12 Days of WrestleZone | Biggest Moments of 2022: Number 7

Photo credit Brian Battensby Photography
7. Regal Rumble COntroversy

19th March 2022

Following the return of Aspen Faith at ‘Summerhill Showdown’, attacking The Foundation of the Future and saving Damien at the conclusion of the show, all eyes were on the Regal Rumble match. Zach Dynamite and Aspen Faith both entered as heavy favourites.

Despite some close calls, with Aspen even gaining some assistance from Kyle Watt in the crowd to remain in the match it finally came down to Dynamite and Faith.

Bruiser Brad Evans and Ryan Riley sparked a brawl at ringside which distracted lone referee Dennis Law and caused him to miss Aspen throwing Zach over the top rope which allowed Dynamite to return to the ring and bundle Faith through the ropes to the outside.

When the brawl cleared, Law could only see Faith on the outside and Dynamite laying in the middle of the ring and called for the bell. Declaring Zach Dynamite as the winner of the Regal Rumble.

WrestleZone Management Representative Len Ironside stepped in to restart the match with Dynamite and Faith as the final two. They battled up to the top turnbuckle before both men fell to the outside and landed at the same time.

They were declared as co-winners and both would go on to ‘Aberdeen Anarchy’ to face the Undisputed WrestleZone Champion Damien in a triple threat match.

The night ended with Damien laying out both of his challengers and holding the title aloft.

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