Full Results: World Wide Wrestling League ‘Wrestling Showdown: Live and Unlocked Tour’ Elgin

W3L Wrestling Showdown Championship – 10 Man Showdown – Saqib Ali defeated TJ Rage by pinfall to WIN the W3L Wrestling Showdown Championship.


  1. Saqib Ali
  2. Rhoderick Jones
  3. Luke Aldridge
  4. Nathan Reynolds
  5. Euan G Mackie
  6. Craig Stephens
  7. Meyhem Brooks
  8. Taylor Bryden
  9. The Tormentor
  10. TJ Rage

Nathan Reynolds defeated The Tormentor by pinfall.

Mike Musso entered to give a health update but was interrupted by Craig Stephens who told him that the W3L Heavyweight Championship would be his. Taylor Bryden entered and challenged Stephens to a match later tonight which was accepted.

Euan G Mackie defeated Meyhem Brooks by pinfall.

Rhoderick Jones defeated Luke Aldridge by pinfall.

Taylor Bryden defeated Craig Stephens by pinfall.

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