Daniel’s Review: WrestleZone ‘Live In Ellon’ (19 Feb 2022)

by Daniel
VIP ticketholders match – The Super Executioner vs Scotty Swift

Swift was out first and the shenanigans started early as a single gloved hand emerged from under the ring. Swift got his leg grabbed before he hopped up onto the ring apron as he made his entrance.

Scotty made a show of asking who was under there, even calling the Super Executioner out by name to no reply. Swift then decided to act like no one is under the ring and shushed the crowd, asking them to play along. He then lifted up the ring apron and revealed the Super Executioner hiding under the ring. Scotty calls for Super Executioner to come from under the ring but he refuses, so Scotty decided to get the crowd to make as much as noise as possible, egging them on. He then climbed into the ring and jumped up and down on the mat as hard as he can.

The Super Exectuioner then exclaimed, via microphone, that’s his ears hurt and he thought he had gone deaf and that finally got him to come out from under the ring. He spent an extended time on the outside with his head in his hands complaining that his ears hurt. Which lead to Scotty following him outside to lay in some offense and get the crowd to make even more noise, before rolling the Super Executioner into the ring to start the match officially.

Scotty took control early with wrist locks and clapping his hands behind Super Executioner’s head to keep his ears ringing. Super Executioner finally managed to rally a bit, but failed completely to slam Scotty, even being unable to lift him for a scoop slam, which brought things to a halt.

Scotty then mocked Super Executioner for his lack of strength and being unable to do the lift then got referee Dennis Law to show Super Executioner how to do a scoop slam properly, the referee successfully lifted Scotty into a scoop slam position before putting him back on his feet.

They locked up and Scotty effortlessly scoop slammed Super Executioner to the mat, he locked up a sharpshooter following a two count, but Super Executioner managed to get to the rope and went to the outside, but got brought back in quickly by Swift. Scotty locked up but Super Executioner managed to get some kicks in but failed to ram Scotty’s head into the turnbuckle after multiple attempts which Scotty successfully blocked. Scotty ran Super Executioner across the ring corner to corner hard with multiple Irish whips, in a move reminiscent of Bret Hart.

Super Executioner went back to landing kicks in the corner and landed some forearms to the back of Scotty while shouting at “Karate!” as he did it.

Scotty took back control and went up the top turnbuckle, but Super Executioner backed off and went to the top on the opposite side, looking decidedly wobbly as he made his way up, before climbing down to the middle rope instead, which leads to a funny exchange as Scotty stayed on his side while Super Executioner stayed on his side, both arguing over how to a do a move from the top rope. Eventually Scotty convinced to Super Executioner to climb down and come over to Scotty’s corner at which point Scotty pounced off the top rope on to him.

After a bit more back and forth, Super Executioner failed to perform a vertical suplex on Scotty, Scotty then convinces Super Executioner to to give up on the attempt and offered to show Super Executioner how to do a vertical suplex properly. He started slowly by applying the front face hold and asked Super Excecutioner to trust him. After a bit of back and forth to get Super Executioner’s trust, Scotty performed the vertical suplex with authority which got a two count.

Super Executioner applied the Kali Ma, Scotty waits then after 5 seconds said out loud “you know what, this doesn’t even hurt” and then reverse the hold using Super Executioner’s own hand against him to perform it. Super Executioner struggled to resist this but he couldn’t, so he went to the ropes as quickly as he could.

After returning to his feet Super Executioner was relieved of the white belt around his waist, which drew a laugh as Scotty noted that it wasn’t even a real white belt. Super Executioner went the outside one more time following by Scotty, they brawled a bit outside before heading back into the ring.

Super Executioner flurried one final time and even scored a couple of roll ups only getting two each time, the ends came when Scotty got an O’Connor roll for the win.

Rating – 6/10 – a fun VIP opener which got the crowd going, Super Executioner’s comedy was on point. Scotty hasn’t lost his touch at all. Hope we get more Super Executioner going forward.

Connor Molloy vs Bryan Tucker

Tucker was out first and was full of trash talk as usual for the crowd and for Connor, he said he’s say he’s there to show Connor what wrestling looks like.

Exchange of headlocks to start, with Connor taking control early, Tucker complained that’s not what he meant, Connor landed with some solid arm drags and got a wrist lock.

Tucker began to crow when he got a headlock on Connor, but it didn’t last long. Connor landed a solid drop kick and some forearms, he began to pick the pace up. He almost fell right off the apron when he went to the outside to slingshot his way back in, which allowed Tucker to take control with some strikes including a knee strike through the ropes, Tucker took Connor back inside. Connor rallied back with a Pele kick and got the slingshot spear he was looking for to get a two count.

Connor fought back using Tucker’s own tie against him, which eventually came loose, prompting Connor to ask why he was wrestling in a tie in the first place.

They brawled on the outside before heading back into the ring, Connor went back into the ring and Tucker spend to much arguing with the crowd which left him to getting counted out which which left Tucker absolutely beside himself.

Rating – 7/10 – Tucker needs something to do now that feud with Johnson is over, this was a decent match but I don’t see too much coming from it.

Ronan King vs Cysto

A hilarious start to this as Cysto first came from an unexpected direction then sat outside with fans to clap along to his entrance music while making his way to the ring, he also struggled to get into the ring and needed a run up.

King took control early and kept mentioning a new move he planned to reveal. Cysto surprised Ronan King with some speed and agility exhibiting flawless drop downs and arm drags and keeping pace with King.

King regained control and went up top to hit the new move he had bragging about. But he took so long that Cysto made it to his feet and crotched King on the top rope. He then shoved King off the top rope.

After a bit more back and forth King got the win over Cysto with a curb stomp.

Rating – 6/10 – a good win to get King over, it did what it needed which was get King his first win. He’s about to come into his own, especially as he is about to enter his first real feud with Mikkey Vago.

Crusher Craib vs Caleb Valhalla

This is the match I was looking forward to the most. At Summerhill Showdown, Crusher told Caleb that his association with Alan Sterling his holding him down and preventing from realising his true potential, saying he knows what it’s like from his time as a member of Sterling Oil, he told Caleb to leave Sterling and made the challenge for a match in Ellon.

Caleb was all fire, coming out in war paint, he was clearly looking forward to the fight. Crusher was deadly serious but clearly also thrilled at the chance to go on on one with Caleb, he completely ignored the crowd on his way to the ring.

The two were right in each other’s faces to start, with Caleb roaring like a feral beast and Crusher telling him to bring it. They started by exchanging forearms, neither man budging much.

Crusher hit a shoulder block, Caleb took it and remained standing. Caleb tried for a shoulder block but couldn’t get Crusher off his feet. Crusher signalled that he was about to hit the ropes and get a run up, the two collided with force but Caleb was still on his feet. Caleb took a turn at it but couldn’t get Crusher down. Crusher signalled it was his turn and again neither man went down. They bounced off the ropes, exchanging shoulder blocks, until finally Caleb knocked Crusher down. Caleb went for a sliding lariat attempt but Crusher dodged it. Caleb fired up and roared defiantly every time he took a hit, he was really into this and it showed. Crusher hit a huge Black Hole Slam.

They exchanged chops, increasing in stiffness with each shot. It seemed fairly even until Crusher landed a big boot which took Caleb down. Crusher hit a fall away slam and they went to the outside. Crusher ran Caleb into the ring post and then draped Caleb on the ring apron to land some hard forearm shots.

Back in the ring, Crusher is worked over Caleb in the corner. Caleb was now bleeding from the nose, which might’ve been a result of hitting the ring post, not sure. They exchanged clotheslines in the corner, with the ring moving on every big hit, knockdown and slam.

Some mores strikes were exchanged and Caleb got a huge German Suplex on Crusher, then another but he couldn’t put Crusher away. Caleb attempted, what looks like, either a Tour of the Islands or a power slam, but Crusher escaped and responded with German Suplexes of his own, finishing off with a brutal release German.

After a final exchange of strikes, Caleb hit a Tour of the Islands like move to get this hard fought win. His nose was still dripping with blood that’ll need to be looked at, he helped Crusher to his feet and offered a handshake which Crusher accepted. Crusher raised Caleb’s hand and then left to let Caleb have his moment.

Rating – 9/10 – Caleb Valhalla is a huge star and this match proved, no wonder he’s been so many big debuts recently. This match was a brutal war, with both Crusher and Caleb holding nothing back. The sky is the limit for Valhalla once he breaks away from Alan Sterling I can see him being a main event player very soon after.

Foundation of the Future (Ryan Riley and Brad Evans) vs Heavy Metal Thunder (Mikkey Vago and Blue Thunder)

Blue Thunder was filling in for Chris Archer who couldn’t make it to Ellon.

Mikkey Vago and Ryan Riley to started us off, Vago’s hand was still taped up following the post match attack by Ronan King at Summerhill Showdown.

Vago started up strong, keeping control of Riley early with headlocks, hammerlocks and good ring positioning, but the Foundation of the Future went to work with quick tags between Riley and Evans. Vago rallied back and tagged in Blue Thunder, Thunder landed arm drags on Riley and applied an armbar, Evans tagged back in and he was met with headlocks from Blue Thunder and a dropkick.

Unfortunately Blue Thunder couldn’t keep it up and Evan started to lay in heavy strikes and more quick tags come for the Foundation of the Future as they started to wear Blue Thunder down. Foundation of the Future kept the pressure up and one point knocked Vago down off the apron which drew his ire. Vago came in all fired up without a tag which drew the attention of the referee allowing Foundation of the Future to double team Blue Thunder.

Blue Thunder finally caught a break and Vago came in with the the hot, hot tag. He ran wild on both members of Foundation of the Future with clotheslines and flying forearms. Quick tags from Foundation of the Future put them back in control until Blue Thunder tagged back in.

Riley and Evans hit their Spinebuster and Inverted DDT combo to Blue Thunder to pick up the win.

Rating – 8/10 – Great tag team offering, Blue Thunder hasn’t missed a beat and Foundation of the Future looked good.

Post-match, the beat down continued on Blue Thunder, Ronan King attacked Vago from behind just as he was fighting back. King didn’t hang around, he ran straight out after knocking down Vago. Could King be a potential new member of the Foundation of the Future?

Zach Dynamite vs Mr P

Mr P started with the mind games as he mooned Dynamite before going. Mr P was content to control the pace early with hammerlocks and headlocks. Dynamite landed kicks to get back into it and attacked with chops in the corner, but Mr P reversed that to land some chops of his own, keeping momentum, changing to flying forearms and also landing a crossbody.

Mr P sped things up and had the edge, he landed some hard kicks right to the butt of Zach Dynamite.

The match went to the outside, then back inside, Dynamite landed a hard super kick which stunned Mr P and allowed him to take control for the next few minutes.

Mr P rallied back and both men started exchanging pin attempts for near falls, it looked like Mr P was getting the better of it though until Dynamite rolled him up with the help of the ropes to get the win.

Mr P grabbed a mic and says he knows when he’s beaten, but he also knows a liar and a cheat when he sees one. He told the Foundation of the Future not to continue down the road they are on and said that it’s his mission to break up the Foundation of the Future. He said he knows there are others in the WZ locker room who don’t agree with their methods, and who will have his back when the time comes to put the Foundation of the Future down and it will be time to embrace the chaos. Mr P’s music played and he left.

Rating – 7/10 – following on from the tag match this linked up with that Mr P recruiting The Rejected to take on the Foundation of the Future in a backstage promo before the Ellon show. This could come to a head either at the Regal Rumble or Aberdeen Anarchy.

Damien vs Dino Del Monte

Dino claimed he is the best striker in WZ and started out with a heavy leather to Damien, which knocked Damien down with his first forearm of the match. Damien responded in kind, dropping Del Monte to his knees. Del Monte fired back and it’s clear the size advantage was making a big difference. Damien wouldn’t quit but audibly wasn’t sure how many of these heavy shots he could take, but he kept coming forward.

They went to the outside early, Damien used a rubbish bin to attack Del Monte, they brawled on the outside for a good while, but the ref gave them plenty of leeway, not beginning his count until both have been out of the ring for a while.

Damien grabbed a foam hand from the merch table and teased attacking Del Monte with it on multiple occasions, instead choosing to lay in kicks and chops instead. He then asked if anyone wanted a foam hand, then when the crowd says yes, Damien said it’s £6 at the merch table, he returned to the foam hand and went back to brawl some more with Del Monte.

The two went back into the ring, Del Monte landed a sidewalk slam and kept going with heavy strikes. Damien responded with a backstabber through the ropes for a near fall. He also hit a codebreaker late out of nowhere which surprisingly Del Monte kicked out of.

The end came with Damien pulling out the win with a roll up in a match that was closer than most expected it to be.

Rating – 8/10 – Del Monte was genuinely made to look like a threat to Damien which is a big for the youngster, what followed the match is most interesting aspect.

Following the match, Del Monte attacked Damien as he went to leave and threw him back into the ring. Scotty Swift ran out to make the save, but was followed by Mauler Murphy who landed heavy shots to Scotty, followed a big top rope splash.

Del Monte continued his assault on Damien and knocked him out with a discus forearm similarly to how he knocked out Umar Mohammed. Del Monte got on the mic and introduced Murphy as the newest member of The Outfit, he then crowed about how he knocked out the young blood Mohammed at Summerhill Showdown and Damien in Ellon.

The refs and ringside staff finally cleared The Outfit from the ring to tend to Scotty and Damien, Scotty refused help and insisted the staff check on Damien as he was knocked out. Scotty said he’ll be ok, but Damien needed their help. Both sat on the apron, with Damien looking dazed, before he was helped to the back.

Scotty acknowledged Murphy and said that he’d see him soon, he lead the crowd in cheering on Damien as he was carried out to end the show.


Overall this show why these smaller shows shouldn’t be skipped, as it was a great night full of action which did great work to set the table for the Regal Rumble. Which is looking more interesting than ever and there are new developments which could shake things up.

It’s a great time to be WrestleZone fan right now with all of this new talent coming through and with WZ getting better seemingly every show.

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