Review: Renegade Wrestling Dojo ‘Renegade Cup 2022’

Back to YouTube, Renegade Wrestling Dojo uploaded their recent ‘Renegade Cup’ event from July. A tournament scheduled with a four way elimination final. Simple eh.

The last few Renegade shows have been very hit and miss with the latter outweighing. Some matches just haven’t been fun to watch, I’m not defeated just yet as there has been plenty of positives and glimmers of hope to keep me hoping and praying for a show to blow my mind.

The show opened with Kwaku Adjei pointing out the fire exits, toilets, tuck shop, and merch. That could be cut from the YouTube release. I love me a bit of Kwaku, who doesn’t, but this doesn’t need to be put out. Just go straight to the hype and the entrances.

The Renegade Cup Tournament – First Round – Jade Black defeated Raven Struthers by pinfall to advance.

Kicking off the tournament with Raven Struthers and Jade Black, the match itself was at the low end of okay. Jade Black has an absolute bundle of potential but there was a lack of intensity on both sides of the ring. Black evaded with rolls initially and had a nice cartwheel counter to a wrist lock.

It didn’t feel like a wrestling match though, more of a placed performance. There’s something missing from these matches and I just don’t know what it is, it just lacked flow, and no sense of there being a competition. It’s annoying to watch because I can clearly see that these two can be better than this match suggests. Raven Struthers looks like she is hesitant to do anything that might hurt her, and is very timid in getting any crowd work going.

Black hit an X-Factor to win with little flair.

It was not the best start to the show.

The Renegade Cup Tournament – First Round – Maven Struthers defeated Katzabella by submission to advance.

In contrast to the first match, this one had two characters that were more in tune with themselves and each other. Maven Struthers was talking big and had such a swagger, had her shoulders pulled up and full of confidence. Katzabella entered next and I really enjoy the little feline qualities she includes in her presentation. In the opening exchange she would hiss whenever she was pushed back which is such a little thing but adds to her character.

Katzabella was a nuisance for the much larger Maven, scratching, clawing, and jumping on her back to try and gain some advantage. It was literally like watching someone fight a cat which is exactly what it should be.

I’ve got to make mention of Katzabella’s intensity bouncing against the middle rope ala Rey Mysterio, I’ve been critical of her willingness to throw her body into the ropes, he says as someone who has never done it, and that was purr-fect.

Katzabella tried a sleeperhold but Struthers stood up and backed her into the corner. Maven then picked her up and won with a torture rack that made Katzabella go limp. Great ending to this very good match.

The Renegade Cup Tournament – First Round – London Lovelust w/CATALINA LOVELUST defeated Katia by pinfall to advance.

London Lovelust is an absolute riot, they entered with so much sass and bravado along with Catalina, who provides a lot of colour on the outside during the match. I enjoy this tandem.

This was another enjoyable match, Katia was dominant for the majority and was very vocal and expressive which suckered me in more. I do like that the offense that Lovelust uses was similar to Jade Black, whom is also part of Haus of Lovelust, a little bit of mirroring with the cartwheels and kicks.

It got a little pantomime in parts but that’s not a determent to the match. It was almost over for Lovelust but London got a pinky on the bottom rope to break the pinfall. Katia then slapped on a keylock that had London screaming in pain before they reached the ropes. Lovelust finished the match with double leg sit out spinebuster.

Good match, the confidence that London Lovelust is showing is brilliant, so infectious, and Katia is fun to watch.

The Renegade Cup Tournament – First Round – Iona Sky defeated Kirsty Love by pinfall to advance.

The match started with a nice back and forth wrist lock, Kirsty Love is very charismatic and makes little movements and adjustments pop.

Love and Sky worked well together, it’s an improvement from Sky’s last outing that I saw where I feared she may have regressed but they certainly went at it. She crushed Love with a big splash in the corner, but could only get a near fall with a diving crossbody to sat up Love on the canvas.

Ronnie Knocks appeared on the apron to distract Kirsty Love long enough for Sky to roll her up to advance to the final.

Not as engaging perhaps as the previous two matches on the show but solid in action, and a really solid match.

Ronnie Knocks defeated Regina Rosendahl by pinfall.

A non-tournament match was the penultimate and it was a doozy. Ronnie Knocks and Regina Rosendahl had a cracking even contest. Regina easily overpowered Knocks in the early stages but the calculating engineer found a weak point in the knee of Rosendahl and went to work to wear down her larger opponent.

Rosendahl still had enough power to throw Knocks with a German Suplex before heading to the second rope for a leg drop. Unfortunately Knocks was a bit too close and instead of a Finnish leg coming down, Rosendahl’s backside landed on Ronnie’s face. Which looked nasty.

Knocks somehow was able to use the ropes to stand up, a thumb to the eye of Regina and a roll up secured the win.

This was another really good match, I love how Ronnie Knocks always kept an eye on Rosendahl, even when she was shouting at the crowd and would jump on any movement she could, really clever.

Knocks is someone I hadn’t heard of prior to Renegade but since she has been a highlight on most shows and even though she spent most of the match shouting at the crowd or taking short cuts there’s no denying that she is as hard as nails judging from her recovery after the leg drop. It was fun to see Regina Rosendahl again, she isn’t flashy in the ring but you can’t beat a bit of throwing a smaller opponent about, coupled with her underestimated speed, it’s a nice combo.

Kirsty Love appeared after the match for a brawl with Knocks that got separated.

The Renegade Cup Tournament – Final – Four Way Elimination – Maven Struthers defeated Jade Black, Iona Sky, and London Lovelust w/Catalina Lovelust to win The Renegade Cup.

A chaotic start with the four separating into their respective teams and brawling. Maven launched London over the top rope and proceeded to batter them at ringside before tying them to the ring post. In the ring Iona Sky and Jade Black traded some fierce forearms, Black hit a nice Slingblade, Sky eventually hit a spear to eliminate Jade.

Maven shouted at Iona Sky to lie down but she refused and hit a forearm. Lovelust returned, doing the splits to evade being in the middle of a Struthers sandwich splash before rolling up Iona Sky to eliminate her.

It was down to two, a superkick from Lovelust was followed by a Samoan Drop for the three count but Maven had her pinky on the bottom rope which beautifully called back what Lovelust had done earlier in their match with Katia. A referee walked out to explain that Maven’s pinky was on the bottom rope while members of Haus of Lovelust and Struthers Sisters crowded the ringside area.

During all the kerfuffle, the ring bell went to restart the match and London Lovelust walked into a standing chokebomb which gave Maven Struthers the win and the Renegade Cup.

Maven declared that Renegade was now the House of Struthers and nobody could stop them to close the show.

A wild sprint of a finish in the main event. The exchanges between Jade Black and Iona Sky, though brief, were enjoyable. Maven Struthers and London Lovelust had some nice chemistry and it was impressive to see London be able to control the Samoan Drop on the bigger Maven.

Overall a definite improvement from the ‘War Games: Power of 3’ show. Bar the opening match the rest of the matches ranged from good to great, and even in the opener I still found a couple positives.

The production could still be tightened for general release but considering it’s free on YouTube I’ll let that slide.

The full show is available on YouTube now:

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