Full Results: Fife Pro Wrestling Asylum ‘Christmas Student Showcase’ (30 Nov 2022)

The following results are from Fife Pro Wrestling Asylum‘s event at Truth in Leven on November 30th, 2022:

The Woke Academy (Ross Hunter & Robbie Balfour) defeated Johnny Reaves & Redfield by pinfall.

Wee Wrestlers Showcase

Battle Royal – Winner: Lewis Young

Entrants included: Tom Atlas, Duke Cannon, Sebastian Asher, Jay Robin, Beth Shorty, Alex Crowley, Doc James Proctor, Lexi Kimbo, Harmony Skye, Zach Swift, Craig Berry, and FPWA Junior Wrestlers Reese, Logan, Gregor, and Ryan.

“So You Think You’re Hard?” Open Invitational Gauntlet – Tommy Kartel defeated Brad Law, Jason Anarchy, and Hunter Samson.

  • Tommy Kartel defeated Brad Law by pinfall.
  • Tommy Kartel defeated Jason Anarchy by pinfall.
  • Tommy Kartel vs Hunter Samson ended when the time limit expired.

FPWA Juniors Showcase

Frank Gallo, Johnny Lions, & Daisy Jenkins defeated John Kerr, Jason Reed, & Ashley Vega by pinfall.

Our thanks to Westie for the results.

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