Full Results: Discovery Wrestling ‘All About The Raffle 2022’

The following results are from Discovery Wrestling’s ‘All About The Raffle’ event at the O2 Academy in Edinburgh on February 27th, 2022:

VIP Ticket Holder Match – The Fair City Saints (Alex Webb & Air Myles) defeated The Foundation and of the Future (Zach Dynamite & Ryan Riley) by pinfall.

Triple Threat – BT Gunn defeated Ian Skinner and Jack Morris by pinfall.

Loser Enters Disco Derby at Number 1, Winner Enters Last – Dickie Divers w/Sirena Rose defeated Theo Doros by pinfall.

Discovery Wrestling Women’s Championship Number One Contendership – Lana Austin defeated Ashley Vega by pinfall to become number one contender to the Discovery Wrestling Women’s Championship.

Joe Hendry’s music played after the interval, but Ryan Richards came out instead to inform the crowd that Joe was not there tonight but had his “best student” come in his place. Richards made a challenge. Deacon Matthews answered. The stipulation that was drawn from the raffle was “6 Minute Iron Man Match”

6 Minute Iron Man Match – Ryan Richards vs Deacon Matthews ended in a 0-0 draw.

Richards tapped out to a submission after the time expired.

No Count Out, No Time Limit – Bruiser Brad Evans vs Aspen Faith

Evans and Faith fought backstage.

Gauntlet Match:

  • Caleb Valhalla defeated Solomon Grum by pinfall.
  • Caleb Valhalla defeated Umar Mohammed by pinfall.
  • Griffin w/Athena defeated Caleb Valhalla by pinfall.

Ryan Riley and Zach Dynamite distracted Valhalla to allow Griffin to knock him out with a weapon. Deacon Matthews helped Valhalla up afterwards.

As Alan Smith and Kwaku Adjei were about to draw the raffle, Aspen Faith and Bruiser Brad Evans re-emerged from backstage and continued to brawl.

No Count Out, No Time Limit – Bruiser Brad Evans defeated Aspen Faith by pinfall.

Two Out of Three Falls – Gene Munny defeated Will Kroos two falls to one.

  • Gene Munny defeated Will Kroos by disqualification.
  • Will Kroos defeated Gene Munny by pinfall.
  • Gene Munny defeated Will Kroos by pinfall.

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