Results: SWN Year End Awards 2021

Welcome to the seventh annual SWN Year End Awards results!

Announced first on SWN Live here are the full results.

Admin Award

Our Admin Award recognises those that have represented Scottish wrestling in a capacity that provides more eyes on the country through their actions and accomplishments over the course of their wrestling career.

Outstanding Recognition Award for Extraordinary Service

Nikki Storm

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Fan Voted Awards

The fan vote opened on January 1st 2022 and was open for 14 days. Votes were cast over that time and the winners of each category are below along with the two runners up.

Wrestler of the Year (Male)
  1. Andy Wild
  2. Kez Evans
  3. Caleb Valhalla
Wrestler of the Year (Female)
  1. Angel Hayze
  2. Sirena Rose
  3. Kasey
tag team of the Year
  1. The Nine9 (Jack Morris & Dickie Divers)
  2. She-Wolves (Molly Spartan & Kasey)
  3. KoE (King Killa & Kai Williams-King)
International Talent of the Year
  1. Big Damo
  2. Francesco Akira
  3. Nitro Green
Move of the Year
  1. Helride (Caleb Valhalla)
  2. Da Bomb (Andy Wild)
  3. Blood Clot Clutch (Kez Evans)
Match of the Year
  1. BT Gunn vs Stevie Boy – ICW ‘Fear & Loathing XIII’
  2. Ian Skinner vs Mark Haskins – Discovery Wrestling ‘Year 6’
  3. Andy Wild vs Gene Munny – Discovery Wrestling ‘Disco Is Back!’
Feud of the Year
  1. Kez Evans vs Craig Anthony – Insane Championship Wrestling
  2. Jason Reed vs Chris Bungard – Insane Championship Wrestling
  3. Andy Wild vs Joe Hendry – Discovery Wrestling
Show of the Year
  1. Discovery Wrestling ‘Disco Is Back!’
  2. Insane Championship Wrestling ‘Fear & Loathing XIII’ Night Two
  3. WrestleZone ‘Halloween Hijinks’
Promotion of the Year
  1. Discovery Wrestling
  2. Insane Championship Wrestling
  3. Fair City Wrestling
One To Watch 2022 (Male)
  1. Ian Skinner
  2. Brent Carter
  3. Ian Ambrose
One To Watch 2022 (Female)
  1. Brodie Adler
  2. Harmony Skye
  3. Ashley Vega/Moxie Malone/Rosie Nyte
One To Watch 2022 (Tag Team)
  1. Thatcher’s Cabinet (Thatcher Wright, Mr Ian Skinner, and Charles Vyce)
  2. Foundation of the Future (Zach Dynamite, Bruiser Brad Evans, and Ryan Riley)
  3. Robbie Balfour & Ross Hunter
One To Watch 2022 (Promotion)
  1. Fair City Wrestling
  2. Community Pro Wrestling
  3. WrestleZone Scotland/Pro2 Wrestling
SWN Podcast of the Year
  1. with Ian Ambrose (Audio | Video)
  2. The Ian Skinner Show (Audio | Video)
  3. Umar Mohammed II: Electric Boogaloo (Audio | Video)/Brodie Adler II: Brodie Strikes Back (Audio | Video)

Thank you for taking the time to vote.

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