women’s Championship at Year 6. Emersyn, who’d earned a future Women’s Championship opportunity back in February 2020 before, well, y’know, invoked said opportunity against Martina in October, providing a new no-nonsense style in what was a great little match with the, let’s say, outgoing Martina. The addition of a chair-weilding Kasey to the mix, resulting in the no contest finish, acted as a great way to set up this match, with the She Wolves member the only party here to not have held Discovery’s Women’s Championship. Given the run she’s been on as of late, both in singles competition and with Molly Spartan, don’t be surprised to see that fact change come Year 6, which would now be particularly intriguing given Martina has just surpassed the 1,000-day mark as Women’s Champion.

Big Damo, Gene Munny, Discovery Wrestling

Big Damo vs. Gene Munny

The first of the two big guest matches, Big Damo is back and he’ll be facing Gene Munny. When Damo was originally released from WWE, I put together a traditional ‘Five Picks’ piece for him, including the expected choices (your Andy Wilds and the like, which ended up happening last weekend), plus some wildcard choices (the Kez Evans‘ and Kriegers of the world), but Gene Munny was, at first, a surprising choice. Yes, he’s effectively now a pillar of Discovery Wrestling, and yes, he’s just as big and beefy as ‘The Beast of Belfast’, but it just wasn’t expected. The Gene Munny we saw at Disco Is Back was different to the Gene Munny we’d seen before; there were fewer shenanigans and almost a more serious tone around him. That’s the way he needs to be vs. the former Killian Dain.

Mark Haskins, Vicky Haskins, Aspen Faith, Discovery Wrestling

Mark Haskins w/Vicky Haskins vs. Aspen Faith

The second guest match comes at an entirely different end of the wrestling spectrum. You’ll get all your Vader Bombs and Ainsley Lariats and insert other big man move here in Big Damo vs. Gene Munny, but Mark Haskins vs. Aspen Faith will be more of a mat-based, technical match; a match for the pure wrestling fans out there, speaking of which, Jonathan Gresham would be a hoot of a guest for Discovery in 2022. The thing about Aspen right now is he seems to be on this mission to take down Discovery newcomers. He tried it with Ian Skinner at Disco Is Back, and now he’s doing it with Haskins at Year 6. He has been there since day one, albeit not always in an in-ring capacity, so he should be in these big marquee situations. It’s no secret he’s a firm favourite here at SWN Towers, but that’s besides the point; Faith vs. Haskins will be a serious Match Of The Year contender if it goes down the right way.

Theo Doros, Jack Morris, Dickie Divers, Discovery Wrestling

Theo Doros vs. Jack Morris w/Dickie Divers

A last-minute addition to the card, Theo Doros vs. Jack Morris was confirmed yesterday afternoon, with Morris scheduled to be flanked by his Nine9 ally, Dickie Divers. Both suffered defeat at Disco Is Back, with Doros coming this close to dethroning Joe Hendry as the Y Division Champion, while Morris and Divers were ousted from the Tag Team Championships tournament in a surprising loss to the Fair City Saints, so this is all about bouncing back and regaining #MoMeNtUm heading into 2022. In Jack Morris’ case, this could genuinely be a career-changing match for him in Discovery. Theo, like Gene Munny, has really come into his own since joining the Discovery roster, being part of iconic company feuds and now recently, being a deserved title challenger. Though Morris these days is regarded primarily as a tag team guy, a Y Division Championship match chould await him in the new year.

Griffin, Deacon Matthews, Caleb Valhalla, Ian Skinner, Discovery Wrestling

Fatal Four Way
Griffin vs. Deacon Matthews vs. Caleb Valhalla vs. Ian Skinner

It’s the return of an old favourite, the Disco Four Way, and this time around, it’s up to Griffin, Deacon Matthews, Caleb Valhalla, and Ian Skinner to wow the Edinburgh faithful. Looking back upon previous four ways in Discovery, the star power is immense – Chris Sabin, of all people, partook in the inaugural one on Discovery’s debut event – while the winners have mostly gone on to reach success in the promotion, with Michael Chase, Joe Hendry, and Theo Doros all becoming renowned for their work in Discovery post-four way. In this case, the results could be the same, even moreso for Valhalla and Skinner. Both are newcomers to the Discovery scene, having been victorious at Disco Is Back over Alastor Kharon and Aspen Faith, respectively, and are making impressive rounds on the ScotWres scene. A win here would only further solidify this.

Team Joe Hendry (Ryan Richards, Dean Mac & Ashley Vega) vs. Team FPWA (Tommy Kartel, Frank Gallo & Beth Shorty)

I like this. Giving six rising, genuine future of the scene wrestlers a chance to shine on such a high stage is an excellent move on Discovery’s part, so props to them, first off. Both Joe Hendry and Andy Wild have worked incredibly hard to not only make their Y Division Championship clash feel more prestigious than everything else on the card, but they’ve also been working close behind the scenes to ensure their students are ready for these sorts of situations. The promos we’ve seen from the six involved show they’ve got promise. It’s now down to how they perform in front of an actual crowd. Tommy Kartel, in particular, felt a tad awkward during the backstage confrontation that led to this, glaring at the camera on occasion, but again, his promo shows he’s ready. Absolutely worth getting along early for those who have tickets in the front two rows.

Doors open at 2pm for those with tickets in the front two rows, and 3pm for general admission, with only a PayPal confirmation required upon entry to the venue. Masks will of course be required unless exempt, and it’s recommended you take a lateral flow test prior to attending the event.

Announced Matches
Discovery Wrestling Y Division Championship – Joe Hendry (c) vs. Andy Wild
Discovery Wrestling Women’s Championship – Triple Threat – Session Moth Martina (c) vs. Kasey vs. Emersyn Jayne
Big Damo vs. Gene Munny
Mark Haskins w/Vicky Haskins vs. Aspen Faith
Theo Doros vs. Jack Morris w/Dickie Divers
Fatal Four Way – Griffin vs. Deacon Matthews vs. Caleb Valhalla vs. Ian Skinner
Pre-Show – Team Joe Hendry (Ryan Richards, Dean Mac & Ashley Vega) vs. Team FPWA (Tommy Kartel, Frank Gallo & Beth Shorty)

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