Five Picks To Face ‘The Beast Of Belfast’ Big Damo

Killian Dain NXT
Photo credit World Wrestling Entertainment

Killian Dain has unfortunately been one of the many names released by WWE on Friday evening, joining the likes of the Four Horsewomen’s Marina Shafir, NXT pairings Breezango and Ever-Rise, and literally everyone from 205 Live. The real-life Damian Mackle signed with the company in October 2016, struggling to ever properly reach his full potential in the ‘E. A meaningless NXT Tag Team Championships reign with Eric Young and Alexander Wolfe and a recent run alongside Drake Maverick were the peak of ‘The Beast of Belfast’s’ WWE career.

He, like many others, now has a 90-day non-compete clause to see through. He’ll be allowed to wrestle from Sunday, 3 October onwards. The obvious route now is to look ahead to that date. Who’ll be his first opponent? Which promotions will be chomping at the bit to the big guy in the door for a marquee attraction? Most importantly, will he come on the critically-acclaimed SWN Podcast?

For now, though, here’s some big beefy boys who should face big beefy Damo when he’s legally allowed to do so.

Caleb Valhalla WrestleZone
Photo credit Brian Battensby Photography

Caleb Valhalla

Oh my goodness, the shock and horror at an SWN list of dream matches containing Caleb Valhalla as one of the choices. You need only watch the guy’s entrance, let alone him wrestle, to understand why he’s always a featured name, though. ‘The Mighty’ Valhalla has been a favourite at SWN Towers since even before his debut, forcefully removing the Sterling Brothers from the Northern Hotel in June 2018, but since becoming the bodyguard of one Alan Sterling, he’s taken things up a level, perfecting his Hellride finisher that’s beaten many a foe; Robbie Solar, Kaden Garrick, and everyone inbetween.

Annoyingly, big Caleb was scheduled for his first venture outside of WrestleZone, as he was set for a tangle with Don Massimo at Fair City Wrestling’s Nae Mercy show in April 2020. For a WrestleZone-trained name to be this early in their career and already receiving such opportunities is a testament to the work Valhalla puts in away from the ring; you just don’t get to be that good without the effort (although how anyone consumes that much pizza while maintaining that physique is a mystery).

The absolute scenes of Caleb hoisting the former Killian Dain up for that Hellride swinging side slam – beautiful. The best part about it, though? Caleb wouldn’t look a step out of place across from the former WWE star.

Andy Wild Discovery Wrestling
Photo credit David J. Wilson

Andy Wild

Another regular on SWN ‘top X’ lists is Andy Wild, a man who’s recently accomplished twoΒ massive goals for wrestlers; he’s debuted for WWE by way of NXT UK, and he’s packed in the day job to focus on his passion full-time, which he also covers with the successful Fife Pro Wrestling Asylum. If there’s anyone in Scotland who can pull off making a viable living involved in wrestling full-time, it’s Andy Wild.

‘The Dad Bod God’ has forever been deemed one of the nation’s greatest exports as it pertains to the squared circle, with the past few years seeing a career resurgence for him that’s resulted in standout matches for the likes of WrestleZone and Discovery Wrestling. In short, Wild earned this NXT UK gig, even if he is losing to Symbiosis. Anyone who can tell me why Eddie Dennis, Primate, and Tyson T-Bone are called that wins a free Freddo.

It’s because of these NXT UK matches, however, that set Andy up perfectly for a clash with Big Damo. To my knowledge (a.k.a a search on Cagematch), the duo have never shared a ring one on one, with their shared ring time coming by way of two Rumble matches in 2013 and 2016. Given how vastly Andy has improved in the last few years, it’s a must-have for any promotion once Damo returns. That it hasn’t happened before (according to the Cagematch faithful) legitimately shocked me; it’s Andy Wild and Big Damo. Come on, promoters!

Krieger Discovery Wrestling
Photo credit David J, Wilson


Krieger has become a new man since he last stepped out in front of a crowd. He’s distanced himself a bit from multi-time championship-winning partner Lou King Sharp since they dropped their last set of titles and had a slight falling out (although they appear friendly again), he destroyed poor lad Martin McAllister in ninety seconds, and he’s wearing gear reminiscent of Kevin Nash. ‘Big Sexy’ Krieger would sound about right if this was a year ago, but just go on the WWE Network and watch his latest footage. This isn’t the Krieger that rubs up poor Martyn Clunes in the Northern Hotel; this is the Krieger that wrestled Rickey Shane Page.

‘Scudmaster Sexy’ has, surprisingly, not competed in many marquee matches, bar that aforementioned scrap with the deathmatch legend. He’s had steel cage matches, Glasgow street fights, and TLC matches at the Hydro, but nothing on the level of facing a former WWE star, regardless of how terribly they treated ‘The Hound of Ulster’. Quite frankly, as tremendous as Krieger and Lou are together, the big time Krieger singles run is something that should have already went down, and technically, it did; when Sharp left for China, he got those big attraction matches with RSP, Grado, and Stevie Xavier.

But again, Big Damo is a different kind of beast, quite literally. Put Krieger in against Damo now, and it could work. Wait a few months, though, and Krieger would look right at home opposite the former SAnitY guy. He’s got the look, he’s got the charisma, and he’s got the in-ring style to back it up. Don’t bet on a Fisherman’s Buster on the hairy Irishman, though.

Kez Evans Pro Wrestling Elite
Photo credit David J. Wilson

Kez Evans

A surprising pick here, but it’s justified. Much like Krieger, Kez Evans has completely transformed his character in recent years, although his change began aΒ long while before the world broke down. He’d turned on BT Gunn, he’d defeated ‘The Oddity’, he’d began getting matches with talents like Kay Lee Ray and Grado, he’d united with Joe Hendry, Leyton Buzzard, and others, and it all culminated in him becoming the Zero-G Champion.

Kez has come a long way since his February 2016 debut, and it’s why he’s capable of tangling with Big Damo. The best part here is that his signature moveset would make for a perfect match vs. ‘The Beast of Belfast’. His Kez Dispenser Gotch-style Piledriver would only be capable on Damo once he’s been worn down with the delightful Blood Clot Clutch, while the aptly-named Walloper lariat can do just as much damage as either of those. Suffice to say, Kez Evans comes with a stellar repertoire between the ropes that makes him a perfect match to face just about anybody, Big Damo included.

That is, of course, unless Evans finds himself in the corner for a Van-Damo-Nator. That’s not something I’d wish upon anyone.

Alexander Darwin MacAllan Respect Pro Wrestling
Photo credit Marion McGinn

Alexander Darwin MacAllan

I’d like to say Alexander Darwin MacAllan hasΒ also changed his character as of late, but he’s not. Well, not really. The Manifesto – featuring Dylan Thorn, Kyle Khaos, and former(?) Source Wrestling rival Grant McIvor – is merely the continuation of sorts of the Violence Institute, a stable where ADM found great success alongside the likes of MATT DALY, Xero, and Luke Matthews.

MacAllan is always being touted as a breakout star of Scottish wrestling because he’s simply that captivating in everything he does. When he wrestles, he doesn’t wrestle like your stereotypical big man; his signatures include a Rolling Elbow and a kneecap Brainbuster a la Adam Cole. Where’s your Powerbombs and sidewalk slams? Nowhere in sight because ADM doesn’t need them. Just because he’s a tall lad, it doesn’t mean he can’t strike like the best of them.

That’s before you even take into consideration his promos because holy hell, can the guy speak. Backed up with Shaun Walker‘s immense filming and editing skills, ‘The Clyde River Killer’ becomes exactly that through a single promo. Could you imagine the level of promo he could cut to hype up a match vs. Big Damo? Arguably, it’d be better than the match, even more so if it were to go down on a marquee Source Wrestling event.

Who would you like to see face ‘The Beast of Belfast’?

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