WrestleZone ‘Aberdeen Anarchy 2022’: The Big Bumper Preview, Prediction & Poll! (14 May)


By the time we reach the day of Aberdeen Anarchy 2022, it will have been 1,127 days since the last Aberdeen Anarchy. To put that into context, there hasn’t been an Aberdeen Anarchy since Edge returned to WWE, since All Elite Wrestling held their first show, or to put into a WrestleZone perspective, since Captain Alan Sterling became Tri-Counties Champion. The last Aberdeen Anarchy, emanating from Aberdeen’s Beach Leisure Centre on Saturday, 13 April 2019, saw the arrival in Aberdeen of that there bastard, PAC. It’s been a long time. Too long.

Aberdeen Anarchy 2022 may not be the two-night extravaganza that the originally-planned 2020 event was going to be, but you look at what’s been announced and you instantly want to buy a ticket if you haven’t already done so. There’s arguably the biggest main event in Aberdeen Anarchy history. The culmination of a story that, really, started at Halloween Hijinx 2018. Scotty Swift and Umar Mohammed promising a mystery partner in lieu of Lee McAllister’s ill-timed injury. A WrestleZone-first Singapore Cane match. Several returns and debuts.

The excitement is real. WrestleZone always delivers on their bigger shows, but there’s something about Aberdeen Anarchy that sets it apart from everything else. The card they’ve lined up this year has something for everyone.

It will be something special, so let’s break down every tiny detail, add in possible theories and predictions, and you (yes, you!) can vote in our WrestleZone Aberdeen Anarchy 2022 prediction poll!


Undisputed WrestleZone Championship – Triple Threat
Damien (c) vs. Aspen Faith vs. Zach Dynamite

Because I’m a nerd who likes to overanalyse all things WrestleZone, I’ve got it in my mind that the seeds for this story were first planted at Aberdeen Anarchy 2019 but you could even trace it all the way back to three years earlier when Zach Dynamite returned from a two-year hiatus owing to injury. To start from Aberdeen Anarchy 2019, though, look at it this way;

  • Damien regained the Undisputed Championship from RUDO Lightning, reigning as champion ever since
  • Zach Dynamite had the highlight of his career when he contested an outstanding match vs. former WWE and current AEW star PAC
  • Aspen Faith left WrestleZone after dropping the Tag Team Championships

When Aspen Faith was confirmed to return to the Granite City for the 2020 Regal Rumble match, he was a favourite to win the match itself. At the time, Damien was in the midst of his Undisputed Championship reign, nearing a year with the championship, while Zach Dynamite – alongside Ryan Riley and the then-Bradley Evans – was embroiled in a feud with The Rejected. I don’t want to say he was an afterthought in the Regal Rumble match because he absolutely wasn’t, but he wasn’t what he was today. He was a soup on the verge of being perfectly cooked, just needing a few more minutes before it’s perfect. Basically, he was just about to be The Guy.

Then as things would have it, the world imploded, Aspen’s return was off, and Damien went to over 1,000 days as Undisputed Champion.

It’s all been building and bubbling ever since Halloween Hijinx. To go back to my soup metaphor, Halloween Hijinx saw the soup brewing, with Bruiser Brad Evans surprisingly challenging – unsuccessfully – for the Undisputed Championship. Christmas Chaos, Summerhill Showdown, and the Regal Rumble saw it beginning to properly boil, as Zach Dynamite became Damien’s challenger heading into the new year, while Aspen Faith returned to put his name in the hat, leading to the Regal Rumble’s double elimination. It’ll be bubbling and spitting at Aberdeen Anarchy when these three collide.

If the Academy show was anything to go by, this will be legitimately can’t miss. A match for the hardcore wrestling fans who enjoy things such as neck bumps and the odd flippy doodle.

Prediction: Zach Dynamite – A controversial opinion, but hear me out. Aspen Faith will be Undisputed Champion eventually, but Aberdeen Anarchy is the night of The Foundation of the Future. It all seems too perfect to not actually happen, Zach Dynamite as the Undisputed Champion, Bruiser Brad Evans and Ryan Riley as the Tag Team Champions. It’s not quite Evolution with all the championships but it’ll do. Maybe have Dynamite vs. Aspen at Battle of the Nations, they never disappoint in a singles match.


WrestleZone Tri-Counties Championship
Captain Alan Sterling (c) vs. Caleb Valhalla

Speaking of stories that have been building for some time, Captain Alan Sterling vs. Caleb Valhalla. Jeez.

Who thought that when the muscular Caleb Valhalla trotted through the curtain at Kincorth Community Centre in October 2018 that he’d one day be one of the hottest commodities in Scottish wrestling? Well, probably everyone actually; he’s built like an entire row of houses, never mind one.

The story that he’s carved with Captain Alan Sterling has been impeccable. They’ve nailed every single beat, added ones in that perhaps wouldn’t have occurred without the pandemic, and by the end of it, helped create the next big name in Scottish wrestling. Everyone’s talking about Caleb Valhalla. Hell, he was getting mentions even before becoming Caleb Valhalla; only the real ones remember the big Norse God who sometimes did WrestleZone security.

It was always going to lead to this. Seeing Alan Sterling getting his arse handed to him on a silver platter by this big beast of a man is all WrestleZone fans have clamoured for since shows returned. When Valhalla finally turned on Alan at the Regal Rumble, the reaction was immense because it had been built to so perfectly over the past few years. It hadn’t been a single case of Alan mistreating his bodyguard, but rather several cases that have grown in intensity. The final straw was Alan putting his hands on Caleb at the Rumble, the duo having failed to usurp Crusher Craib and Connor Molloy as the Tag Team Champions. Had it not been for Lord Mr Malice’s intervention in the matter, Alan’s murder at the hands of Caleb could’ve come in the Regal Rumble match itself.

Instead, it’ll come at Aberdeen Anarchy. Sorry, Alan.

Prediction: Caleb Valhalla – Like you had to ask. Captain Alan Sterling is going to die at Aberdeen Anarchy. Skol? Skol.


WrestleZone Tag Team Championships
Crusher Craib & Connor Molloy (c) vs. The Foundation of the Future (Bruiser Brad Evans & Ryan Riley)

Since wrestling returned from that thing called COVID, only one team has properly chased the WrestleZone Tag Team Championships; The Foundation of the Future. They’re desperate to taste those championships, which would be the first taste of any title gold for Bruiser Brad Evans and Ryan Riley, despite previous challenges for the Undisputed and Tri-Counties Championships.

The situation they find themselves in at Aberdeen Anarchy is eerily similar to that of Christmas Chaos last year. That night, it was Bruiser Brad Evans who challenged for Damien’s Undisputed Championship in a Triple Threat Christmas Brawl that also involved Scotty Swift, while Ryan Riley and Zach Dynamite contested Crusher Craib and Connor Molloy for the Tag Team Championships. For reasons, neither match ended with a Foundation of the Future title victory, although the latter ended in controversy with Riley’s foot being underneath the ropes.

At Aberdeen Anarchy, all of this could be about to change. Riley and Evans have evolved into this well-oiled machine, a far different story compared to that of the last Aberdeen Anarchy. They were both great singles guys, but the tag team work just wasn’t there for me. Fast forward three years and my, oh my, how things have changed. Having ventured out to Discovery Wrestling, Reckless Intent Wrestling, and in Riley’s case only Fair City Wrestling, they’ve changed their styles and mannerisms – and in one case, their name – to become the perfect tag team.

That’s not to disrespect Crusher and Connor, of course, as they’ve pretty much followed a similar path. They were rivals throughout 2019, came together in 2020, and took the Tag Team Championships from Blue Thunder and William Sterling before the world caved in. Pre-pandemic, they looked good together (admittedly, I wasn’t there for their one match together), but post-pandemic, they’re amazing as a unit. Connor especially has gotten tremendously better over the past two years, really finding himself as a wrestler. I’m just waiting for him to be booted in the face, which hinders any possibility of him and Crusher Craib leaving the Northern Hotel as Tag Team Champions.

Prediction: The Foundation of the Future – I’m not one to predict anything right, but I’llΒ assume that Aberdeen Anarchy 2020 was going to end with Zach Dynamite as Undisputed Champion, and Ryan Riley and the then-Bradley Evans as Tag Team Champions. It seems to be only a matter of time before such a thing happens. All three are pure championship material. Whether or not Crusher boots Connor, it’s hard to look past an Evans and Riley title victory.


Scotty Swift, Umar Mohammed & ??? vs. William Sterling & The Outfit (Dino & Murphy)

I’ll admit, I wasn’t too enthusiastic at the prospect of Lee McAllister stepping into the ring when I first heard of it, but the more I’ve thought about it, it would be an amazing thing to witness. He certainly seems to ‘get’ the whole wrestling malarkey, as we saw at Aberdeen Anarchy X when he sparked out Richard R. Russell, so it’s a shame we’ll have to wait a few more months to see ‘The Aberdeen Assassin’ step into the squared circle.

Nevertheless, Scotty Swift and Umar Mohammed have promised a surprise partner to team with them against William Sterling and The Outfit on Saturday evening. I’ve put up a post here trying to predict who it’ll be with some wise and some not-so-wise choices. Basically, it most likely won’t be Billy, despite how amazing that would be.

Much like a lot of the matches already mentioned, this one really started pre-pandemic, with Scotty Swift being knocked out by Dino on a WrestleZone event, which triggered a series of events that has since seen Damien, Umar Mohammed, and Swift (again) all knocked out since shows have returned. The Dino that wrestles now and the Dino that wrestled in 2020 and before are two entirely different entities. He calls himself ‘The Best Striker in WrestleZone’, and you know what? He might not be wrong. There are some gifted strikers on the roster, from Zach Dynamite to Aspen Faith, but Dino is something else.

Now backed up by the monstrous Murphy and the seasoned vet William Sterling, Dino is a serious championship contender. If he’s able to knock out Scotty Swift or Umar Mohammed again, or indeed their mystery partner, I wouldn’t look past him becoming the Tri-Counties Champion by 2023.

Prediction: William Sterling & The Outfit – With the planned six-man tag team match involving Lee McAlister now moved to Battle of the Nations in August, it seems more likely for Swift, Mohammed, and McAlister to get the win there, leaving William Sterling, Dino, and Murphy to win here. That’s usually how wrestling goes, but who knows, maybe one team will win both fights. Expect Dino to knock someone out either way.


Singapore Cane Match
Ronan King vs. Mikkey Vago

As much as I’ve loved The Rejected over the years, their respective singles runs have been tremendous. There are only so many reigns as Tag Team Champions you can have before it all repeats itself over and over, so to see Mikkey Vago and Chris Archer do different things for a while has been fun, particularly in Vago’s case (and not just because it’s introduced me to Born To Raise Hell, a banger of a song).

Initially having a great time following the return of shows, with wins over Zach Dynamite, Caleb Valhalla, and Captain Alan Sterling, ‘The Heavy Metal Hooligan’ has since found himself stuck in the world of Ronan King, beginning when King attacked Vago’s hand following a loss to Mikkey at Summerhill Showdown. It’s been a downward spiral ever since, with Ronan sinking to nefarious means to beat Vago at the Regal Rumble and the pair costing each their respective matches at the recent WrestleZone Training Academy double-header.

Never before have I seen a Training Academy graduate make such an impact in such a short space of time. You can argue that Connor Molloy did, but he wasn’t wrestling fully until the summer after his first match in January. Ronan King has been nonstop tremendous to watch; he’s nailed the character aspect that’s so crucial to succeeding in WrestleZone, and his in-ring work, while already decent, is only improving as time goes on. He’ll be all over the country in two or three years, guarantee it.

This feud with Mikkey Vago has been made better by both guys’ commitment to it. They aren’t half-assing it, their respective promos have been superb, and their matches together have been great to watch. Adding in the use of Singapore canes can only increase the quality this match can reach.

Prediction: Ronan King – For me, Ronan King is one of the best names to come through the WrestleZone Training Academy. As I said, he’s absolutely got every key quality required to make it and at such a young age (what is he, 18, 19?), he’s going to be huge in the future. Beating Mikkey Vago at his own game just gives him more to gloat about, an art he’s already perfected.


Special Guest Referee – Johnny Lions
Evan Young vs. Bryan Tucker

Right, can we just start by acknowledging how disgusting it is that when Bryan Tucker made his Aberdeen Anarchy debut in 2009, Evan Young was just five-years-old? Youths…

Nonetheless, Evan Young is indeed just as much of a wrestler as Bryan Tucker is, having finally gotten the chance to debut at Halloween Hijinx alongside Scotty Swift and Mr P after our old friend COVID ruined his initial debut in the 2020 Regal Rumble match. He’s been enjoyable to watch thus far and has really come into his own a bit as of late, throwing out some nice arm drags and twisty bulldog things in recent outings.

He may have bitten off a bit more than he can chew when he eliminated Bryan Tucker from this year’s Regal Rumble match, though. Tucker is a veteran of this game, he knows all the right buttons to push and which mind game works best, as shown when he distracted Evan just long enough for Captain Alan Sterling to drill him into the mat during the Academy show a few weeks ago. It was such a simple, age-old tactic that got the better of Evan that night.

There’s an added edge to this match, though in that it’ll be officiated by Johnny Lions, with both Dennis Law and Mikey Innes refusing to referee Bryan Tucker’s matches for the foreseeable future. Lions, a man who hasn’t appeared for WrestleZone since retiring at Christmas Chaos 2019, has his fair share of history with Tucker, having ended the former Hotshots member’s Undisputed Championship reign at just 48 days, the second shortest in WrestleZone history.

Basically, Bryan Tucker won’t be getting away with any of his cheap, underhanded tactics while ‘The Tenacious One’ is in control. Maybe we’ll see one last Lion Cutter. A guy can dream…

Prediction: Evan Young – Even without the special guest referee, Evan Young seems to be the right winner. He’s still new to the game, but a win over a former Undisputed and multi-time Tag Team Champion would send him down the right path moving forward. It won’t be an easy win for him as despite all his foolishness and bad dress sense, Bryan Tucker is still a credible wrestler, but a win’s a win nonetheless.


WrestleZone Tag Team Championships – Number One Contendership
Mr P & Shawn Johnson vs. Lou King Sharp & Krieger

Regardless of if it’s Crusher Craib and Connor Molloy who leave Aberdeen Anarchy as the WrestleZone Tag Team Champions, or Bruiser Brad Evans and Ryan Riley, their Battle of the Nations challengers will already be awaiting them in the form of either Mr P and Shawn Johnson, or the returning Lou King Sharp and Krieger.

Seperately, Mr P and Shawn Johnson are seasoned WrestleZone Tag Team Champions, with two reigns for Mr P (alongside Kaden Garrick) and four for Shawn Johnson (alongside Bryan Tucker, although he also stepped in for an injured William Sterling for an honorary fifth reign). They know what it takes to reach the top of the mountain,Β in WrestleZone. That’s no slight on them or WrestleZone, but Lou King Sharp and Krieger have held gold all over the country, including in WrestleZone itself on what was their first time teaming together in the Granite City. They’re unquestionably one of the top tandems in the UK.

Regardless of who wins here, the Tag Team Champions will have their hands full come Battle of the Nations, whether that’s the odd pairing of two WrestleZone veterans, or the well-established duo of multi-time Tag Team Champions.

Prediction: Mr P & Shawn Johnson – They may be an odd pairing and they may have had their issues in the past, but Mr P and Shawn Johnson know exactly what it takes to make it to the top of WrestleZone. A fun duo, as shown at the Academy double-header, they’ll have a fough fight against Lou King Sharp and Krieger, but there’s definitely something there with them that tells me they’re winning.


Krobar vs. Chris Archer

Originally scheduled to be Chris Archer taking on Jackie Polo, the former World Heavyweight Champion will now be replaced by WrestleZone debutant Krobar in this weird crossover between The Rejected and The Purge that I never knew I needed until the announcement went out on Saturday afternoon.

Since the return of wrestling, Chris Archer – much like his Rejected partner Mikkey Vago – has had one of the best runs of his career, capturing the Tri-Counties Championship from Captain Alan Sterling in the main event of the first match back. Even though he lost it back to Alan two months later, Archer used the opportunity to prove he could handle himself in singles situations when given the chance. Coming up against half of one of the country’s top pairings could be the moment that puts Chris Archer on the map on a larger scale.

Prediction: Chris Archer – There’s no question that a win over Jackie Polo would’ve been a far larger moment for Chris Archer, but defeating Krobar would still be a huge moment for ‘The Outcast’. Assuming this singles run continues for Archer post-Aberdeen Anarchy, he can’t be losing to someone who maybe won’t be back in WrestleZone.


VIP Ticket Holders Pre-Show
Blue Thunder vs. Rhys Dawkins

Two VIP ticket holders matches have been confirmed to make this the biggest WrestleZone show ever, the first of which sees Blue Thunder unretire again to face the in-ring debuting Rhys Dawkins. Stemming from Thunder replacing a COVID-riddled Dawkins on commentary for the Regal Rumble, a night that was scheduled to see Rhys take over on ring announcing duties anyway, Dawkins would demand to face ‘The Masked Wonder’ at Aberdeen Anarchy.

It’s interesting when you think about it. Blue Thunder is very much still involved with WrestleZone, helping get the next crop of WrestleZone talent through their paces at the Training Academy, which he’s clearly doing a great job at judging by the guys who’ve come through over the past few years. It’s always intriguing when you get a guy who’s just in their first few matches – or in this case, his first match period – against one of the coaches because it’s almost as if there’s a passing of the torch involved. Thunder’s a former two-time Tag Team Champion, so he’s no slouch; Dawkins’ years of training will need to pay off if he’s to step up to him.

Prediction: Rhys Dawkins – It just seems the obvious choice. Blue Thunder, having stepped away from regular in-ring activity following Halloween Hijinx, remains a focal point at the WrestleZone Training Academy as mentioned, so he’ll have been there for every stage of Rhys Dawkins’ training. Similarly, Dawkins made his commentary debut at Aberdeen Anarchy X in September 2018, so he’s been there to see how it’s all done, taking in some tricks of the trade. That’s how he’ll get past Thunder.


VIP Ticket Holders Pre-Show
Air Myles vs. Alastor Kharon

This is what you love to see, the VIP ticket holders pre-show being used to showcase some different talent completely new to WrestleZone audiences. Both Air Myles and Alastor Kharon have plyed their trade further down the country in the likes of Reckless Intent Wrestling and Discovery Wrestling, but they’re both perfect for this sort of crowd. Air Myles has it in his name; he’s not afraid to take risks, which will delight the WrestleZone faithful in the same way as a Bingo Ballance or a Connor Molloy. Alastor Kharon, meanwhile, has this dark, spooky character that intrigues me and will allow him to pull in a WrestleZone audience. I’ve not seen enough of either guy, so this will be a treat.

Prediction: Air Myles – This could go either way, but I’ve a feeling it’ll be the first VIP match to go on, so what better way to get the crowd hot than with a high-flying victory for Air Myles?

As it stands, Aberdeen Anarchy tickets are still available from Ringside World, priced at Β£20 for VIP, Β£15 for general admission adults, and Β£12 for general admission under 14s. Doors at the Northern Hotel open at 5:30pm for VIP ticket holders and 6:30pm for general admission ticket holders, with the main card kicking off at 7pm.

Announced Matches
Undisputed WrestleZone Championship – Triple Threat – Damien (c) vs. Aspen Faith vs. Zach Dynamite
WrestleZone Tri-Counties Championship – Captain Alan Sterling (c) vs. Caleb Valhalla
WrestleZone Tag Team Championships – Crusher Craib & Connor Molloy (c) vs. The Foundation of the Future (Bruiser Brad Evans & Ryan Riley)
Scotty Swift, Umar Mohammed & ??? vs. William Sterling & The Outfit (Dino & Murphy)
Singapore Cane Match – Ronan King vs. Mikkey Vago
Special Guest Referee – Johnny Lions – Evan Young vs. Bryan Tucker
WrestleZone Tag Team Championships – Number One Contendership – Mr P & Shawn Johnson vs. Lou King Sharp & Krieger
Krobar vs. Chris Archer
VIP Ticket Holders Pre-Show – Blue Thunder vs. Rhys Dawkins
VIP Ticket Holders Pre-Show – Air Myles vs. Alastor Kharon

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