Full Results: Respect Pro Wrestling ‘A Wild Night Out’

The following results are from Respect Pro Wrestling’s ‘A Wild Night Out’ event at the Garnock Community Centre in Kilbirnie, Scotland on February 26th, 2022:

RPW Laird of the Ring Championship Number One Contendership – Lord Sean Martin defeated Taylor Vite by pinfall to become number one contender to the RPW Laird of the Ring Championship.

Scottish Interpromotional Championship – Saqib Ali defeated Robbie Wishart by pinfall to retain the Pro2 Interpromotional Championship.

Wishart gave his retirement speech, the roster gave a standing ovation.

Lochlan Windhammer & Robbie Cardwell defeated ML1 (Logan Lee & Bennie) by pinfall.

Windhammer and Cardwell offered handshakes to their opponents after the match but were ignored.

Bobby Roberts defeated Thomas Daniels by pinfall.

Ewan O’Raw announced that Bobby Roberts had relinquished his half of the RPW Tag Team Championships. O’Raw introduced his new partner, Dru Marshall.

RPW Tag Team Championships – Ewan O’Raw & Dru Marshall defeated Sweeney & Adam Shame by pinfall to retain the RPW Tag Team Championship.

Sweeney and Shame attacked O’Raw and Marshall after the match.

Rubi Roberts defeated Ashley Vega by pinfall.

Rubi Roberts attacked Vega after the match until Emily Hayden made the save.

Awesome Robb defeated Judas Grey by pinfall.

RPW Heavyweight Championship – Alexander Darwin MacAllan defeated Andy Wild by pinfall to retain the RPW Heavyweight Championship.

ML1 distracted Andy Wild to assist ADM. ADM and ML1 attacked Wild after the match until Bobby Roberts made the save.

Bobby Roberts challenged ADM to a match on May 1st at Lochwinnoch Community Annexe for ‘It’s Gotta Be May’.

Our thanks to Respect Pro Wrestling for the results to this event.

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