Billy’s five picks to win the 2022 Reckless Rumble

Everyone loves a rumble. It is 100% a fact and anyone that tells you different should be watched very carefully. Reckless Intent Wrestling return to action in 2022 with their annual Reckless Rumble event, this Saturday, at their home base of the Murieston Scout Hall in Livingston.

What better way to kick off a year of Reckless than to have several folk throw other folk over the top rope until one remains and books themselves a first class ticket to a chance at the RI Heavyweight Championship.

Past winners have included Joe Hendry, DCT, Michael Chase, Paul Tracey, Dickie Divers, and the current RI Heavyweight Champion, Theo Doros. Quite a list of top talent to join but who will be the one?

Now, quite often with rumbles there’s some clear favourites. With Reckless Intent only getting in two shows under their belt since the world attempted to re-open, there really is no obvious winner.

Which always makes for an exciting rumble. So who are my fave five to win this year? Scroll down…

Alastor Kharon

A mainstay in Reckless Intent Wrestling for a number of years now, Kharon has picked up the RI Tag Team Championships, and has the opportunity to pick up the RI UK Championship at the event when he faces Taylor Bryden. Recently he’s evolved into this unpredictable monster with a scary mask which is more than a bit unsettling. A dark horse perhaps to win but Kharon is one I wouldn’t discount so easily.

BT Gunn

The only name confirmed for the rumble with a little graphic so far is BT Gunn. No doubt the combatants on the poster and the matches proceeding will also be in the match (except the RI Heavyweight Champion, although Brock Lesnar and Charlotte Flair have proven that doesn’t really matter). Gunn has an impressive resume in this world of professional wrestling but never a championship in Reckless Intent. I don’t envy anyone that has to try and eliminate him and get near that chopping hand of his.

Jack Morris

On the cusp of heavyweight greatness, six pack Jack is possibly one big win away from being a main event guy in Reckless Intent, one half of the current RI Tag Team Champions with past rumble winner Dickie Divers, and a former RI UK Champion, he’s on the way to becoming one of a handful of grand slam winners in Reckless Intent Wrestling. A rumble win and a heavyweight championship victory is within his grasp to achieve such history. Call it a gut feeling (and I have plenty of gut) but I think Jack Morris is going to do well in this.

Aspen Faith

It was only a matter of time eh? Aspen Faith has the worst record in a rumble matches but if I keep putting him in these lists surely I will be right at some point. Cunning, wily, and happy to smash folk about, he’s always a contender (hopefully he’s learned what not to do from previous rumble escapades).

Zach Dynamite

An absolutely left field choice to wrap up my guesses. My mind can’t get away from the possibility of Zach Dynamite heading to Reckless Intent Wrestling. Dynamite recently ventured outside of the North East for the first time in a while to make an appearance at Fair City Wrestling and there’s this voice at the back of my head (not Voldemort) that thinks he might take a trip to Livingston this weekend. Really it’s down to this tweet:

For those unaware, Aspen made his return to WrestleZone a couple weeks back and he fended off a post-match attack by The Foundation of the Future aka, Bruiser Brad Evans, Ryan Riley, and their leader, Zach Dynamite, to the Undisputed WrestleZone Champion Damien. I do love some cross promotional tie-ins and for Dynamite to head to Reckless to gain some revenge would be amazing.

An absolute shot in the dark but imagine…

Matches Announced

Aspen Faith vs Air Myles

RI Tag Team Championships – Open Challenge – The Nine9 (Jack Morris & Dickie Divers) (c) vs ??? & ???

RI UK Championship – Taylor Bryden (c) vs Alastor Kharon

RI Heavyweight Championship – Theo Doros (c) vs Kez Evans

Reckless Rumble – Confirmed entrants: BT Gunn

More Information

Doors Open: 6.30pm. Bell Time: 7pm.

Tickets: Available here.

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